25 Amazing real estate agents in Tampa, FL

25 Amazing real estate agents in Tampa, FL
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Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Finding the right buyer for your property or the right home for you to buy can feel like wading through a swamp, especially when you’re in Florida. A professional Tampa real estate agent will make all the difference in making the process go smoothly.

Though it might be tempting to jump onto the first real estate agent you come across in an online search, in reality it’s better to look a little deeper before you make a decision. Where a real estate agent is located, how well they know the local market, and how they handle real estate transactions are all important factors in which agent is right for you.

Working with a real estate professional in Tampa

Home keys to a recently sold house in Tampa, FL

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Working with a top real estate agent in the Tampa Bay Area will expand your ability to search for the right buyer for your home. So much of this industry is about who you know and what you know.

The best real estate agent will be able to give you a window into potential buyers that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Real estate transactions are complicated during traditional sales. There are a lot of moving pieces required to figure it all out. The entire process in the Tampa Area is a lot for a novice home seller.

Working with top agents who sell homes in the Bay Area day in and day out will make it easier than if you go it alone.

Tatum Praise at McBride Kelly & Associates
Profile photo of Tatum Praise, Tampa Bay Realtor

Image via LinkedIn

phone number

(813) 528-1121

Standout skill:

Flowing from corporate to family clients effortlessly

Part of a women owned & operated agency in Hyde Park, Tatum is known for her professionalism and thorough support of both buyers and sellers in Tampa. Repeat customers keep coming back to work with Tatum as they buy and sell their homes in the area.

A graduate of the University of Tampa, Tatum has been working with McBride Kelly and Associates Realty to buy and sell homes in the Tampa Area since 2016. She works with both corporate clients and families. 

Phillipa Main at Future Home Realty 

Image via Realtor.com

Phone Number:
(813) 501-5498
Standout skill:

Honesty – she went viral for her frank description of a dilapidated home in Tampa

Consistently listed as one of the best real estate agents in Tampa, Florida, Phillipa has been working with clients for almost a decade. She’s a certified Probate Real Estate Specialist and a certified Client Protection Expert. Her real estate services are LGBTQ+ friendly, and she’s got a history of meeting and exceeding the expectations of clients all over the area. 

She’s been in the real estate business for almost a decade, working with a huge range of homeowners on budgets up to and beyond one million dollars. Phillipa is consistently one of the top agents in Tampa.

Kris Kennedy Team at Compass

Tampa Bay real estate agent Kris Kennedy

Image via Compass

Phone number:
(407) 543-2235
Standout skill:

Forging long term client relationships by building genuine personal connections

Based out of Heritage Park, Kris works as a real estate professional in both the Orlando and Tampa Bay markets. After graduating from Louisiana State University, he landed in Florida and turned to real estate.

Kris specializes in real estate negotiation. He’s one of the top real estate agents in Tampa. His services are a great fit for buyers and sellers who like to dig deep into the planning and want someone who pays close attention to detail. One interesting feature of his business is that he accepts cryptocurrency.

Ohmaira Cabrera at EPIC Realty Group International

Image via EPIC Realty

Phone number:


Standout skill:

Clear communication with both buyers and sellers

Based in Channelside, Ohmaira is a powerhouse real estate agent with a passion for helping homeowners and buyers get through the process with as much ease as possible. Her past experience is with huge properties in New York, but she’s been working as a Florida real estate agent for nearly a decade.

As one of the top real estate agents in Tampa, Ohmaira has a reputation for following through and for treating everyone who’s part of the buying process with dignity. To really get a feel for her as a real estate agent, check out her real estate Tiktok!

Sophia Sanchez at Sanchez & Co.
Sophia Sanchez, Tampa Real Estate Agent

Image via Sanchez & Co

Phone number:

(813) 433-0444

Standout skill:

Creating win-win scenarios for everyone in a real estate transaction

Sanchez & Co is a full service real estate firm in Tampa. Founded by top real estate agent Sophia Sanchez more than a decade ago, this real estate company has connections to the National Association of Realtors, the Graduate Realtor Institute, and is a Certified Luxury Home Guild Marketing Specialist as well as being a Certified Residential Specialist.

Sanchez specifically works well with those looking to relocate to the Tampa Bay Area from out of state, as well as working with first time home buyers to negotiate the home buying process. There’s a focus on community and preserving relationships with past clients at Sanchez & Co.

Understanding the Tampa Real Estate Market

Interior of a home for sale

Image by Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

All of the top agents listed here have a solid level of experience in the Tampa market. They know where to go for leads, how to sell property in different parts of town, and what the history of getting a home sold has been.

Be sure to ask lots of questions about how specific agents have helped past clients get their home sold in the area. You absolutely want to have someone who can deal with the minutiae of getting a home sold in this part of Florida.

Michael Phillips at Pineywoods Realty
Michael Phillips of Pineywoods Realty in Tampa, FL

Image via Pineywoods Realty

Phone number:

(813) 658-8882

Standout skill:

Lifetime Tampa, FL resident who has a one-of-a-kind knowledge of the market

For Michael, being part of the community is an essential part of his work as a top real estate agent in Tampa. Having lived in Tampa, FL all of his life, he’s got a unique understanding of the market and the history of the city and the surrounding areas.

Diligent and detail oriented, Michael has a businesslike understanding of real estate. A graduate of the University of South Florida with a Masters in Business Administration, he’s got a thorough understanding of the marketing and money that flows through every real estate transaction.

Christina Adams at Re/Max
Christina Adams of Re/Max in Tampa

Image via Re/Max

Phone number:

(813) 480-2071

Standout skill:

Building trust with both buyers and sellers to create the best environment possible

Christina Adams is a real estate agent who works in Hillsborough County and the surrounding areas, specializing in one-on-one interactions with clients. Adams is a second generation real estate agent, which explains her comfort in the business and her focus on the client experience.

What home buyers and sellers consistently say about Christina is that she cares about them. In the often stressful world of real estate, with so much money on the line, her consistency and caring stand out. Her real estate business often comes from word of mouth connections, a fact that speaks to the satisfaction of her past clients.

Julia Troupe at BEACHAM Realty Group
Julia Troupe realtor in Tampa

Image via LinkedIn

Phone number:

(813) 580-3714

Standout skill:

Wading through complex real estate transactions

Julia is a bilingual real estate agent in Tampa, FL who offers both English and Spanish speaking clients a personalized experience. A longtime notary public, she’s got a thorough understanding of all aspects of the real estate process. This expertise allows her to give her clients the best outcome possible in every transaction.

Troupe specializes in complex real estate transactions. She works heavily in probate real estate, tax deed property, off market homes, and land investment property. She’s also well versed in luxury real estate.

Chelsea Vecchio at Tampa Realtor 360
Chelsea Vecchio Tampa Realtor

Image via Chelsea Vecchio Tampa Realtor Facebook

Phone number:

(813) 602-6003

Standout skill:

Working with non-profit organizations

Understanding market trends in the Tampa Bay Area and supporting new owners interested in making that first home purchase are some of Chelsea’s strongest skills. She’s deeply knowledgeable about effective marketing and working across the aisle with other agents.

Chelsea is a rising talent in a field of many realtors in Tampa Bay. This is why she’s the best agent for people looking for someone with hustle and passion. In addition, she has the unique perspective and experience of working with non-profit organizations extensively on real estate transactions.

Branden Jordan at Global Lifestyle Realty
Branden Jordan, realtor

Image via Gulf Coast Property Solutions

Phone number:


Standout skill:

Straight talking and cutting to the chase on every transaction

Located in St. Petersburg, Branden Jordan serves the wider Tampa metropolitan area. For those on a search for services that extend westward towards the gulf, he’s absolutely the man for the job.

Branden has extensive real estate experience with waterfront homes and satisfying accommodation requests from both buyers and sellers.  

The most important markers of a great real estate agent

Interior of a bedroom in a home for sale

Image by Keegan Checks via Pexels

Real estate agents come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the best real estate agents is all about knowing what to look for.

The first thing to know is that your real estate agent should be licensed. Whether they are independent or work for a large firm like Coldwell Banker, they should hold a license from the state to practice real estate in Tampa, FL.

Another important part of getting properties sold in today’s market is tech savviness. It’s not easy to get a sale in today’s market for the sale price that you want without great photos, virtual tours, and an understanding of internet marketing.

Finally, look for strong references from people who have had this realtor sell their home. Selling is about trust, and if someone has great references for past home selling experiences with a realtor, that will give you the peace of mind you need to feel good about the relationship.

Kasia Pyz at Lombardo Team Real Estate
Kasia Pyz real estate

Image via Kasia Pyz on Facebook

Phone number:

(813) 508-4116

Standout skill:

Knowledge of leading edge marketing techniques

Originally from Poland, Kasia is a passionate and experienced real estate agent who advocates for her buyers and sellers in the Tampa area. When crafting listings, she works with an eye towards the highest level of visibility and the right kind of marketing to effectively sell a house.

Connecting with customers to build trust is important to Kasia. For this reason, her work in real estate listings is highly rated in Tampa and beyond. When looking for a real estate agent who can be detail oriented and hardworking, Kasia offers the right mix of ingenuity and experience.

Mike & Michelle Team at Compass
Mike and Michelle Grizzell real estate agents in Tampa, FL

Image via Mike and Michelle Team

Phone number:

(813) 485-4255

Standout skill:

Understanding families and making every client feel at home

Mike and Michelle have been working together as top real estate agents in the Tampa real estate market for a decade. These native Tampa real estate agents work with clients from Westshore Blvd. to Dale Mabry Hwy. to Linebaugh Ave. and everywhere in between.

Many realtors approach buying and selling homes from a business standpoint, but Mike and Michelle come to their home purchase services from more of a family feel. For that reason, a huge percentage of their clients come from referrals and past clients coming back for repeat business.

It’s notable that they have a larger team behind them. They work with house listings all over the area, including St. Petersburg, Tampa, and all along the coast.

Annie Wright at Dream Home Selling
Annie Wright, Tampa Bay realtor

Image by Annie Write Realtor via Facebook

Phone number:


Standout skill:

Guiding first time homebuyers to getting their dream house

Annie Wright is a standout among agents because she has an intricate understanding of the specific criteria that make a house a home. This agent has worked with buyers and sellers across the greater Tampa Bay Area to help them get through the home purchase process with the greatest amount of ease possible.

Offering bilingual buying and selling services, Wright is able to meet the needs of her clients in both English and Spanish. She’s got a significant amount of experience in property management and has consistently sold homes across the market in the Tampa area.

Stuart Hurry at Nu Home Finders
Stuary Hurry, Tampa Realtor

Image via Nu Home Finders on Twitter

Phone number:


Standout skill:

Longevity in the real estate market, with four decades of experience

The real estate market moves fast, and in it, every home sold can feel like a journey unto itself. Stuart Hurry has been in the business of real estate for four and a half decades, and is one of the longest running top real estate agents in FL. He’s sold properties in excess of one billion dollars through that long career, including several homes in the highest price bracket.

His company, Nu Home Finders, is an amalgamation of his market experience. It’s expanded city by city in the last twenty years, starting in Lakeland, FL and going on to encompass Tampa Bay and South FL properties in the last two decades. The market knowledge that Stuart and his team hold make them some of the top real estate agents in FL.

Heather Padgett at S&D Real Estate
Heather Padgett, Realtor in Tampa

Image via Heather Padgett, Realtor on Facebook

Phone number:

(863) 225-3632

Standout skill:

Leveraging the resources of buyers to get the most house for their money

When people contact Heather for real estate agent services, they can be confident in her skill in both the sale and purchase process. Focusing on service and trust building, her market experience is focused on Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas.

She’s one of the top real estate agents in Polk County, having been named Realtor of the Year in 2021. Her clients consistently say that she helped them navigate the market, and that she followed through to support them even after the sale of the house was finished.

Tips for choosing the right Tampa real estate agent

Wooden bookshelf in a home for sale

Image by Karl Solano Via Pexels

Top agents might not be part of a big company like Coldwell Banker, but they will have a passion for the profession and for helping people. The best agent for you could be one who specializes in the kind of sale you need to make, or they could have a special resonance with your family or situation.

This is an instance where it’s a good idea to go with your gut to get your home sold. Selling real estate can be a shady business if the wrong person steps into the selling process, but with an honest agent, you’ll be able to get to the sale table at closing with the best outcome for you.

Search for a Tampa, FL agent that’s sold houses in the area before, and one who doesn’t put selling as their only skill. Honesty, dependability, and attention to detail matter too.

Pete Gomenis at Exit Bayshore Realty
Pete Gomenis from Exit Bayshore Realty in Tampa, FL

Image via LinkedIn

Phone number:


Standout skill:

Helping clients see the possibility in the real estate market through diligence and creative sales negotiation

Pete has a long history of sales experience that positions him uniquely among Tampa real estate agents. With three decades of history in sales and real estate, he has on the ground experience in negotiation and goal setting.

A member of Exit Bayshore Realty, Pete has worked with both residential and commercial properties. He’s knowledgeable about the Tampa, FL market and understands the personal touch that’s necessary to make everyone involved feel at home and comfortable throughout the process.

Nicole Musgrave at Keller Williams Tampa
Photo of Nikki Musgrave - Keller Williams Tampa Central - Tampa, FL, United States

Image via Yelp

phone number:


Standout skill:

Negotiating the best real estate deal for property owners and buyers

Pete’s significant experience in the sales process is a central part of his success for property owners. He has an eye for the market and for market trends in the Tampa area, and is experienced in sales across the city of Tampa.

With an office on Dale Mabry Hwy in Tampa Bay, sellers in Pinellas County, Polk County, Sarasota County, Manatee County, and Hillsborough County can contact Pete for help moving their properties.

Bustin Vanderson Group at Engel & Volkers South Tampa
Jeramiah Bustin and Shane Vanderson, realtors in Tampa

Image via Bustin Vanderson Group

phone number:


Standout skill:

Crafting deals on high level properties and luxury homes

One of the largest and most successful real estate groups in the Tampa Metro Area, Bustin Vanderson Group is a polished and experienced real estate agency. These real estate professionals are experienced seller’s agents who help homeowners sell their vacation home, get their luxury condo on the FL market, and support corporate clients in their pursuit of successful business through well negotiated commercial properties.

Jeramiah Bustin is a member of the National Association of REALTORS, the Florida Association of REALTORS, and the Greater Tampa Association of REALTORS. Shane Vanderson is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® (CLHMS) – Million Dollar Guild and a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. Both men are top seller’s agents in FL.

Theresa McDonough at Keller Williams Tampa Central
Photo of Theresa McDonough - Keller Williams Tampa Central - Tampa, FL, United States

Image via Yelp

phone number:

(727) 709-4372

Standout skill:

Bringing the whole package of home services to clients in Tampa, FL

What really makes Theresa different from other real estate agents in Tampa are her holistic service offerings. As a professional organizer and licensed real estate agent, she’s able to offer clients in Tampa, FL multiple facets of what they need for successful sales a great living.

As one of the licensed real estate agents with Impact Realty Tampa Bay and Keller Williams Tampa Central, she’s got access to all of the supportive technology and networking that sellers need to get their home on the market quickly and off the market at the right price.

Vanessa Maresca-Cruz at VMC Florida Group
Vanessa Maresca-Cruz at VMC Florida Group

Image via LinkedIn

Phone number:


Standout skill:

Attention to detail coupled with warm and welcoming customer relationships

Working with homebuyers who are unsure about where to go and how to tackle finding their dream home is Vanessa’s wheelhouse. She’s been supporting first time homebuyers in the Tampa, FL area and beyond for decades, and her track record of getting families into their dream home is both impressive and heartenting.

What sets Vanessa apart is her ability to visualize exactly what a homebuyer is looking for, then help them find it in the real world in the Tampa Bay area. The home search isn’t always an easy one, but she’s there to offer the kind of knowledgeable support that people are looking for in the best realtor.

Vanessa’s background prior to becoming an agent is in interior design. This unique perspective gives her the ability to help homebuyers visualize a property before the final sale.

Why choosing the best real estate agent matters

home for sale in Tampa

The best real estate agent will help you get your home sold without making you feel stressed out about the process. In fact, the right agent can make selling an enjoyable experience.

The real estate agents who are able to get homes sold for the right price do it by building relationships. Those relationships matter long after the transaction is done.

Laurie Dykeman at My Tampa Home Team/Keller Williams
Photo of Laurie Dykeman - My Tampa Home Team/Keller Williams - Tampa, FL, United States

Image via Yelp

Phone number:

(813) 264-7754

Standout skill:

Making luxury home sales shine in the modern world

Working with Keller Williams Tampa Properties, Laurie has become one of the top real estate agents in Tampa through her hard work and attention to detail. My Tampa Home Team is known for its marrying of technological innovation with old fashioned personal connection. This philosophy has made Laurie consistently a top real estate agent in the area.

Laurie partners closely with her husband, Matt Dykeman, to offer a broad range of agent services to people in Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas Counties. Matt offers specific agent services to members of the military who are relocating.

As some of the top seller’s agents in the area, this Tampa home group provides concierge style services to all of their clients. A core part of their business is in repeat customers and referrals in Tampa, FL. This consistent care makes them top real estate agents in Tampa, FL.

Crystal Brady at Homeward Real Estate Group
Photo of Crystal Brady - Homeward Real Estate - Tampa, FL, United States

Image via Yelp

phone number:

(813) 298-6950

Standout skill:

Helping first time investors and first time homebuyers in Tampa, FL leverage real estate to meet their goals

Working closely with first time homebuyers, short sales, and bank owned property, Crystal has a long history of supporting Tampa, FL buyers and sellers. A particular focus of her business is as a seller’s agent, helping homeowners get the most out of their home fast if they need to get it sold.

With nearly two decades of experience in new home construction and the real estate agent business, Crystal has a proven track record of supporting the goals of clients who need to get a sale in the books or who are looking for a property that will work for them. A native of Tampa, she knows the area well and is able to give clients a high level of care and compassion throughout the process.

Jessica Scrivani at Compass
Jessica Scrivani, real estate agent in Tampa, FL

Image via Selling Tampa

phone number:

(845) 242-8165

Standout skill:

Giving clients the lifestyle they’re looking for, not just the properties they want

Working in both home sale and property management avenues, Jessica is well versed in how real estate agents affect the lives of the real people. With her keen eye for detail and her solid sense of community, she helps navigate buyers and sellers through the process to reach the final sale. It’s not about selling pieces of property so much as it is about meeting people where they need to be.

Jessica is one of the top real estate agents in Tampa, having worked on a huge range of property types in her years as a top real estate agent. She’s the perfect real estate agent for anyone who wants someone that knows local history and how to find the right space in the burgeoning city of Tampa.

Katrina Madewell, LLC
Team Madewell | Tampa Home Talk | Keller Williams Realty | Connect

Image via Tampa Home Talk

phone number:

(813) 377-2775

Standout skill:

Providing a wealth of essential information for both sellers and homebuyers

Top real estate agents don’t always have a large presence online, but Katrina Madewell of Team Madewell at Keller Williams Tampa makes the most of social media and online resources to give her clients the most up to date and relevant information on real estate in Tampa, FL.

Team HomeTalk airs on local radio stations weekly in the Tampa area, offering home search tips and advice from all aspects of the real estate process. Hosted by Katrina and Leo Cannyn, this long running talk show gives free expert advice. Episodes are also available on YouTube, Google Podcasts, and Apple.

Offering real estate agent services in Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, Land O Lakes, and Tampa, FL, Team Madewell is composed of some of the best real estate agents in the area. This realtor is the perfect real estate agent for first time homebuyers, as Madewell also offers connections to financing.

The Ricardo Team at La Rosa Realty
The Ricardo Team at La Rosa Realty in Tampa

Image via Yelp

Phone number:

(813) 480-1244

Standout skill:

Prioritizing building connections while also making financial headway for clients

This bilingual team of real estate agents in Tampa, FL offers client services in both English and Spanish. Experienced real estate agents, they work as part of the Homesphere Realty group to help homebuyers, sellers, and investors find the right price and the right service to reach those real estate goals.

Homesphere Realty is a women-owned real estate company with top agents and a history of communicative and supportive real estate services. This is the perfect real estate agent service for home investors interested in expanding their footprint in the Tampa, FL area, or for single families looking for their first home purchase.

Takeaways for home buyers and sellers in Tampa

Whether you’re a homebuyer looking for the right property to purchase in Tampa, FL, or you’re looking for an amazing group of seller’s agents because you’re a property owner needing to get out from under a burdensome house, finding the right real estate agent is all about choosing someone you can trust.

Always do your research on any potential partner in this major transaction. Look for Tampa real estate agents online and thoroughly vet their credentials before you sign on. As this piece shows, there are a huge number of options for real estate agents in this area of Florida. Don’t settle for one that doesn’t fit your needs.

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