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How to Sell Your House When Behind on Payments in Memphis?

Behind on Payments in Memphis
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No one likes to lose their home. But this becomes a reality when you fall behind on payments in Memphis. This demands exploring some out-of-the-box options, if available. You have to act fast to halt the process of foreclosure. The good thing is there are some viable options when you fall behind on house payments in Memphis. The following blog post will discuss the options to help you avoid going through a foreclosure.

How Does Foreclosure Work?

In the property selling process, lenders issue mortgages. People agree to pay a monthly payment. But when someone falls behind on payments, they need help from lenders to avoid foreclosure.
Lenders may opt for different options for specific individuals. They might help the borrower but also do otherwise. If people fail to get help from lenders, the foreclosure process begins. In such a situation, borrowers need to explore possible options. All such options require paying the pending monthly payments.
In the first phase of foreclosure, lenders notify the borrowers. Borrowers may opt to do nothing, sell their house, or propose a proposal to pay the missed monthly payments.
After getting into the foreclosure process, it lowers your credit score and risks your future dealings. With foreclosure on your track record, you need help getting another mortgage. You may not qualify for credit card loans.

Filing a Bankruptcy After You Fall Behind on House Payments in Memphis

You may file a bankruptcy when you fall behind on mortgage payments in Memphis. It is a type of mortgage that comes with some serious risks. After filing for bankruptcy, you halt the foreclosure process and save your house. However, you may need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to determine its limits.
The primary benefit of bankruptcy is to help you save your house. But it’s also a primary reason for a negative credit score. This may haunt you in the future for over ten years. In case of foreclosure, you must carefully consider the option of bankruptcy.

Short Sell a Home That’s Behind on Payments in Memphis

The other alternative option when you fall behind on payments in Memphis is short-selling your house. You can explore multiple options to sell your home in Memphis. You can sell your house using a traditional method.
You can hire an agent to evaluate your house for listing. The agent handles the listing process to attract potential customers. This method of selling your vacant home in Memphis may take more than a month to produce results. But your lender may foreclose the process for instant outcomes.
At this stage, you can discuss things with your lender about selling your home through a short sale. It lets you sell your house in Memphis for a lower price. You may lose some money as a result of short-selling your house.
The advantage of short selling is to find a buyer faster than usual. Lower property prices attract more potential customers. But the process of short selling takes time to complete. Sometimes, you’ve to wait more than expected to process the transaction.

Cash Buyer: Sell Your Home If You Fall Behind on Mortgage Payments in Memphis

After you fall behind on home loan payments in Memphis, explore all options, like selling your house to a cash buyer. This helps you to sell your house fast with minimum risk. But you may ask how the process works.

The process is simple; you need to find a cash buyer to ask for an offer. Potential buyers respond quickly, and you opt to go with it or not. You have the option to accept a reasonable offer. It will take about fifteen days to close the deal.

A successful deal with a cash buyer prevents foreclosure on your home. The selling process stops your lender from foreclosing on your house. There are some other benefits as well:

  • You won’t pay a commission
  • Need not to find a buyer
  • No worries about fixing things
  • No contingencies in place

Sell Your Home With Connect Home Buyers

Selling a home that is behind on payments in Memphis is tough. But there is more than one option to sell your house. You’ve to find a trusted partner to complete the process. Connect Home Buyers is there to help you when you fall behind on payments. Contact us today!


You’re left with minimum options when you fall behind on house payments in Memphis. You must act fast to sell your house in Memphis through traditional ways or short selling. You can deal with a cash buyer to sell your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the status of short selling if I fall behind on payments in Memphis?

You can short-sell your house in Memphis. But this may cost your home less than its market value.

What’s the duration of selling my home in Memphis if I fall behind on mortgage payments in Memphis?

People want to sell a home in Memphis that is behind on payments. There are options like Connect Home Buyers. It may take a week or two to close the deal.

Why does settlement take so long in Memphis?

The duration depends on different situations. If it’s for a new home yet to be built, financing approval may take up to 3 months, apart from 28 days for settlement. This is because of bank procedures.

Can I sell my home if I’m behind on my mortgage payments?

You can sell your home during foreclosure. But you’ve to act fast to avoid any other risks.

What types of houses do Connect Home Buyers buy in Memphis?

Connect Home Buyers buy new homes, old homes in any condition, homes needing renovation, single-family homes, and many more.

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