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Find the Best Neighborhoods To Rent in Memphis in 2024

best neighborhoods to rent in Memphis
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Memphis is a historical city that attracts thousands of families every year. The town is an ideal but affordable place to live during vacations. Families visit to see the rich history of the city. Finding the best neighborhoods to rent in Memphis involves multiple factors. 

Explore the real estate market to get more information about each Memphis neighborhood if you’re considering moving there. Know more about the top neighborhoods in Memphis and continue reading the blog.

Best Neighborhoods to Rent in Memphis

Memphis is indeed an established and beautiful city. Below are its top neighborhoods, located inside the city limits. While you weigh each one, you can take advantage of all the culture this wonderful city has to offer.

Belle Meade

Are you seeking a bit of Hollywood without the gridlock? Greetings from Belle Meade, where a portion of the Hollywood blockbuster “The Firm” set is located. Don’t worry; if you wish to relocate, the local attorneys will permit you to do so.

This peaceful suburban area is a nice place to settle down close to the city. Anyone would enjoy living in Belle Meade because of the area’s hiking trails and mouthwatering restaurants. The typical commuting time to downtown Memphis from the area is thirty minutes and relatively walkable. This makes it one of the best neighborhoods to rent in Memphis.

Central Gardens

Central Gardens, another historic area in Memphis, was formerly home to upper-class families who relocated there during the cotton boom. Because of its homes’ historical significance, Central Gardens is a historic conservation zone.

Despite its crowded population, Central Gardens is an excellent place for singles because most homes are childless.

The Garden and Home Show makes it one of Memphis’s best neighborhoods to rent every September.

Harbor Town

The locals call Harbor Town a small paradise just outside Memphis’ downtown. This upscale community and urbanist town are perched atop Mud Island.

Harbor Town is a more affluent neighborhood. However, young professionals wishing to settle close to the city center find it affordable. The town itself is more like a mini-city and is very walkable. Strolling along the main street, you may find everything you need, from distinctive boutiques to a charming grocery store.

The famous Paulette’s is located in Harbor Town, making it one of the most affordable neighborhoods to rent in Memphis.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is another fantastic neighborhood on Memphis’ north side. Hollywood and Chelsea Streets are the neighborhood’s primary hubs. Exciting stores and delicious eateries are here. The Hollywood Fish Market and The Second Line are some of the best restaurants. If you reside in the South, you must sample the region’s renowned catfish.

You can see your neighbors strolling through the neighborhood parks because this community is very active. Try Hyde Park if you’re searching for a neighborhood close to Memphis.

Normal Station

Because of its proximity to the university, most of Normal Station’s residents are young college students. Normal Station has several student rental homes, fraternities, and tiny rental homes at reasonable prices.

Since the neighborhood could be more walkable, many people drive or ride their bikes to get around. Normal Station is an excellent area to live out your college years. This is suitable if you’re a student seeking for a new place to call home. You can enjoy living in one of the best neighborhoods to rent in Memphis.

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Memphis is a beautiful place for visitors and families. You can find some of the best neighborhoods to rent in Memphis. Some popular and affordable areas include Belle Meade, Binghamton, and Normal Station. However, finding an ideal place to live in the neighborhood involves multiple factors. Conduct market research to get an idea of the real estate market of Memphis. Consult a trusted real estate agent like Connect Home Buyers to rent out a good place in Memphis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best area to live in in the Memphis neighborhood?

The best area to live in Memphis depends on your interests and budget. Some suitable places include Belle Meade, Binghamton, and Normal Station.

Is Memphis an excellent place to rent property?

Memphis’s robust job market, diverse economy, and high standard of living make it an excellent choice for investors in rental properties.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Memphis?

Memphis was found to have the 25th lowest annual wage required to live comfortably out of 99 U.S. cities. In Memphis, a single adult needs to make $41.20 per hour to live comfortably, which is $85,696.

Why is it necessary to consult Connect Home Buyers when renting a property in Memphis?

Consulting Connect Home Buyers is a practical approach to finding an ideal home in Memphis. We guide you through searching for and exploring the best neighbors to rent from.

What type of property management services do Connect Home Buyers offer?

Contacting Connect Home Buyers enables you to access a wide range of property services, such as listing and advertising your property.

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