What are the Pros and Cons of using a We Buy Houses Company in Grand Rapids?

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The old saying in real estate is “location, location, location”, but who you sell your property to in Grand Rapids, MI is just as important as where your property is located. A We Buy Houses company can check a lot of boxes, but are they right for you?

Though there are lots of options out there for homeowners ready to sell their house, considerations about what the right kind of buyer is the best fit for you are significant. Real estate investors, individual families, independent cash buyers, and brokered real estate agent deals are all possible buyers. Though a We Buy Houses company can give you a quick sell, you’ll still want to know as much as you can about them.

We Buy Houses vs. all cash offers

If you need to sell your house fast in Grand Rapids or the surrounding areas, you’ll want to do your research so that you understand the difference between a We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids and a cash offer. 

A “quick cash, buy fast” option is not quite like an all-cash offer that you might get from listing your house with a real estate agent.  We Buy Houses in Grand Rapids constitute something different than an all-cash offer from an independent buyer. 

cash offer for a house in Grand Rapids, MI

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The closing date for property owners is sooner than with traditional bank financing for either We Buy houses companies or cash offers. Your house Grand Rapids will get a no obligation cash offer fast.

The major difference here is that a We Buy Houses company is just that – a company. We Buy Houses companies are generally run by professional investors and real estate investors whose primary means of making money is flipping houses. They can pay cash for homes because they have experience in this field and invest in homes in Grand Rapids as part of their primary livelihood. They aren’t buying houses to live in, but rather they’re buying houses to turn over. 

Buying a house with cash gives real estate investors the leverage they need to turn a house around fast. The speed with which they do these transactions gives them a volume that allows them to make a significant amount of money. Fast equals profitable. It’s really that simple. 

How fast do houses in Grand Rapids sell?

Unlike selling through a real estate agent, houses in Grand Rapids can be sold fast without agent fees. Getting a house quickly up and on the market will immediately attract a whole host of people who buy houses in Grand Rapids. The whole process could take just a few weeks.

These companies work differently than what home owners might be used to. There’s usually a quick form to fill out online. This will include the street address as well as property information. This short property information form gives property owners the chance to share just the basics.

Once that whole process gets rolling, someone from the company will call to get more information. If they’re interested, they’ll make arrangements to come out to the property address.

Without the issue of traditional bank financing, your MI house can be sold quickly. You can sell your house fast, even in as little as seven days. That fast turnaround time is why houses Grand Rapids, MI are so tempting for investors. It’s all about the numbers. when a company can buy a house fast, they can then get on to getting their cash and keeping their business going.

Whatever offer is made is a no obligation cash offer. The timeline can be drawn out based on the needs of the homeowner.

Consider your circumstances

divorce in Grand Rapids, MI

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The reason to sell your home for cash fast is that there are circumstances in your life that are pushing you to get out from under your mortgage. What’s going on in your life could mean you need to get your home sold quickly. 

Death of a loved one
– Tax burden
– Job loss
– Health problems
– Vacant house
– Fire damaged home
– Owe liens
– Bad rental tenants

If you need to get rid of burdensome houses fast, whether it’s because of an issue with a family member or because of bad rental tenants, that’s a significant part of your circumstances. When it’s important to sell your house as is for a fair offer, there are real estate solutions out there. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Unwanted property can happen for any number of circumstances. Selling an unwanted property or your houses Grand Rapids can be a time consuming expense, too. The best way to get cash quickly and avoid an agent’s expensive fees is to find a cash buyer. That can be in the form of a We Buy Houses company or it can be an independent buyer in Southwest Michigan.

You can sell your house fast in Kent County. The entire process should feel geared towards helping homeowners and making their life easier. Any property simply offers an opportunity for an investment firm or an independent buyer. Your circumstances are all you should worry about.

Tradeoffs in selling to a We Buy Houses company

When you sell your home fast for cash, you’re trading speed and ease for price. 

There’s little doubt that you’ll get a lower price if you sell to a we buy houses company in Grand Rapids, MI. You will not get the same high price that you would if you sold your home for market value on the open market. 

Though the price is most certainly going to be lower if you sell to a We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids, these companies will buy your home as is. That’s a great deal if you need to sell your property without the hassle of paying for home repairs or waiting around for those repairs to be completed. 

Another positive point about selling your Grand Rapids property to a We Buy Houses company is that you avoid real estate commissions. Real estate agents take a significant amount for their commission. Look for a real estate agent to take around 5.5% in commission. That’s $16,500 on a $300,000 home. If you’re thinking about selling to a We Buy Houses company in Michigan, avoiding that commission alone is a compelling reason to explore this option.



  • Fast sale of your property
  • Quick cash influx at closing
  • Repairs don’t need to be made
  • No staging
  • Avoid commissions
  • Confident closing date
  • Extremely easy and simple process

Note that sometimes there are still closing costs associated with selling to a We Buy Houses company. Make sure that you’re upfront about what those are and that you’re comfortable with them. 

We Buy Houses scams to watch out for

Be careful and educate yourself about We Buy Houses companies before you buy. 

The first thing to watch out for is the lack of a strong web presence. The company should have a large, detailed website that will give you lots of information. You should also have access to testimonials from past customers. 

Positive reviews online are a big selling point. Make sure you explore the online footprint of any We Buy Houses company that you’re working with. 

Hands down, the best way to prevent getting scammed when you sell you home is to never send any potential buyer any money. The only cash that should change hands is at the closing table. If someone sends you an email asking for cash in order to buy your house, that is a scam. 

One way to ensure that you’re getting a fair shake is to request a proof of funds document. This comes from a bank and tells you that the We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids, MI has the money to buy your house for cash. This way, you know for certain that you won’t be hit with any surprises at the closing table. 

Speaking of the closing table, that’s the only point of no return. At any point in the process, a buyer or a seller can walk away. If you feel something is off, then it’s ok to pause or walk away from the deal. 

Follow your instincts

trust your instincts when selling your house in Grand Rapids

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The question of whether you should sell to a We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids is not one that you have to answer instantly. 

Do your research and understand what you’re getting yourself into. There are plenty of resources online, and you’ll always be able to find some information about a company through a little bit of digging. Talk to the home investors at the company, and allow them to earn your trust. Transparency is the name of the game. 

Though the model of a We Buy Houses company is to flip houses over fast for cash and to move to a quick closing, that speed should never equal pressure on you. This is a seller’s market, and the homeowner in Grand Rapids, MI has all of the leverage in the process. If you feel that a sale is going too fast or that you aren’t comfortable with the terms of sale, put on the breaks or walk away. 

How to Stop Foreclosure in Kalamazoo, Michigan

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The sinking sensation when a foreclosure notice comes in the mail is high on the list of worst things that a homeowner can feel. It’s overwhelming, even though most Michigan homeowners facing foreclosure have known for some time that it was coming. Stopping foreclosure in Kalamazoo is possible. It takes bravery and a willingness to make hard decisions.

Stepping beyond your fear of losing your home

Whatever circumstances have pushed you to the precipice of home foreclosure don’t stop because you’re dealing with this new problem. Whether it’s a divorce, job loss, financial strain, or even the death of a loved one, the problems that led you to potentially losing your home are still there. 

People in this situation can have one of many different responses. At first, they might want to put their head in the sand and just ignore it. That’s the hands down worst thing you can do. There are so many options for Michigan homeowners in danger of losing their home. Kalamazoo homeowners do well to investigate the possibilities and make the smart decision. 

Great real estate deals in Kalamazoo, MI can eventually turn sour because of market price changes. Though there was a federal moratorium on foreclosure, that’s no longer the case. Tax foreclosed homes can fall into the sheriff sales category. Property listed for sale in Kalamazoo, MI often becomes a great real estate investment when buyers don’t have to pay full market price.

Yes, it’s scary to face losing your home. Getting over the fear will help you survive! Start by knowing your options. 

Six ways to stop foreclosure in Kalamazoo

There are so, so many ways to resolve a foreclosure. Some of them are easy and some of them are hugely challenging. One of them is a good fit for most homeowners facing foreclosure. 

1 – Pay in full

homeowner paying off foreclosure

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The most obvious option is to pay off the total amount owed to the mortgage company that’s listed on the foreclosure paperwork. This includes all legal fees and any penalties that might have accrued. This will resolve the mortgage delinquency. 

When a Kalamazoo homeowner pays off their delinquent mortgage in full, the mortgage payment stays the same. 

The downside here is that this option is out of reach for most homeowners in Michigan. If you had a large amount of money to pay off the delinquent mortgage, then you’d most likely not be in this situation. However, there are situations where this is possible. A tax return, an inheritance, a bonus on a new job, a personal loan, or a family loan are all possibilities. Selling off other property like a car or personal items could also raise the necessary funds to pay down the past due amount. 

2 – Negotiated catch-up

This happens when you and the mortgage company work together to determine repayment terms. It’s one step up from the pay in full approach, in large part because this usually requires large payments in a short amount of time. Think six months or a year. 

The terms of negotiated catch-up are generally rigid, so it’s easy to fall right back into foreclosure. This resolution often puts a lot of pressure on homeowners, but it doesn’t change the overall mortgage payment in the end. A forbearance can also help to put a short bridge on the loan and prevent Michigan foreclosure. 

It’s a great option for Michigan homeowners who are slightly behind but have new income on board. If there’s not a new stream of income or some other mid-term solution, this can put a huge strain on the budget and cause additional stress.

Negotiating a pre-foreclosure deal in the near future can save the property from foreclosure eviction. Those who search for solutions to prevent the sheriff sale near Kalamazoo can often find those solutions right with the bank that they borrowed the money from.

3 – Loan modification

More intense than negotiated catch-up, loan modification offers benefits and drawbacks. 

The delinquent payments are usually added onto the back of the loan, relieving the pressure in the short term. It does extend the life of the loan, but it can be a blessing in the short term. There can be fees and increased interest with this option, so there are costs associated with loan modification.

This step can prevent foreclosure, but it will have serious consequences on the loan. Mortgage lenders are reticent to take this step if you have poor credit history. It’s totally up to the bank whether they’re willing to do a modification.

4 – Filing Chapter 13

foreclosure properties saved through bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy sounds scary, but it’s not the horrible outcome that many homeowners in Kalamazoo fear that it is. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is really a method of debt consolidation. 

The great part about bankruptcy is that it puts the mortgage first, and that can keep you in your home. It’s an effective way to restructure debt and get out of foreclosure in Michigan. Puting off the date of the debt until later through Chapter 13 can reduce the rate of the debt too. 

To be clear – filing Chapter 13 halts the foreclosure process. 

Debts like personal loans, medical debt, car loans, and credit cards are all unsecured debt. The home is a secured debt. This is why the home loan is given priority in bankruptcy. In addition, interest rates on all of those unsecured debts stop accruing during bankruptcy. Delinquent mortgage payments also stop accruing interest. Late fees stop and any other fees also stop stacking up. 

Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for seven years and will impede your ability to take loans in the future. It’s a serious step, but it can be preferable if you want to stay in your house in Michigan.

5 – Deed in Lieu

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is when you give the home back to the bank. It stops foreclosure, but the homeowner loses the home. It’s basically a trade that saves you from formal foreclosure. 

The problem here is of course that you don’t get to stay in your home in Kalamazoo if you go with this method. Taxes also don’t go anywhere. You’ll still owe any taxes on the home and those cannot be forgiven. 

It’s a quick move and one that works for many families, but it’s a desperate decision because it leaves families trying to find new accommodations. Kalamazoo, MI foreclosure homes are a drain on everyone’s resources. No one wants to go to the point of sheriff’s sale. That process is long and expensive for mortgage holders.

Foreclosure evictions are the last step in the process of getting foreclosure homes in the hands of the bank. It can take months to go through all of that, and the bank would rather take possession of the home than have to go through all of that. A deed in lieu can be a win-win for everyone.

6 – Short Sale

property listed for short sale

Finally, we come to the short sale. All this means is that the homeowner in Michigan agrees to sell to an outside buyer, who pays off the mortgage. Like the deed in lieu, the homeowner doesn’t get to stay in the home with this method. 

Depending on market conditions, there might be less competition for homes near Kalamazoo. Homeowners who act fast can push back the auction dates and pull their home out of pre foreclosure. In today’s real estate market, potential buyers have instant access to information about homes through email alerts. They also used popular searches, like “Kalamazoo foreclosure listings” and “available foreclosure properties in Kalamazoo, MI” to find homes in your area.

Potential buyers can view super saving listings to find available pre foreclosure property in Kalamazoo County to find single family homes. They could also find your home through shadow inventory listings, which are property types that haven’t yet been put on the market. This is why cash homebuyer can find cheap homes in pre-foreclosure to purchase as short sales.

The cash sale of a home can happen fast, which is exactly what the mortgage company wants to happen. The mortgage holder gets the money fast, so they can feel good about the process. The mortgage company might even waive some of the fees and give the homeowner some extra time to close the deal if there’s a cash buyer in place. 

Halting foreclosure is simple

Putting a stop to foreclosure can save both your credit score and your dignity. These are hard decisions to make, but there are lots of straightforward options. The estimated market value of single value homes in Kalamazoo County is definitely higher than what the bank will get through sheriff sales, and that’s great news for homeowners.

Homeowners in Kalamazoo, MI who are facing pre-foreclosure need to step back and look at all of the possibilities. Even if the eventual outcome is losing your home, it’s still preferable to bank repossession and a sheriff sale. 

Top 5 Roofers in Charlotte, NC

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Four walls and a roof overhead are the essential components of a house. These elements keep the cold of winter and the heat of summer out, protecting the people and belongings inside. Finding reputable roofers in Charlotte, NC can help you to keep the roof over your head and help your family stay safe and secure from the ups and downs of North Carolina weather. 

Charlotte roofing specialists can help both residential and commercial customers with roof maintenance, roof leak repair, roof replacements, and roof inspection. Using high-quality roofing material, top roofing contractors help to ensure that residential buildings get the roof work they need.

North Carolina is notorious for inclement weather that affects both flat roofs and pitched roofs. The pine trees that are emblematic of this state are also prone to falling and causing roof damage. Working with an insurance company and professional roofers can help to take the stress off of that kind of damage.

Five NC roofers you can trust

When you’re faced with a roof problem, whether it’s because of a harsh summer hurricane that’s pounded North Carolina, or a snowy winter storm that’s blanketed the Tarheel State with ice and downed trees, you need an expert you can count on to fix it. 

It’s important that you find a roofing company that can work with insurance claims, who is extremely responsive, and who can do repair work for competitive pricing. Roofing needs can range from roof damage to install gutters, to other kinds of roofing job projects. Every company you work with should be able to give you free estimates.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for construction services in the Charlotte area. Commercial clients and residential home owners can trust that a locally owned and operated company will do the necessary repairs for a fair price. General contractors can certainly do roofing, but Charlotte roofers are much more experienced and can do an awesome job.

If you’re looking for roofing in Charlotte, NC or need other home improvement jobs done will want to find the best roofers. Whether you’re in Indian Trail, Rock Hill, or right off Church St. or Morehead St. Charlotte, you can find company focuses that put an eye right on roof issues.

The top rated Roofing Contractors in Charlotte are:

1 – Grier Roofing 

Roof repair tiles

Image by Jarmolk via Pixabay

Sometimes bigger is better, and that’s certainly the case with Grier Roofing in Charlotte. This high-quality roofing company has offices in Columbia, Greenville, and Spartanburg, South Carolina. They also have North Carolina locations in Charlotte and Asheville. Owner Chris Grier has grown his roofing business over almost two decades with a combination of attention to detail and high levels of expertise. 

The roofing experts at Grier Roofing can repair hail damage, storm damage, water leaks, attic problems, loose shingles, and so much more. They have both a commercial and residential roofing services all under the same umbrella. 

This is a premier roofing company in North Carolina and the Charlotte area. Clients are consistently satisfied with both the timely nature of these high-quality roofing services, as well as the great quality. Grier is one of the highest rated roofing contractors in the Charlotte metropolitan area. 

Location: 525 N. Tryon Street, Suite 1600 in Charlotte
Phone: 704-562-5806

2 – Well Krafted Roofing Co. 

Sometimes the new player on the field is the most exciting. That’s exactly the case with Well Krafted Roofing, which has been in business for just over a decade. Perhaps the most unusual part of this roofing company’s story is that the owner’s family has a long history of working in a single industry – funeral homes! The family decided to pivot to roofing and started their company in Charlotte ten or so years ago. 

Led by husband and wife team Taylor and Coby Kraft, there are locations for this company in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Wilmington, NC. This is truly a North Carolina roofing business. 

Well Krafted is exclusively focused on residential roofing. That specialization means that the company is only concerned with keeping their residential customers happy. Look for specific exterior home repair services like roof repair, roof replacement, gutter installation, and downspout servicing. 

The quick turnaround services and high quality workmanship provided by Well Krafted Roofing have been essential to the success of this company. Their tracking technology allows customers to know exactly where their roofing project is in the process. 

Location: 525 N. Tryon Street, Suite 1600 in Charlotte
Phone: 704-268-9622

3 – Southern Home Services, LLC

solar power cells on a roof in Charlotte, NCImage by Ulleo via Pixabay

This company has almost two decades of experience in outdoor workmanship for Charlotte area homeowners. Their exterior renovation services highly rated in the Queen City. Owner Shawn Kalgren build a business based on communication and expert services. His business has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau thanks to its customer service and workmanship.

Home Advisor and Angie’s List have both awarded Southern Home Services with honors for their high level of quality. That kind of recognition speaks to the longevity of their work. This full services roofing company is widely known in the Charlotte area as a top roofing contractor Commercial roofing and residential roofing are both available from Southern Home Services.

The roofing repair services from SHS come at a fair price for an excellent job. You can even pay online for their roofing services or work through insurance claims to get the job done. The entire process is easy, taking away the need for general contractors.

SHS offers a wide range of services for the exterior of your home. They do roofing, siding, windows, and solar.

Location: 9307 Monroe Rd, Suite O in Charlotte
Phone: 704-531-2122

4 – Evergreen Roofing

locally owned roofing company in Charlotte, NC

Image by Pixeltweaks via Pixabay

Finding a licensed and insured roofing company isn’t easy, but Evergreen Roofing in Charlotte makes the whole process work for homeowners. With more than a thousand satisfied customers in the Charlotte, NC area, Evergreen has been replacing and repairing roofs for more than a decade. 

Evergreen Roofing has high ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor. Their roofing experts are adept at getting the job done in a timely manner and at the highest standards. Their accredited roofers have both experience and keen instincts to complete even the most challenging roofing projects to completion. 

Specializing in roof repair, roof replacement, and roof installation, Evergreen Roofing lives up to its name with long-lasting roofs that stand the test of time. The whole process starts with a free roofing consultation and a roofing inspection. Their reasonable rates and timely service keep both businesses and homeowners coming back again and again. 

Location: 8425 Old Statesville Road in Charlotte
Phone: 704-476-1572

5 – Rose Roofing Charlotte 

If you’re looking for one of the most experienced roofing companies around, then Rose Roofing in Charlotte is the place for you.

A primary mission of this company is to do quality roofing work in a timeframe that emphasizes that quality. Rather than rushing through roofing jobs to get them done on an unrealistic schedule, Rose Roofing takes their time.

Other services offered by Rose Roofing are gutter replacement, roof repair, attic servicing, and even metal roofing. Rose Roofing is truly a full service roofing company. These Charlotte roofing contractors have a storied history and a high level of commitment to quality workmanship. They offer a free estimate, and most of all they make the entire process easy for homeowners.

Owner Larry Rose comes onto every jobsite. This kind of supervisions makes sure the work is done right. That’s one reason this exterior repair service continues to be a top roofing company in Charlotte. For homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area, this company offers consistent and longlasting repair services for flat and shingle roofs. Commercial and residential services by Rose Roofing focused only on roofs, making them an expert in the field. 

Location: 7221 Lea Wood Lane in Mint Hill
Phone: 704-312-7488

Choose a Charlotte roofer that you’re comfortable with

There are lots of options for roofing companies in Charlotte, NC. The abundance of choices can make it difficult to narrow it down to just one, but with some ingenuity, you can do it.  A roof medic who comes in to diagnose your roofing problems, then gives you a free estimate for your services is absolutely the way to go for North Carolina homeowners.

Whether your roofing in Charlotte, NC is part of a larger home project or roofing is part of a new roof project, Charlotte pro roofing specialists are here to help with roof maintenance, a roof leak, or a new roof. Commercial roof repair is also available from a Charlotte roofing contractor.

Roofing services in Charlotte, NC should make your life easier, not harder. A full services roofing company can help you put your mind at ease. Getting roof repairs for a fair price from a trusted roofing contractor can give you the peace of mind you need. After all, keeping a roof over your head is a primary goal of just about everyone! These Charlotte roofing companies can help you find shelter from any storm.

Top 5 General Contractors in Durham, NC

Image by Greyson Joralemon via Unsplash

When it’s time to remodel your home, whether it’s with the intention of selling the property or improving your lifestyle, choosing a general contractor is the first step. When you work with reputable general contractors in Durham, you can feel confident that the job is done right. 

Whether you’re looking for a project manager in Durham, NC, Wake Forest, or Chapel Hill, North Carolina, you’ll find a great deal of construction industry experience in the Triangle. Local contractors are there to support everything from a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, or a house renovation.

The best companies offer free estimates, as this is an extremely competitive market. Contractors in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and the surrounding areas are always looking for ways to improve their services and do an excellent job on your project.

Choosing the wrong contractor can cost time and money

home renovation project

Image by Annie Gray via Unsplash

There’s a lot on the line here. If you go with a bad contractor, you’ll end up with poor workmanship that’ll have to be redone. Renovation is a major expense and a major undertaking, particularly if you’re redoing several rooms in your home. Getting a fair price from a local business can help you get your home project done in a timely manner.

Everyone knows of the horror stories of shotty workmanship. Bad plumbing can lead to leaks and mold. A poorly put on roof can cause water damage or fly off in a North Carolina hurricane. A botched kitchen remodel can lead to a fire hazard. You’ve probably had friends or family who’ve got first hand knowledge of the painful experiences that come with bad contractors. Maybe you’ve had one of those experiences yourself with a North Carolina contractor.

Just as a good recommendation from someone you trust can mean you get a great remodeling experience, so too does asking around for recommendations of bad contractors prevent you from getting into trouble. Paying attention to the customer satisfaction of home contractors in Wake Forest and the surrounding areas will keep you ahead of the game on home repairs.  

Word of mouth suggestions for home repair services are the gold standard because they give the deepest insight into a repairman. If someone does shotty work, they do it consistently. If someone does great work, they do that consistently too. 

What does a general contractor do?

A general contractor is a means to making your renovation work for you. These professionals oversee all aspects of the project, from plumbing to electrical to structural concerns. Everything you can think of that’s related to a home improvement is in the wheelhouse of the general contractor. 

If they don’t have the expertise to do it themselves, they’ll be able to find a specialist who can. Oftentimes, these companies work with a design team to make your home absolutely beautiful. Even though there are many challenges along the way when doing a full kitchen remodel or a master bathroom overhaul, you’ll find that your project can get done right in Durham, North Carolina. All it takes is the right home renovation specialist to help you along the way.

There’s a whole lot more to renovating a home than those home improvement shows would have you believe. When time and financial constraints are part of the equation, as they are in real life, having someone to oversee the whole project can make it feel more like HGTV and less like a nightmare. 

The many dimensions of home remodeling

new construction project

Image by Theme Photos via Unsplash

Working with an experienced general contractor means that you won’t have to oversee all aspects of the project. They’ll get planning permits, ensure building requirements are met, go over HOA necessities, get inspection approvals, and a million other little things that you’d never think you needed to do. Coordinating it all is no small task. Although a general contractor will cost you more money upfront, they’ll save you money in the long run by speeding through the process. Their knowledge can and will prevent mishaps. 

Home builders should be able to understand exactly what you need by asking a few questions. You’ll want to be sure that you work with contractors in Durham, NC who will get the proper permits for projects like kitchen renovations. Finding an extremely professional design team and a project manager who understands the construction industry will make sure you get the great job you deserve.

There are so many areas of the home that Durham homeowners should consider a licensed general contractor for.

– Decks, patios, & screened porch
– Painting – interior & exterior
– Bath remodel
– New door
– Kitchen renovation
– Covered porches
– New cabinets
– Tile shower
– Electrical work
– Attic and basement renovation
– Home additions
– Exterior siding & gutters
– Roof replacement
– New flooring
– Custom homes

In the end, working with a general contractor will also give you a better, more polished finished product. Your home in Durham will look better than ever, from the studs to the crown molding. When a home inspector comes around to check out your house, they’ll find the highest quality workmanship on your home renovations.

Simply Right Remodeling & Construction LLC

Based in Raleigh, Simply Right Remodeling & Construction serves the entire Triangle, NC area. With over a quarter century of experience in the contracting industry, this company is known for its high quality and attention to detail. 

They’ve worked with both large and small companies, as well as with businesses. They offer services for all areas of the home, and they’ve got an excellent reputation.

Heru Construction

For homeowners in Durham who are looking for high quality renovation services, Heru Construciton has to be near the top of the list. This full service remodeling company in Durham has been in business since 2004.

One of the hallmarks of Heru Construction is the experienced crew that they employ. The leads on their construction team all have a minimum of a decade of experience. They offer a full range of remodeling services. Look for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, drywall installation, framing, flooring, and home refinishing. 

This Durham general contractor is also listed with the Better Business Bureau. That’s always great news when you’re looking for high quality home renovation services. They conduct business in a timely manner and at a fair price.  

Gateway Building Company

With a focus on the team approach to home remodeling projects, Gateway Building Company has deep roots in the Triangle in North Carolina. They have a close relationship with their subcontractors, making home remodeling projects go smoothly and easily. 

This building company in Durham has a wide range of expertise. They work as a ground-up construction company, with bars and restaurants, in historical preservation and restoration, in tenant upfits, in commercial residences, and so much more. 

If you’re working within a budget, this company can help you to stay on track and still get a fantastic outcome.

CT Wilson Construction

For home renovation projects that are little or big, CT Wilson is a a go-to general contractor in Durham. They use cutting edge technology like 3D laser scanning and the newest planning tools. These tools help homeowners get through their construction project quickly and efficiently. 

One of the great things about this Durham remodeling company is the rigorous process that they use to choose their subcontractors. They encourage minority and women owned home repair companies to apply to work with them. There’s something to be said for the commitment to community that this home repair business in Durham has shown over the years.  

CQC Home

Consistently ranked as one of the best home improvement companies in the Triangle, CQC has been helping homeowners make the most of their home improvement projects. They have a team of designers and construction professionals who work collaboratively with Durham homeowners. 

Though they specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, CQC has deep experience in whole house remodels. There’s no fee for the initial consultation with CQC, which is a major bonus when you’re shopping around. A great aspect of this cutting edge general contractor is that they utilize the newest software. This keeps homeowners up to date on the timeline and progress of their home renovation project. 

Choosing a general contractor in Durham

homeowners without a residential general contractor

Image by Roselyn Tirado via Unsplash

Though popular services like kitchen renovations, custom cabinets, whole house renovation, exterior painting, a bathroom remodel, or any other kind of building project can seem overwhelming, the construction process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Home builders can also help you make your old home look like a new house. Recently completed constructions projects will help your home have a higher value on the housing market, too.

Whether you’re looking for a current house project or future projects, finding a general contractor with a high BBB rating or who is part of a national association can lower your project costs and make your home remodel go faster. High customer satisfaction ratings from previous clients are always important if you want a licensed contractor who’ll do an excellent job on your home renovations in Durham, North Carolina.

A general contractor in Durham can make sure that all of the pieces can get done on time and on budget. If they don’t have their own personal crew of people, they’ll have knowledge of experienced home repair and renovation companies in the Triangle who can get the job done. 

How Raleigh Homeowners Can Sell Their House Fast for a Good Price

Does selling a house have to be a long process? Though most people think that it takes months to go through the real estate process, you can actually sell a house fast in Raleigh for a good price. 

The ideal path of working with a real estate agent to sell a home over many months doesn’t work for everyone’s life situation. A quick cash offer at a fair price can be a necessary solution for homeowners who need to sell fast. Homeowners in the wider Raleigh area, including Chapel Hill, Durham, and Apex, can sell a home fast without making repairs.

The great news is that this can make life easier if you need to sell your house fast. Your Raleigh area house is your biggest asset. You can make the most of that investment by working with the right home buyer.

Why people want to sell a house quickly

There are all kinds of reasons that Raleigh homeowners want to sell fast. 

It could be that the death of a family member has left an inherited property vacant and sitting idle. If the family members live out of state, then a Raleigh home might be sitting empty. In this case, they’ll want to sell a house fast and move on with life. The funds from the sale of an inherited home could be used to cover funeral expenses, to pay down debts, or as part of the probate process to execute a will. 

Though the North Carolina economy is strong, it’s common for a new job to pull a family away from Raleigh. A job change can mean a Triangle homeowner needs to sell a house quickly so that they can buy a new home. The logistics of closing on a property in the new area while also closing on their current home might be daunting. A quick cash sale could make the whole transition much easier. 

Life events like divorce or an unexpected illness can lead to the need to sell a home fast. Divorce proceedings can push a homeowner to sell a house fast so that they can take the next step forward on their life path. Unexpected illness can require an influx of cash to pay medical bills.  

The burden of an underwater home

Homeowners who want to get out from under burdensome houses are stretched. Mortgage payments don’t let up, and missing a few payments can lead to mortgage default or even foreclosure. 

The Triangle and surrounding areas have been in a housing boom for decades. As North Carolina continues to grow in population, real estate prices keep rising. Sometimes burdensome houses are a function of zoning changes or increased development in Apex, Hillsborough, or Carrboro. A family home in Wake County that was once a place of respite can become a financial burden. 

Homeowners in Raleigh can sell a house fast, no matter the situation, by thinking outside the box and looking for new real estate solutions. For instance, in the wake of a big storm during hurricane season in North Carolina, homes can become damaged to the point that they aren’t livable. North Carolina real estate transactions make it easier than ever to sell a damaged property. 

A rental property is another reason a local home buyer might be interested. Selling off a rental portfolio fast in Raleigh, NC is easy with a no obligations cash offer. Cash buyers in Raleigh, NC can offer more money than ever thanks to the condition of the real estate market. If there are tenants in the Raleigh home, it’s still possible to sell fast in Raleigh, NC.

The benefits of a cash home sale

person holding money after selling their house fast in Raleigh, North Carolina

Image by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

Turning away from the comfort of a realtor can bring a lot of benefits. Homeowners who need to sell their home fast can find a lot of benefits in a cash home offer. 

  • Easy sale process. There are usually only a few steps for a cash home sale.
  • Sell the home as-is. Though home inspections and negotiations are the norm for traditional home sales, a cash buyer can take the home in as-is condition.
  • Fast sale & flexible timeline. Because cash homebuyers aren’t beholden to the conditions of normal real estate transactions, closing can happen on any scheduled date. 
  • No fees or real estate commissions. Though a cash home buyer will likely offer a home sale price that’s less than the top market value, that difference is offset by the lack of real estate commissions. Home selling fees can add up to a big chunk, eating into equity. With a cash home sale, there’s none of that headache. 
  • No cleaning or repairs. Homeowners who sell their home don’t have to bother with cleaning, home staging, or home repairs. 

Working with an agent can leave Raleigh homeowners feeling like they aren’t a priority. With the busy real estate market in North Carolina, a selling agent doesn’t always have time to give homeowners the attention you need to sell your home fast. Working with a cash buyer cuts the process down and puts the home seller at the center.

The cash home buying processwhite and brown unwanted real estate property

Image by Dhruv Mehra via Unsplash

The process of selling your home for cash is simple. 

  1. Contact a home buying company
  2. Get a fast, no-obligation quote
  3. Sign the contract
  4. Verify proof of funds
  5. Connect with a title company to perform a title search
  6. Sign closing documents

What makes cash homebuying faster is that there’s no need to have an open house, to make repairs, or to appraise the home. Often, a Raleigh homeowner can get a fair cash offer and the buyer will waive the home inspection. Particularly in a seller’s market, there’s lots of latitude for homeowners to get a good deal for selling their home fast.  

Some parts of the process are the same. For example, when a seller accepts the cash buyer’s offer, they complete a Purchase and Sale Agreement contract – they “go under contract”. The cash sale aspect means that a seller should request a proof of funds letter from a bank or an investment company. This is for validation purposes and allows the seller to know that the deal is a good one. We buy houses scams are out there, and it’s a good idea to know that the money is there for this kind of transaction. 

Another step that’s the same is the title search. This is done through the Wake County Register of Deeds or a title search company. It makes sure that there isn’t a lien on the property. 

What happens at the closing date with an all cash offer?

At the very end of the process, the buyer and seller get together to sign all of the paperwork. Though a cash home sale is less complicated than a home sale through a real estate agent, there is still a mountain of documents to sign. 

All the closing costs aren’t necessarily covered if someone is going to pay cash for a Raleigh house. In some cases, real estate solutions lead to a compromise. Though the closing costs are less with a fair all cash offer than they are with a traditional realtor, some of the costs could be covered by the price of the home. This detail is negotiated between cash buyers and homeowners before the closing date on a Raleigh house.

On the road to the closing date, there’s still no obligation from cash buyers or Raleigh homeowners to complete the transaction. Though you might want to sell your house fast in Raleigh, there could be snags that hold up the closing date as information is cleared for validation purposes. Nothing is a done deal until all the paperwork is signed.

Selling a home quickly is possible

Raleigh home

Image by Steven Ungermann via Unsplash

Selling a house in NC fast is about putting money in your pocket. Look around at other companies and explore real estate agents before you commit to selling your Raleigh area house. Even if you want to sell quickly, it’s still important to make a smart decision about your house. The need to sell should never outweigh the importance of connecting with the right cash buyer. A fair all cash offer is only a fair offer if it’s from an honest buyer.

It’s feasible to sell a home quickly when a buyer is ready for an all cash deal. Home buyers are ready and willing to buy houses in Raleigh, helping homeowners with all the paperwork so they can get more cash. Rental properties are fair game for the home selling process too, with real estate investors able to help you sell your house if you’re in a bind with a tenant.

The entire process takes a few weeks at most, and you can forego traditional lenders to get an all cash offer from an investment firm. That’s even the case if repairs needed haven’t been completed and the home is left unchanged. A fast closing in the Raleigh area is exactly what many homeowners need!

Selling a Home in Pre-Foreclosure in Raleigh, NC

When you hit some bumps in life, it can be devastating. After the hard work and wonderful feeling of buying your home in Raleigh, to find your home in pre-foreclosure is a hard place to be. The good news is that pre-foreclosure is not a dire situation and there’s still time to make a change. There’s a straight line to a positive outcome if you take proactive steps.

Getting market price for distressed properties from real estate investors upon reaching pre foreclosure with a lending institution isn’t out of the question.

What is a pre-foreclosure letter

When you miss several mortgage payments, you home can fall into pre-foreclosure. You’ll know that this has happened because your mortgage lender will send you a letter in the mail notifying you that you’ve entered into pre-foreclosure. In all likelihood, you had an idea that this was happening well before the official notice comes in the mail. 

Though this is definitely a serious situation, it’s not the point of no return. Not by a long shot. You have lots of options when that letter comes in the mail before you lose your house. If this is your situation, step back and take a deep breath before you get emotionally involved. It’s a scary situation, but this notice is still early in the process. Above all, don’t panic!

A property owner who is behind because of unpaid taxes won’t be formally foreclosed on for a while. Making backdated payments or working out monthly installments can prevent a home from getting to the sheriff’s sale or public auction. The foreclosure process begins with delinquent payments, but being served with a letter is not the end of the process.

Just the first step in North Carolina

Pre-foreclosure is the first phase of the long and complex legal process that sometimes ends in a piece of property being taken back by the bank. Whether a family is ultimately evicted from their home in Raleigh depends on a lot of things happening in the interim. 

For homeowners in Raleigh who are behind on mortgage payments, the first step in the foreclosure process happens when the mortgage holder files a notice of default with the Wake County Clerk of Court. 

There are set amount of delinquent payments that a homeowner can fall behind with before they get a notice of default. This is set out in the terms of the mortgage. If you’re a Raleigh homeowner who’s in a tough spot, it’s important for you to look over your mortgage paperwork and find out what the terms of the home loan are. 

Judicial foreclosure in Raleigh, NC

brick house with trees in Raleigh, North Carolina

Image by Kathleen Culbertson via Unsplash

Before a mortgage holder can move out of the pre-foreclosure stage of the process, they have to go in front of a judge to get approval. The Wake County judicial system doesn’t move swiftly, so that leaves homeowners in Raleigh some time to pull the loan out of default before the house goes into foreclosure

There are four kids of foreclosure in North Carolina:

– Power of sale foreclosure

– Foreclosure by civil action

Tax foreclosure

– Homeowners association/condo owner’s association foreclosure

All four of these kinds of foreclosure in Raleigh, NC are handled in the court system. The last two involve a homeowner being behind on either taxes or fees associated with their home. The first two are done by a mortgage company or bank lender. The North Carolina General Statues make provisions for all four of these foreclosure processes in North Carolina. 

What is a short sale?

Short sale sign in Raleigh, NC

Image by Justin Lim via Unsplash

In all four foreclosure situations in North Carolina, the homeowner has the power to negotiate a  short sale of the home or to go through with a traditional real estate sale or an all cash sale.

A short sale is when the home is sold for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. Though this is a preferable outcome to a full on foreclosure, a short sale often means that the homeowner will still ower money to the bank. Sometimes the difference in the price of the sale and the amount still due on the mortgage is forgiven by the bank, but not always. 

Often, a short sale situation involves a homeowner selling to an investor or a home buying company. In any case, the mortgage lender has to approve the sale of the home under these terms. Homeowners in Raleigh, NC facing foreclosure will need to contact their lender to negotiate these terms. 

In many cases, the mortgage holder will agree to a short sale if the homeowner agrees to a default judgement. This pulls the house out of foreclosure, but the homeowner will still have to make payments on the amount due to the lender. 

Pros and cons of a short sale

The benefit of a short sale is that it keeps foreclosure off of the credit rating of the homeowner. There’s no massive hit to the credit rating either, though there is still a detrimental mark placed in the credit file. A foreclosure stays on a person’s credit report for seven years. 

 It can take up to a year for the whole short sale process to go through, and it takes a lot of paperwork. 

 Fair, all cash offers for houses in foreclosure can also be part short sales. Pre foreclosure means that the mortgage loan is behind, but there’s still lots of time before the final foreclosure sale. The lending institution might still be able to work with a home owner to create a plan for affordable payments for people in financial distress. Short sales are not the preference for most lenders. They’d prefer backdated payments for a home in default status.

Banks don’t like foreclosure

One wonderful piece of news for Raleigh homeowners facing foreclosure is that banks don’t want to repossess your house. When a loan goes underwater and the bank has to sell the property, they lose money. The best outcome for the homeowner and the bank is to come to an agreement to keep you in your house. 

You can work with the bank to arrange a short sale. This allows you to get out with your home equity and them to avoid the costs of foreclosure. Whatever they can do to prevent you losing your house, within reason, a mortgage lender will do. 

Pre foreclosed properties are a top priority for banks. There are also government programs that can help pull a pre-foreclosure property out of the negative.

Options for homeowners in pre-foreclosure

front door of a pre-foreclosed home in Raleigh, NC

Image by Jaye Hach via Unsplash

Lenders are generally willing to work with you and negotiate to keep your house out of foreclosure. 

Though the notice of default means that the wheels are turning towards a foreclosure, there’s still plenty of time to get back on track with your home loan. You might be able to catch up payments in a lump sum or to grade them out over time. There’s even the option to potentially refinance your Raleigh house in foreclosure. For that, you might need to get a cosigner or agree to a higher interest rate. 

If you’ve gone into default because of some life circumstance like a divorce, a job loss, or the death of a family member, you should talk to the mortgage company. Life circumstances happen to everyone, and these are usually temporary situations. You can negotiate a loan modification, make backdated mortgage payments, or arrange for a short sale of your house. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there were lots of provisions put in place to help homeowners stay out of foreclosure. For government-backed mortgages, evictions and foreclosure proceedings were halted. Though the crisis is past now, there are still government agencies that can help homeowners stay out of foreclosure. 

Is it too late to sell your home in Raleigh?

Selling a pre-foreclosure home in Raleigh is possible if you step into action. All the way up to the final foreclosure auction of the home, it’s possible to strike a last minute real estate sale of the property in Raleigh. 

Mortgage borrowers can connect with prospective buyers to get market value for their home. Short sales are sometimes the only options if you’ve missed payments on your home. Real estate-owned properties are a common, if unfortunate reality in Raleigh, NC.

To avoid foreclosure, either work with a real estate agent or reach out to a home buying company. As soon as you’re behind in monthly payments, it affects your credit history. The outstanding loan balance might seem like a huge hurdle to overcome, but paying down the mortgage balance with a quick, all cash sale can save your pre foreclosure property.

Keep in mind that once the lending bank reaches out to the county recorder’s office, that’s only the beginning. As a property owner, you have a lot of leeway to save your credit score. A foreclosed property isn’t out of the hands of the owner because a default notice is sent out.

Cash home buyers can help Raleigh homeowners in foreclosure to pull out of even the worst situation. 

Top 5 Home Stagers in Charlotte, NC

Hands down, one of the best ways to make sure that your home sells quickly and for a high price is to use a Charlotte-area home stager. Given that the Charlotte metro area runs from Matthews, North Carolina, all the way south to Rock Hill, South Carolina, there are lots of home stagers to choose from.

Accredited staging professionals help home sellers to be distinct in the local real estate market. Home staging companies do everything from facilitating a deep clean to providing interior design services to renting out modern furniture to homes in Carolina spaces.

What do home stagers do?

A home stager basically prepares a home for sale. The reason is to make the house look more appealing to potential buyers. It also allows potential buyers to imagine themselves inside the home, rather than seeing what your home looks like with your personality. 

Essentially, they’re an objective third party that stands between you and the buyer to let you meet in a neutral middle. That middle also happens to be on-trend. A home stager brings in art pieces, furniture, and other kinds of home accessories to make sure that the house looks fantastic when it’s on the market. 

Homeowners are paying for the design services of the Charlotte home stager, but they’re also renting the home decor. Pieces of art and furniture are rented from the home stager during the time that the house is on the market in Charlotte, North Carolina

How much does a home stager cost?

The process varies slightly for each individual home staging company, but it’s essentially in two parts. 

Home stagers usually start off with an initial design consultation. This is when they meet with the homeowner for the first time and determine their goals. It’s also when they evaluate the property and negotiate a price. That first home staging consultation costs somewhere around three hundred to five hundred dollars. 

After that first consultation, the Charlotte home stager will then agree to a monthly fee or an hourly fee for their maintenance on the property and the use of their materials. Homeowners should expect to pay several hundred dollars per month while their house is on the market for the services of a professional home stager. 

All total, the average cost of a home stager in the United States is just below fifteen hundred dollars. The range is around six hundred to twenty-four hundred dollars. A staged home in Fort Mill, South Carolina, or elsewhere in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area won’t even look like your own house anymore! That’s how good a house can look, and it’s why sellers get more money for their Charlotte project.

What a home staging entails

Note that the cost of a home stager in Charlotte will vary greatly depending on what services you need. Here are some options for what your home staging package might look like. 

  • Staging furniture and accessories
  • Decluttering the home
  • Addressing major repairs and design issues

If your home staging requires big changes in the layout or fixtures to make it more appealing to potential buyers, this could add significant costs. For example, you might need to change the layout of your home or paint the walls. Those are additional costs on top of the home staging fee. 

Sometimes, a real estate agent will cover part of the costs of home staging. This is unusual, but it’s worth asking. For sellers who are looking for a cash offer, home staging fees are all on them. 

Getting a fresh look design plan can get a home sold by changing just a few things about the house. Using design software and similar technologies to virtual reality or augmented reality, NC professionals get the best looking home possible on the market. If you want to find home stagers who can get the job done, look no further than the amazing service sector around Charlotte, NC.

Benefits of home staging

room designed by home staging services

Image by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

Though home staging means an additional cost, it can also make a big difference for people in Charlotte, NC who are selling their home. Here are some big benefits of home staging

  1. Quicker property sale. Staged homes spend a lot less time on the market.
  2. An objective view of the property. Homeowners can’t always see problems with their homes that are obvious. A home stager can refocus attention and seize opportunities.
  3. Higher sale price. Because a home stager makes a property look more attractive to buyers, it’s easier to get a better price for a home in Charlotte, NC. 
  4. Less stress for home sellers. There’s already a lot of stress to be had around selling your home in Charlotte. A homeowner doesn’t have to worry about being an interior designer as well as the logistics of selling a home.

Using a home stager is a cost-benefit situation. Paying someone to stage your home will allow you to get money and sell your home faster. The cost will also eat into your profit from the home sale. A professional business that focuses on one-stop interior design services will give your project a lease on life.  

Top home stagers in Charlotte

Interior design in North Carolina

Image by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

If you’re selling your home in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll want to explore the possibility of using a home stager. You can get a free quote from different home staging companies in the Queen City. Find out which one works best for you and your goals. 

1. Staging Magic LLC

Most home sellers don’t realize that color consultations are a powerful way to maximize the look of their home for sale. Staging Magic specializes in helping homeowners refresh the color of their home to improve its look. 

Known for her friendly, laid back approach, owner Ronda works with clients across the Charlotte area. She works with an entire team of support staff when needed to give homeowners in North Carolina and South Carolina exactly what they need to attract absolutely amazing buyers.

2. Stella Home LLC

This home staging company in Charlotte focuses on local products and support for North Carolina homeowners. That approach is important for families who are selling their home. The home renovation philosophy of owner Cassee Cunningham is focused on repurposing pieces and renovating existing spaces. 

Don’t miss the wonderful gallery of photos of Cassee’s work on wide ranging homes in the region. The transformations are truly extraordinary. 

3. TNT Staging

This award winning home staging company in Charlotte has a combined experience of more than twenty years. One of the founders of this company is the president of the Real Estate Staging Association, and the other is an Accredited Staging Professional and a member of the International Association of Accredited Home Staging Professionals. Their team is backed by a professional business model and a highly qualified, service-oriented group of interior design professionals.

TNT Staging is fully insured and has a long history of partnering with real estate investors, realtors, and brokers in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Clients offer rave reviews for their model home design and report coming back to work with this team on a very regular basis.

4. Bella Staging & Design 

Offering professional home staging, this company is known for its services in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Owner Natalie Sanchez is a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Staging Association. Check out her professional portfolio of before and after pictures to get an idea of what her services look like. 

Sanchez has strict standards and does a great job of picking out paint colors that work hard to get a home to sell faster in areas like Lake Wylie or Fort Mill. Her services don’t cost top dollar, but they do give homeowners a wonderful experience.

5. Creative Home Stagers

Decluttering and depersonalization of homes to bring in a neutral aesthetic, Creative Home Stagers is both experienced and affordable. Photography and videography of your home in Charlotte are essential services of this staging company. They’ll offer you a top ten priority list to get you off on the right foot. 

You can get a reasonably priced home staging consultation from this staging company in Charlotte. They offer vacant home staging, occupied home staging, and real estate agent staging partnerships. 

Consider your home staging options

Real estate styling in Charlotte, NC

Image by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

There are lots of options for home staging in Charlotte, NC. Whether you work with an interior designer or a moving company to improve your home before sale, you’ll sell your home faster if it’s staged. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the home. That’s not as easy if the homeowner’s furniture and decor is too distinct. Working with a professional staging company can give a space a modern sense of style, even if it’s just through new paint colors and freshened furniture.

Even if you decide to sell your home as is, without doing any repairs or freshening up the exterior, it’s still worthwhile to explore home staging. You might well decide that the best way to get a good price for your home is to work with an experienced home stager.

The Easiest Way to Sell Your House in Charlotte, NC

If you want to sell your house fast, it’s easier than ever to make that happen, depending on how you define “fast”. You can sell your house fast in Charlotte in as little as seven days if you forego the traditional real estate process. 

The best buyer doesn’t always connect with property simply through open houses and MLS listings.

The best solution isn’t to jump through hoops or deal with miles of red tape when you have a burdensome house that you want to sell fast as is. Real estate agents and hefty commission fees that drag out the selling process might still be the norm, but that doesn’t have to be your experience. Though real estate has been slow to change, now more than ever there are tools to help you sell your house fast in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina

Image by Clay Banks via Unsplash

Think about your timeline

Before you even start the process of selling your Charlotte home, you should get an idea of what kind of timeline you need to meet. 

Many homeowners in Charlotte have a compelling reason to sell their homes. If you’re struggling financially because of a divorce or a job loss, you might really need to sell your home fast. That puts you in the category of a highly motivated seller. 

Your situation will be left unchanged if you don’t make an effort to find the right buyer for your property. A closing date could be far down the line, or you could get more cash in your pocket quickly.

Do keep in mind that you’ll need to go through some steps for validation purposes. Understanding how long it will take to evaluate your home to get a fair offer for your property from home buyers will keep you from getting hit with any surprise delays.

Homeowners in Charlotte selling their property for a fair cash offer, whether through a real estate agent or other real estate solutions, always have to make choices about the timeline. Remember, you are in charge of how fast your home sells.

Options for selling your house fast in Charlotte, NC

staged home for sale in Charlotte, NC

Image by Brina Blum via Unsplash

Understanding the wide variety of options available for you to sell your house fast begins with research. There are tons of companies out there that offer fast cash for homes. You’ve probably heard of Zillow, OpenDoor, OfferPad, and iBuyers. These cash buyer companies work across the country to buy unwanted homes from buyers. 

You can also work with local Charlotte cash buyers who aren’t attached to a larger company. Small real estate cash buyers like Harmony Home Buyers, Zack Buys Houses, and Your Home Offer Today are based in the Queen City or nearby. These companies work with local homeowners in and around Charlotte. 

Over one-third of home sales in the United States are cash transactions. That’s right, you don’t need to work with a bank in order to sell your house. Conventional agents for houses won’t tell you that, but knowledge is power for Charlotte home sellers. Circumventing the bank process will help you sell your house fast, no matter where your house is in Rock Hill or the surrounding areas.

Consider a short sale to sell your house fast

If you need to sell fast because of a mortgage that’s underwater, consider a short sale. This is really applicable if you owe more on the mortgage than the home is valued at. In other words, there’s no equity in the house. This most often happens when there’s the death of a spouse, a divorce or some other financial situation like bankruptcy. If there’s no income to keep the house payment going, there’s a chance of foreclosure

Homeowners facing this situation can ask the bank to consider a short sale. If you’ve only got one mortgage on the property, you’ve got a better chance of getting a short sale through than if you have multiple mortgages. Go to the mortgage lender and ask if they’re willing to work with you to get your home out of foreclosure before it starts. This is a quick way for Charlotte homeowners to avoid foreclosure and sell your house fast. 

Talk to multiple buyers

It’s a good idea to talk to several potential buyers before you commit. Though this might slow down the process ever so slightly, you’ll rest assured that you’re getting the best deal for your home. 

If you’re thinking about selling your house to a wholesaler, know that there are no banks involved. Though you won’t get as high a price for the house as you might get with an agent for houses, you’ll save money on closing costs and home repairs. By talking to lots of potential buyers for your Charlotte house, you’ll feel confident that you’re getting a great price. 

You may want to have a sit down with a real estate agent as well. Most of these professionals will give you a realistic timeline that the house can be sold, but that process is not likely to be easy. You’ll need to clear your home out and stage it in order to get a high price. 

Unfortunately, many house agents fall into the list-it-and-forget-it category. They’ll put your house on the market, then just let the wheels turn instead of pushing the process forward. This isn’t a recipe for selling your house fast. You’ll get out from under your burdensome house eventually, especially in a seller’s market. You’ll also end up paying a commission that’s as much as six percent. 

The home selling process

home closing in Charlotte, NC

Image credit: Christina via Unsplash

The process of selling a house necessarily involves a certain number of steps. Most people assume that there are more steps than there have to be. The traditional process for houses isn’t the only way to do things!

Here’s what must happen in a house transaction.

  • Buyer & seller connect
  • Offer extended
  • Offer accepted
  • Closing

That’s it! Four little things. Everything else is optional. None of the following things are necessary to get a home sold. That’s true for homes that are distressed, in foreclosure, inherited, rented houses, and homes in probate. There are certainly unique details to each of those home selling situations, but the essential steps are always the same. None of the following are a must for any kind of home sale in Charlotte.  

Cutting out the extra steps can help you sell houses in Charlotte fast. With a cash buyer, the transaction is easy and fast. All of those hidden fees can be avoided when you sell a house as is in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Home buyers are interested in helping homeowners with a cash offer to make life easier for everyone. They’ll only do what they have to do for validation purposes on the property, just like they do with other homeowners.

Avoiding We Buy Houses scams

Whether you’re working with a large real estate investor conglomerate or a small hometown real estate investing company, you need to vet them thoroughly. Unfortunately, there are plenty of cash buyer scams out there. Always take the time to vet the company or investor that you’re thinking of selling to. 

A reputable company won’t try to get you to pay any closing costs upfront. A home sale company often has reports with the Better Business Bureau. All you have to do to start the ball rolling is to turn over some property information for validation purposes. The good news is that cash buyers are often problem solvers. If you need to sell your NC house because of bad rental tenants or a problem with a vacant house you inherited from a family member, you can get out from under your house quickly.

Property owners should make sure that they aren’t dealing with a fake investment firm or the perpetrator of a false home buying process. Instead, do your research about what options are available from investors who want to buy houses in Charlotte. Though homeowners sell their

Home sellers should keep an open mind

homeowner in Charlotte contemplating a cash offer

Image by Yosep Surahman via Unsplash

The housing market has changed dramatically in the last decade. The rise of the internet has led to an increase in the options that you have to sell your house in North Carolina. Not only that, but changes in finance options have made it easier for buyers to find sellers who can pay cash for their homes. By working with a cash buyer, Charlotte, NC homeowners are able to make the most of the burdensome house. 

A fair cash offer is within reach for most homeowners who need to sell a house fast. Real estate solutions can help you get your burdensome rental property or a property that you owe liens on out of your hands without agent fees. Even if you home needs expensive repairs, you can get an honest price for your unwanted property in the Charlotte area. There’s no obligation whatsoever if you get a quote for your home, and you can sell it as is.

Make your life easy! Whatever your reason for selling your home in North Carolina, come to the process with an open mind and you’ll be in great shape. 

How to Sell Your House with a Tax Lien in Charlotte, NC

Tax debt can sometimes feel even more daunting than other kinds of debt. That’s because the government is unforgiving and the timeline of tax repayment is fairly unmovable. If you need to sell your house with a tax lien in Charlotte, NC, then you have options! 

Though it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, the process of selling your home when you face a tax liability is not impossible. In fact, your home is your most valuable asset. Selling a house with a tax lien can be the key to getting out from under crushing debt and starting over. 

Types of tax debt

There are lots of different kinds of tax debt. 

  • Unpaid property taxes
  • Behind on child support
  • Outstanding income tax
  • Large business tax debts
  • Court judgment

People who are under the crunch of tax debt, whether it’s local county taxes or federal taxes, aren’t without recourse. The best course of action is to face the problem head-on. Otherwise, tax penalties and interest can raise the amount you owe in tax debt. 

Whatever your path to getting into tax debt, there is always a way to attack the problem. 

How does a home tax lien work?

coffee mug near open folder with tax lien paper

Image by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Delinquent tax burdens can quickly roll over, causing the government to put a tax lien on your home. A home tax lien can affect the path that you take to sell your home in Charlotte, but it doesn’t prevent you from selling your home. 

A tax lien is just a claim for money against your assets. This can be against any kind of asset, but the home is the largest piece of property that most people own. That’s why the government is most likely to come for your house if you have significant back taxes.

A homeowner with a tax lien cannot pocket the equity from a house sale before paying the government. They are free to sell the property, but they have to pay the government first. This is true of any kind of tax lien. The three possibilities are:

  • Federal tax lien – a person has unpaid income taxes and so the United States federal government comes for their assets through the IRS
  • State tax lien – a person has unpaid back taxes owed to the State of North Carolina through the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR)
  • Property tax lien – a person has unpaid property taxes that are owed to Mecklenberg County or the City of Charlotte. 

Who handles a Charlotte tax lien?

Homeowners in Charlotte who want to know how to sell your house with a tax lien have to consider what kind of tax they owe. Though the government that the taxes are owed to is usually who the property owner will work with, there are times when a private entity gets involved. This is most common with a property tax lien through the City of Charlotte or Mecklenburg County. 

A tax lien certificate from the city government or the county government can be sold to outside investors. If a Charlotte homeowner doesn’t take charge and pay off the tax lien, then the first thing that will happen is there will be additional interest and fees tacked onto the debt. After that, if the homeowner still doesn’t take care of the debt, the private investor can foreclose on your home. 

A private investor isn’t always a bad thing for Charlotte homeowners. These individuals are often more flexible than the government. You might be able to negotiate a timeline or even scale down the amount owed on a tax lien. 

The IRS, the North Carolina Department of Revenue, the City of Charlotte, and the Mecklenberg County Government are all able to foreclose on your home. If a tax lien isn’t paid in full within their timeline, there’s not much to stop the wheels. If you don’t want to have the government foreclose due to tax debt, you will want to negotiate quickly. That’s if your tax lien is with a private investor or with a government agency. 

How to pay off a tax lien

Sometimes the only way to pay off a tax lien is to sell your home. If you can pay off your lien with cash from savings or through a personal loan, well that’s great! Some people talk to family to try to get a family loan to pay off tax debt. It’s worth it to take on a side hustle or a second job for a few months to get out from under a tax burden too. 

If none of these are options for you, you can put your house on the market as fast as possible to stop ongoing penalties. Otherwise, you could shrink your home equity significantly. A fast sell with a cash buyer might well save you more money than if you wait for a real estate agent to sell the home for a higher price. Compounding fees on a tax lien will eat into your home equity and take out any profit that you might make selling your home for a higher price. 

Are tax liens discoverable in a title search?

man sits doing a tax lien search on a piece of personal property

Image by Cytonn Photography via Unsplash

Yes. If you have a tax lien on your home, it’s going to show up in the title search. Any buyer, whether it’s through a traditional mortgage company and a real estate agent or with a fast cash buyer is going to do a title search

The North Carolina Property Records search will uncover a Mecklenberg tax lien on a property. The Mecklenberg County lien index will show all claims against the equity in a property. Even if it’s not an exact match for the name on the home’s title, a tax lien will show up. 

Don’t try to hide your tax lien from potential buyers. This will only slow down the sale process. Instead, work with a real estate attorney or a tax attorney to sort out your problem. If you have a low cash flow or are underwater with your loan, this can be embarrassing. This is the moment to swallow your pride so that you can sell your house. Simple tax liens can be handled quickly, but a complex tax lien might take more time and effort. Either way, always disclose this information to potential buyers. 

Sell your house with a tax lien

You can’t transfer a tax lien by selling your house in Charlotte, NC. This is an issue that has to be resolved before a home sale can close. That’s worth repeating – you have to settle a tax lien before you can sell your house. 

There are ways to get rid of a tax lien without paying the government. 

  • Dispute a tax lien with the government. This process isn’t easy, but it does work in some cases. Maybe the tax lien was filed in error or you don’t own the property. 
  • Ask for a certificate of discharge from the IRS. There are some special cases where a federal tax lien can be discharged without resolving the tax debt. You’ll still have to pay it, but this removes the IRS tax lien from the house so that it can be sold.
  • Use your home equity. You might be able to pay the lien off with a home equity line of credit (HELOC) prior to closing, but that only works if you have a lot of equity in the home. 
  • Wait it out for a decade. This is an option in rare cases. After ten years, the statute of limitations on tax debt expires. If you’re close to the decade mark on your home tax lien, it might be worth your while to wait it out. Know that the IRS has ways around this if a debt is big enough to be worth their time. If the IRS files a tax suit against you in court, that tax judgment never expires. 

You cannot pay off delinquent taxes with the proceeds from the sale of a house after the closing. It’s sometimes possible to pay off a tax lien at closing. You’ll need to consult with a real estate attorney about the process. This might delay closing, but it can be a workaround. 

Don’t give up when you want to sell your house

Sign for paying IRS lien amounts

Image by New York Public Library via Unsplash

No matter what you do, don’t give up on selling a house with a tax lien. State tax liens or even a mortgage lien can be taken care of through a direct debit installment agreement. Unpaid income taxes owed must come before other creditors. Taxpayer requests to a state’s department of revenue can result in partial payment, and if you’re proactive then a lien holder will potentially work with you on a lien release.

Though IRS claims on your home can be emotionally bankrupting when you don’t have enough equity in your home to cover a lien discharge, that doesn’t mean hope is lost. Even if you have other debts that you need to pay and don’t have enough money on hand to take care of a specific lien right now, you still have recourse! Educate yourself on your property and talk to a tax advisor. You can sell your house, even if you have a heavy tax burden.

How Long Does the Eviction Process Take in Durham, NC?

No one wants to see an eviction take place. Both tenants and landlords want to keep everyone in the home in Durham, NC. It’s costly to landlords to have to remove a tenant, and it’s costly to tenants to have to move unexpectedly. Understanding the Durham eviction process can empower all parties to make smart decisions. 

There are several steps to removing a tenant from a property in North Carolina. Though this process was paused during the pandemic, Durham evictions restarted in 2021.  Here’s what you need to know about the Durham County process of eviction, step by step.

Step 1 – Notifying the tenant

The timeline for the North Carolina eviction is pretty straightforward. When a tenant is five days late with their rent, the landlord can then charge a late fee. Ten days after the late fee is assessed, they can start the eviction process. That means a tenant has fifteen days to get their rent current before the landlord can file paperwork. An eviction notice is a jarring step in the civil process. 

Non-payment of rent isn’t the only reason a landlord can evict a tenant. Breaking the terms of the lease can also lead to eviction. For example, if a renter has unauthorized pets or brings too many people into the house. If a renter damages the home, this can also break the terms of the lease. Tenants renting can also be evicted for illegal activity or for staying after the lease is up, though these are different processes. 

A landlord has to notify the tenant of both of these parts of the Durham eviction process. This notification can come via email or mail, but most often it comes in written form. This paper trail is important should the case go to eviction court. if a landlord wants to evict a tenant, they have to go in front of a district court judge. There are certain legal constraints on what a landlord can do. Proper notice of eviction procedures within the legal time frame allowed must be followed.

Step 2 –  NC Eviction Court Summons

Eviction court gavel

Image by Tingey Law Firm via Unsplash

North Carolina eviction law allows landlords to file a complaint with NC eviction court. This costs about a hundred dollars and takes place in small claims court. Court costs are up to each of the parties involved and are paid to the Durham County Clerk’s Office.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Office serves an eviction notice to the tenant when the landlord files in small claims court. They can either hand deliver the paperwork to the tenant or post it prominently on the property. This has to be done at least two days before the court date. It also has to be served within five days of the complaint being filed. 

If a landlord wants to evict a tenant, only the sheriff can serve the individual with the paperwork – not the landlord. When you’re served with eviction paperwork, it’s a good time to seek legal advice. Eviction procedures move quickly. Tenants should move quickly by contacting legal aid or the Durham County Department of Social Services if they’re in danger of being evicted.

Paying rent has to be a personal priority. Evictions are a matter of public record. Even if you can put a security deposit on a new place to live, a prior eviction will make it hard to get a home in the future.

Step 3 – Durham County Eviction Hearing

Durham County Courthouse

Image by Alexisrael, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia

The hearing in Durham County eviction court usually takes place within seven days of the summons being served. This is in cases of non-payment or if a tenant breaks the lease. Both of those are handled in small claims court in Durham County. 

If a tenant commits illegal activity in the home, then the process goes through Durham County District Court. This process happens within thirty days if there is an expedited eviction hearing. If there’s not an expedited eviction then it could take longer. 

Tenants rights groups in Durham like Disrupted and North Carolina Legal Aid layout what renters can do if they are faced with eviction. The most important thing is to attend the hearing at the Durham County Courthouse. If the tenant can bring the rent current before the court date, then the eviction is halted. When a tenant comes to court, they can likely negotiate terms to stay in their home, assuming they can make payment. If the tenant doesn’t come to the hearing, then a default judgment is made in favor of the landlord. 

Step 4 – Writ of Possession & Removal

When the hearing is done, if the tenant is ruled to be evicted then they’ll be removed from the property. The writ of possession is a legal document that notifies the tenant that they’ll be removed from their home in Durham. Within ten days of the hearing, the Durham County Sheriff will serve this paperwork to the tenant. This is the same process as the court summons, either posting on the house or serving the tenant personally.

During the ten days after the hearing, the tenant has the right to appeal the decision. It’s not too late for a tenant to stay in their Durham home if they make an effort to pay the rent. Once the writ of possession is served, the tenant has five days to remove their property. Durham County in North Carolina has many resources for tenants who can’t pay rent. No matter where you are in the civil process, you can make an appeal before summary ejectment.  

In the Durham eviction process, all personal property is either removed by the tenant or it’s taken to a local storage facility. The Durham County sheriff’s department can ask the landlord to pay for the removal and the storage. If they refuse, then the writ of possession goes back to the clerk of the court’s office. 

If the reason for eviction is an illegal activity, then the property is removed immediately. Note that this isn’t the same as being removed for nonpayment of rent. Summary ejectment is still the outcome after the court hearing, no matter the reason for eviction.

How long does Durham eviction take?

Rental property moving boxes

Image by Michael Balog via Unsplash

The whole process happens quickly for eviction in North Carolina. All in all, it’s less than sixty days from the missed rent payment. Paying rent on time is important and should be a top priority for tenants to prevent this. 

To recap, the initial notice happens when the rent is five days late. After fifteen days, the landlord can file eviction paperwork. The summons is issued and served within five days after that. The Durham county court will hear and rule on the eviction from seven to thirty days after the summons is served. If the eviction hearing results in the landlord taking possession of the property, then a writ of possession is issued within ten days. The property is returned to the landlord five days later. 

Exceptions to the Durham eviction process

The first thing to know is that it’s illegal in North Carolina to evict someone because they complained about a problem. This is called retaliatory eviction, and it’s a nonstarter. Tenant rights in North Carolina are clearly laid out in NC state law. No one can be kicked out of their house for contacting a local official about an issue or organizing a tenant union. 

Certain domestic violence cases can also result in legal eviction. Find an organization that can provide legal advice if you’re dealing with child custody cases in civil court or if you’re the victim of domestic violence. The sheriff’s office should be able to refer you to helpful resources.

The other thing to know is that squatters are not the same as tenants under North Carolina law. If there’ hasn’t been tenant/renter relationship established because a person has been living in an abandoned property, then the eviction process doesn’t apply. It can in fact take longer to get someone out of a property who hasn’t ever paid rent than to get one out who has been paying rent. 

Knowing your rights matters

Both for tenants and landlords, knowing the Durham eviction process is important. North Carolina eviction laws are there to protect both sides. Affordable housing in Durham isn’t easy to come by. Free legal assistance is available through Legal Aid of North Carolina.

The landlord tenant relationship is governed by either a formal lease agreement that’s put into writing, or it can be a verbal agreement. Either way, landlords have the right to evict tenants who don’t pay rent or who violate the terms of the lease agreement.

If you’re unsure of your ability to pay rent, reach out to programs like the Durham Eviction Diversion Program who can help with a tenant’s ability to pay rent. There are ways to get legal advice before your landlord goes to the Durham County clerk to begin eviction on a rental property.

Note that the landlord will then have to turn over the property to get a new tenant and start getting rent again. The whole eviction process is costly for landlords. Durham rental assistance programs can help. Tenants who are communicative and working with landlords will most likely be able to stay in their homes.