5 Steps to Sell a Run Down House in Charlotte

5 Steps to Sell a Run Down House in Charlotte
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Are you looking to sell a run-down house in Charlotte but worried about the stains, shutters, and siding? Do you need to sell an unwanted property or sell your house fast? In today’s market, those anxious feelings are common in those looking to sell a house in less-than-stellar condition.

While it’s true that some properties require more renovations than others, there are plenty of real estate solutions for your Charlotte house. Keep in mind that you’re not alone in wondering if your house can sell in today’s market. Charlotte homes are quickly selling and you could get a great price if you sell your home.

Read the tips provided below to learn more about selling a run-down house in Charlotte, NC.

  1. Know the Condition of Your Home

When using the term “poor” or “bad” condition for a house, remember that it’s a sliding scale that can be interpreted in different ways. While your home may be in “poor” condition, it is also an investment opportunity to others. Let’s see where your home falls on the scale. 


Many factors can make a property uninhabitable. These issues include but aren’t limited to:

  • Structural Issues
  • Electrical Issues
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Mold, Asbestos, or Lead
  • Extreme Roof Damage
  • Intense Chimney Damage
  • Deficient HVAC System 

These items can lead to a home being too dangerous to inhabit. 

Major Repairs Needed

If your home is visually in need of repairs, it can still be considered in “poor” condition. 

  • Extensive Roof Damage
  • Considerable Foundation Issues
  • Damaged Flooring
  • Broken Kitchen or Bathroom
  • HVAC System Issues 
  • Electrical Issues 

While these conditions don’t necessarily deem your home non-livable, there are still issues that need to be fixed. 

Updates Needed

The last category is cosmetic updates and small repairs that are needed to improve your home and your curb appeal. Your home might still be considered in “poor” condition if you need to change any of the following:

  • Out-of-date Kitchen 
  • Out-of-date Bathroom
  • Paint 
  • Fixtures 
  • Flooring 
  • Landscaping

Home sellers can make small repairs such as changing the light fixtures and applying a fresh coat of paint to help spruce up your property.

  1. Know Your Options
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Image by Carissa Rogers via Pixabay

Now that you have an idea of the condition of your home, the next step is to figure out your selling options. 

Option 1: Sell Your Home As-Is 

One selling method that is appealing to Charlotte cash home buyers would be “sell as is,” meaning your property is left unchanged. Repair costs can add up. If you are feeling frustrated, tired, and stressed out knowing that you have too many repairs and not enough time and money, you can sell your house as is. If selling your house quickly is important, selling as-is would also be in your best interest.

Selling your Charlotte home as-is can also lead to a cash offer. There are real estate investors and cash buyers who are looking to buy burdensome houses and will pay cash to buy your property. An investment firm or direct buyer will buy houses and often give a fair all cash offer.

With a direct sale, you can typically expect a fast closing without having to pay realtor commissions. Closing costs are also usually paid by the investors. If you have a cash offer, you can also expect a quicker closing date on your house.

Not all buyers will provide a fair cash offer but there is another selling option.

Option 2: Investing in Major Repairs

If you’re up to the challenge of making major renovations and repairs on your Charlotte home (and if you have time and money), investing in repairs would bring in more traditional homebuyers and could potentially yield a higher price for your home. This can be time-consuming but you would be helping homeowners in the long-run.

Examples of major repairs would be updating a kitchen or bathroom, replacing flooring and windows, and providing new appliances. When you invest in major repair costs, you can expect more money on your return investment.

  1. Make Cost-Effective Repairs

If you can’t invest in a large home renovation, don’t stress! There are still minor repairs and small changes that can make a world of difference when selling your home. One of the best things you can do is provide the interior of your home with fresh paint. A fresh coat of paint will show your buyers the potential of the interior of your home. 

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Image by Stevenpb via Pixabay

Other small repairs to your property would be to change the doorknobs and other small fixtures around your house. Make sure all fixtures have working lightbulbs so your house literally lights up inside! If you can’t replace the flooring, you can always use a stain remover instead. 

If you are ready to take photos of your property so you can sell, make sure to declutter all items and clean up the interior as much as possible. Simple solutions like putting away items on countertops and cleaning the sinks will make a huge difference. 

Lastly, maintain a well-kept yard where the grass is cut and any items like garbage cans and storage bins are placed out of sight. 

  1. Highlight the Positive

Many homes come with a unique selling point. It could be a walk-in closet, extra storage room, large pantry, or space for a home office. Whatever key feature you think is important, make sure to highlight that in your home.

Emphasize those selling points when you stage your home. Hiring a professional photographer to take photos of your property will help homeowners when selling. Chances are you have plenty of features in your home that can be appealing to home buyers.

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Your neighborhood may also be a selling point for potential buyers. Is there a corner market where the owner knows your name? A cafe within walking distance? What about a nice walking or jogging path? A Charlotte real estate agent can help highlight appeals of your property address. These key positive influences can provide potential buyers with a certain charm about your home and neighborhood. 

  1. Be Fair and Patient

Once you’re ready to list, remember to ask for a fair price. Charlotte real estate agents can help set a selling price, offer open houses to increase traffic to your home, and provide help to homeowners who are looking to quickly sell their property for an affordable price. Try not to under or over sell your property. This could lead to your house being on the market for longer than intended. 

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Image by Tumisu via Pixabay

This leads to the last tip: be patient. Selling a run-down house requires work and patience. Keep in mind that some buyers want a house they consider to be “move-in ready.”

But don’t get discouraged! Selling a run-down home in Charlotte is completely possible. While the entire process can be overwhelming, the right buyer for your Charlotte home is out there.

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