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What is the Best Place to Invest in Turnkey Properties in Memphis?

Best Place to Invest in Turnkey Properties in Memphis
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Memphis is the “Birthplace of Rock and Roll” and has a steady real estate market for investors. People who wish to broaden their investment portfolio and incorporate cultural elements must look for the best place to invest in turnkey properties in Memphis. Examining the Memphis real estate market will help investors understand what it takes to invest in Memphis. Explore the areas suitable for real estate investment in Memphis and continue reading the blog.

Memphis Attracts Real Estate Investors: Why?

Robust Rental Market

Over the years, Memphis’ rental prices have consistently increased, drawing investors looking for reliable rental income from their properties. Numerous causes, such as an expanding population, a varied labor market, and an influx of young professionals and students, are the defining factors of this tendency.

Furthermore, Memphis’ position as the region’s cultural and economic center guarantees a steady demand for rental homes throughout various communities. More and more investors are looking for the best place to invest in turnkey properties in Memphis.

Budget Pricing Housing Market

Memphis offers affordable housing to attract potential investors. The city has a far cheaper cost of living than many large American cities. This affordability draws in people and families from more affluent areas who want to acquire a house without going over budget. 

Consequently, real estate investors have plenty of opportunities to buy properties at fair rates, which benefits both homebuyers and investors.

Investment Potential

For real estate investors, the combination of growing rents and budget-priced properties has produced a favorable environment. Investors can profit from this by buying rental properties at cheap acquisition costs.

Memphis’s diverse economy, which includes booming industries, enhances its appeal as a real estate investment hub. The city’s pro-business atmosphere and friendly tax structure further increase the prospects for investment overall.

Top Places to Invest in Turnkey Properties in Memphis

Memphis’s real estate market is broad and has a long history. Investors always look for the best place to invest in turnkey properties in Memphis. The city has several potential communities for your next real estate investment.

The top ten locations to invest in Memphis are exciting and have room to expand.


Midtown Memphis attracts people due to its lively street life, unique mix of historic homes, and cultural places. Families looking for an urban setting and young professionals find it appealing. Midtown has seen a rise in property values as a result of its redevelopment initiatives, making It the best place to invest in turnkey properties in Memphis.


Bartlett is famous for its top-notch schools and secure neighborhood. The Bartlett provides stability and development possibilities for real estate investors. If you are looking for turnkey investment properties in Memphis, Bartlett is a potential option.

Winchester Park

Winchester Park has seen growth in recent years. Investors find it appealing because of its affordability compared to other areas of the city. As the city grows, locals searching for reasonably priced housing options are rising in demand for Winchester Park.

Southeast Memphis

The Hickory Hill neighborhood is a varied and reasonably priced area. Here, investors can discover opportunities in both commercial and residential real estate. The advantageous location of Hickory Hill may increase property values as Memphis expands. For low-budget investors, Southeast Memphis is the best place to invest in turnkey properties.

Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens is a reputable neighborhood in the eastern region of Memphis. The area appeals to young workers and families because of its tree-lined streets and near access to schools and commercial places. There are real possibilities for long-term growth and rental revenue for real estate investors.


Germantown is famous for its affluent lifestyle and highly-rated schools, which make it an upmarket suburb of Memphis. Although it has higher real estate costs, there is still a high demand for commercial properties. Investing in this dynamic community can lead to stability and potential appreciation.


Because of its affordability and proximity to Memphis’ downtown, Vollintine, a neighborhood in north Memphis, has drawn more attention from investors. As the city makes more investments in development and infrastructure, Vollintine might attract visitors looking for a convenient location that is also reasonably priced.

The Olive Branch

The neighborhood provides a suburban lifestyle and convenient access to Memphis. The Olive Branch is located in Mississippi, just across the state line. Due to its recent and notable growth, this area is becoming increasingly attractive for buying turnkey properties in Memphis.

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Memphis is increasingly becoming a hub of affordable real estate ventures. But to find the best place to invest in turnkey properties in Memphis, do a little research. This depends on your interest and budget. Some viable options for turnkey investment properties in Memphis are Midtown, Bartlett, and The Olive Branch. You can consult with a trusted real estate agent like Connect Home Buyers to learn more about the real estate ventures in Memphis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Memphis, TN, an excellent place to invest?

Memphis has made a name for itself as an investor-friendly city thanks to its favorable property tax rates and comparatively low cost of living.

What part of Memphis is best to live in?

Although Memphis is an excellent place to live, the attractive places include Downtown, Midtown, East, and Germantown.

Where is the rich part of Memphis?

River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral is a rich part of Memphis.

Does Connect Home Buyers offer investment solutions in Memphis?

Connect Home Buyers is one of Memphis’s most reliable cash home buyers. We also offer investment solutions to Memphis homeowners.

Why should I choose Connect Home Buyers for turnkey investment properties in Memphis?

Choosing Connect Home Buyers means opting for a stress-free investment process.

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