How to Sell Your House with a Tax Lien in Charlotte, NC

Tax debt can sometimes feel even more daunting than other kinds of debt. That’s because the government is unforgiving and the timeline of tax repayment is fairly unmovable. If you need to sell your house with a tax lien in Charlotte, NC, then you have options! 

Though it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, the process of selling your home when you face a tax liability is not impossible. In fact, your home is your most valuable asset. Selling a house with a tax lien can be the key to getting out from under crushing debt and starting over. 

Types of tax debt

There are lots of different kinds of tax debt. 

  • Unpaid property taxes
  • Behind on child support
  • Outstanding income tax
  • Large business tax debts
  • Court judgment

People who are under the crunch of tax debt, whether it’s local county taxes or federal taxes, aren’t without recourse. The best course of action is to face the problem head-on. Otherwise, tax penalties and interest can raise the amount you owe in tax debt. 

Whatever your path to getting into tax debt, there is always a way to attack the problem. 

How does a home tax lien work?

coffee mug near open folder with tax lien paper

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Delinquent tax burdens can quickly roll over, causing the government to put a tax lien on your home. A home tax lien can affect the path that you take to sell your home in Charlotte, but it doesn’t prevent you from selling your home. 

A tax lien is just a claim for money against your assets. This can be against any kind of asset, but the home is the largest piece of property that most people own. That’s why the government is most likely to come for your house if you have significant back taxes.

A homeowner with a tax lien cannot pocket the equity from a house sale before paying the government. They are free to sell the property, but they have to pay the government first. This is true of any kind of tax lien. The three possibilities are:

  • Federal tax lien – a person has unpaid income taxes and so the United States federal government comes for their assets through the IRS
  • State tax lien – a person has unpaid back taxes owed to the State of North Carolina through the North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR)
  • Property tax lien – a person has unpaid property taxes that are owed to Mecklenberg County or the City of Charlotte. 

Who handles a Charlotte tax lien?

Homeowners in Charlotte who want to know how to sell your house with a tax lien have to consider what kind of tax they owe. Though the government that the taxes are owed to is usually who the property owner will work with, there are times when a private entity gets involved. This is most common with a property tax lien through the City of Charlotte or Mecklenburg County. 

A tax lien certificate from the city government or the county government can be sold to outside investors. If a Charlotte homeowner doesn’t take charge and pay off the tax lien, then the first thing that will happen is there will be additional interest and fees tacked onto the debt. After that, if the homeowner still doesn’t take care of the debt, the private investor can foreclose on your home. 

A private investor isn’t always a bad thing for Charlotte homeowners. These individuals are often more flexible than the government. You might be able to negotiate a timeline or even scale down the amount owed on a tax lien. 

The IRS, the North Carolina Department of Revenue, the City of Charlotte, and the Mecklenberg County Government are all able to foreclose on your home. If a tax lien isn’t paid in full within their timeline, there’s not much to stop the wheels. If you don’t want to have the government foreclose due to tax debt, you will want to negotiate quickly. That’s if your tax lien is with a private investor or with a government agency. 

How to pay off a tax lien

Sometimes the only way to pay off a tax lien is to sell your home. If you can pay off your lien with cash from savings or through a personal loan, well that’s great! Some people talk to family to try to get a family loan to pay off tax debt. It’s worth it to take on a side hustle or a second job for a few months to get out from under a tax burden too. 

If none of these are options for you, you can put your house on the market as fast as possible to stop ongoing penalties. Otherwise, you could shrink your home equity significantly. A fast sell with a cash buyer might well save you more money than if you wait for a real estate agent to sell the home for a higher price. Compounding fees on a tax lien will eat into your home equity and take out any profit that you might make selling your home for a higher price. 

Are tax liens discoverable in a title search?

man sits doing a tax lien search on a piece of personal property

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Yes. If you have a tax lien on your home, it’s going to show up in the title search. Any buyer, whether it’s through a traditional mortgage company and a real estate agent or with a fast cash buyer is going to do a title search

The North Carolina Property Records search will uncover a Mecklenberg tax lien on a property. The Mecklenberg County lien index will show all claims against the equity in a property. Even if it’s not an exact match for the name on the home’s title, a tax lien will show up. 

Don’t try to hide your tax lien from potential buyers. This will only slow down the sale process. Instead, work with a real estate attorney or a tax attorney to sort out your problem. If you have a low cash flow or are underwater with your loan, this can be embarrassing. This is the moment to swallow your pride so that you can sell your house. Simple tax liens can be handled quickly, but a complex tax lien might take more time and effort. Either way, always disclose this information to potential buyers. 

Sell your house with a tax lien

You can’t transfer a tax lien by selling your house in Charlotte, NC. This is an issue that has to be resolved before a home sale can close. That’s worth repeating – you have to settle a tax lien before you can sell your house. 

There are ways to get rid of a tax lien without paying the government. 

  • Dispute a tax lien with the government. This process isn’t easy, but it does work in some cases. Maybe the tax lien was filed in error or you don’t own the property. 
  • Ask for a certificate of discharge from the IRS. There are some special cases where a federal tax lien can be discharged without resolving the tax debt. You’ll still have to pay it, but this removes the IRS tax lien from the house so that it can be sold.
  • Use your home equity. You might be able to pay the lien off with a home equity line of credit (HELOC) prior to closing, but that only works if you have a lot of equity in the home. 
  • Wait it out for a decade. This is an option in rare cases. After ten years, the statute of limitations on tax debt expires. If you’re close to the decade mark on your home tax lien, it might be worth your while to wait it out. Know that the IRS has ways around this if a debt is big enough to be worth their time. If the IRS files a tax suit against you in court, that tax judgment never expires. 

You cannot pay off delinquent taxes with the proceeds from the sale of a house after the closing. It’s sometimes possible to pay off a tax lien at closing. You’ll need to consult with a real estate attorney about the process. This might delay closing, but it can be a workaround. 

Don’t give up when you want to sell your house

Sign for paying IRS lien amounts

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No matter what you do, don’t give up on selling a house with a tax lien. State tax liens or even a mortgage lien can be taken care of through a direct debit installment agreement. Unpaid income taxes owed must come before other creditors. Taxpayer requests to a state’s department of revenue can result in partial payment, and if you’re proactive then a lien holder will potentially work with you on a lien release.

Though IRS claims on your home can be emotionally bankrupting when you don’t have enough equity in your home to cover a lien discharge, that doesn’t mean hope is lost. Even if you have other debts that you need to pay and don’t have enough money on hand to take care of a specific lien right now, you still have recourse! Educate yourself on your property and talk to a tax advisor. You can sell your house, even if you have a heavy tax burden.

How Long Does the Eviction Process Take in Durham, NC?

No one wants to see an eviction take place. Both tenants and landlords want to keep everyone in the home in Durham, NC. It’s costly to landlords to have to remove a tenant, and it’s costly to tenants to have to move unexpectedly. Understanding the Durham eviction process can empower all parties to make smart decisions. 

There are several steps to removing a tenant from a property in North Carolina. Though this process was paused during the pandemic, Durham evictions restarted in 2021.  Here’s what you need to know about the Durham County process of eviction, step by step.

Step 1 – Notifying the tenant

The timeline for the North Carolina eviction is pretty straightforward. When a tenant is five days late with their rent, the landlord can then charge a late fee. Ten days after the late fee is assessed, they can start the eviction process. That means a tenant has fifteen days to get their rent current before the landlord can file paperwork. An eviction notice is a jarring step in the civil process. 

Non-payment of rent isn’t the only reason a landlord can evict a tenant. Breaking the terms of the lease can also lead to eviction. For example, if a renter has unauthorized pets or brings too many people into the house. If a renter damages the home, this can also break the terms of the lease. Tenants renting can also be evicted for illegal activity or for staying after the lease is up, though these are different processes. 

A landlord has to notify the tenant of both of these parts of the Durham eviction process. This notification can come via email or mail, but most often it comes in written form. This paper trail is important should the case go to eviction court. if a landlord wants to evict a tenant, they have to go in front of a district court judge. There are certain legal constraints on what a landlord can do. Proper notice of eviction procedures within the legal time frame allowed must be followed.

Step 2 –  NC Eviction Court Summons

Eviction court gavel

Image by Tingey Law Firm via Unsplash

North Carolina eviction law allows landlords to file a complaint with NC eviction court. This costs about a hundred dollars and takes place in small claims court. Court costs are up to each of the parties involved and are paid to the Durham County Clerk’s Office.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Office serves an eviction notice to the tenant when the landlord files in small claims court. They can either hand deliver the paperwork to the tenant or post it prominently on the property. This has to be done at least two days before the court date. It also has to be served within five days of the complaint being filed. 

If a landlord wants to evict a tenant, only the sheriff can serve the individual with the paperwork – not the landlord. When you’re served with eviction paperwork, it’s a good time to seek legal advice. Eviction procedures move quickly. Tenants should move quickly by contacting legal aid or the Durham County Department of Social Services if they’re in danger of being evicted.

Paying rent has to be a personal priority. Evictions are a matter of public record. Even if you can put a security deposit on a new place to live, a prior eviction will make it hard to get a home in the future.

Step 3 – Durham County Eviction Hearing

Durham County Courthouse

Image by Alexisrael, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia

The hearing in Durham County eviction court usually takes place within seven days of the summons being served. This is in cases of non-payment or if a tenant breaks the lease. Both of those are handled in small claims court in Durham County. 

If a tenant commits illegal activity in the home, then the process goes through Durham County District Court. This process happens within thirty days if there is an expedited eviction hearing. If there’s not an expedited eviction then it could take longer. 

Tenants rights groups in Durham like Disrupted and North Carolina Legal Aid layout what renters can do if they are faced with eviction. The most important thing is to attend the hearing at the Durham County Courthouse. If the tenant can bring the rent current before the court date, then the eviction is halted. When a tenant comes to court, they can likely negotiate terms to stay in their home, assuming they can make payment. If the tenant doesn’t come to the hearing, then a default judgment is made in favor of the landlord. 

Step 4 – Writ of Possession & Removal

When the hearing is done, if the tenant is ruled to be evicted then they’ll be removed from the property. The writ of possession is a legal document that notifies the tenant that they’ll be removed from their home in Durham. Within ten days of the hearing, the Durham County Sheriff will serve this paperwork to the tenant. This is the same process as the court summons, either posting on the house or serving the tenant personally.

During the ten days after the hearing, the tenant has the right to appeal the decision. It’s not too late for a tenant to stay in their Durham home if they make an effort to pay the rent. Once the writ of possession is served, the tenant has five days to remove their property. Durham County in North Carolina has many resources for tenants who can’t pay rent. No matter where you are in the civil process, you can make an appeal before summary ejectment.  

In the Durham eviction process, all personal property is either removed by the tenant or it’s taken to a local storage facility. The Durham County sheriff’s department can ask the landlord to pay for the removal and the storage. If they refuse, then the writ of possession goes back to the clerk of the court’s office. 

If the reason for eviction is an illegal activity, then the property is removed immediately. Note that this isn’t the same as being removed for nonpayment of rent. Summary ejectment is still the outcome after the court hearing, no matter the reason for eviction.

How long does Durham eviction take?

Rental property moving boxes

Image by Michael Balog via Unsplash

The whole process happens quickly for eviction in North Carolina. All in all, it’s less than sixty days from the missed rent payment. Paying rent on time is important and should be a top priority for tenants to prevent this. 

To recap, the initial notice happens when the rent is five days late. After fifteen days, the landlord can file eviction paperwork. The summons is issued and served within five days after that. The Durham county court will hear and rule on the eviction from seven to thirty days after the summons is served. If the eviction hearing results in the landlord taking possession of the property, then a writ of possession is issued within ten days. The property is returned to the landlord five days later. 

Exceptions to the Durham eviction process

The first thing to know is that it’s illegal in North Carolina to evict someone because they complained about a problem. This is called retaliatory eviction, and it’s a nonstarter. Tenant rights in North Carolina are clearly laid out in NC state law. No one can be kicked out of their house for contacting a local official about an issue or organizing a tenant union. 

Certain domestic violence cases can also result in legal eviction. Find an organization that can provide legal advice if you’re dealing with child custody cases in civil court or if you’re the victim of domestic violence. The sheriff’s office should be able to refer you to helpful resources.

The other thing to know is that squatters are not the same as tenants under North Carolina law. If there’ hasn’t been tenant/renter relationship established because a person has been living in an abandoned property, then the eviction process doesn’t apply. It can in fact take longer to get someone out of a property who hasn’t ever paid rent than to get one out who has been paying rent. 

Knowing your rights matters

Both for tenants and landlords, knowing the Durham eviction process is important. North Carolina eviction laws are there to protect both sides. Affordable housing in Durham isn’t easy to come by. Free legal assistance is available through Legal Aid of North Carolina.

The landlord tenant relationship is governed by either a formal lease agreement that’s put into writing, or it can be a verbal agreement. Either way, landlords have the right to evict tenants who don’t pay rent or who violate the terms of the lease agreement.

If you’re unsure of your ability to pay rent, reach out to programs like the Durham Eviction Diversion Program who can help with a tenant’s ability to pay rent. There are ways to get legal advice before your landlord goes to the Durham County clerk to begin eviction on a rental property.

Note that the landlord will then have to turn over the property to get a new tenant and start getting rent again. The whole eviction process is costly for landlords. Durham rental assistance programs can help. Tenants who are communicative and working with landlords will most likely be able to stay in their homes. 

How to Sell a Property When You Still Owe Money On It

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When you first qualified for your mortgage and bought your home, you were probably over the moon with excitement. Mortgage repayment generally runs from fifteen to fifty years, but in those first few heady days, you likely were more focused on moving in and enjoying your home. 

Eventually, most people have to sell their home for one reason or another, and often that loan is still on it. This might be because of a divorce, a new job, the desire to relocate for retirement, because of an expanding family, the need for more space, or even because of a financial hit. It might be as simple as the realization that the house isn’t right for you. It might be that the neighborhood was rezoned and now there’s a strip mall right behind your back garden. Whatever the reason, the mortgage isn’t cleared and the property needs to be sold.

Most homeowners don’t own their homes

Here’s something you might not know: if you still owe money on your home, you don’t actually own your home. It’s true! Until a mortgage is paid off completely, the lender technically owns the house. Whatever mortgage lender you financed your house through is the legal property owner. 

Legally speaking, a mortgage is the transfer of interest in a piece of real property to secure repayment of money. Your lender is securing the payment of the money you’ve promised to pay back to them through ownership of the property itself.

If a home loan falls into default because of missed payments, they can call up the secured asset; your house. That’s why when someone’s home goes through foreclosure, they are subject to the eviction process just like a landlord evicts a tenant. The lender repossesses the home just as a car lender can repossess a car. The difference of course is that the house can’t go anywhere, so the person living there has to go somewhere. 

The mortgage holder/homeowner relationship isn’t legally all that different than the tenant/landlord relationship. What a strange thing to realize!

The great news is that it’s not cost-effective for a mortgage lender to foreclose on a home. They are much more likely to lose money this way than if they can keep a homeowner in their home. It’s also a better deal for a lender if the house can be sold prior to foreclosure.

If you want to sell your home while owing money on it, the lender will have to sign off on the sale.  

Understand your mortgage payment

Though you might already know off the top of your head the buying price of your home, keep in mind that a mortgage is much more than that. Unlike rent, which is the full cost to live in a house and its straightforward, a home loan has lots of components. 

Mortgage payments include lots of different things.

– Principal
– Interest
– Taxes
– Insurance

The principal is the actual amount of the home. This is where you put equity into the house, where you’re paying down the price of the home. Interest is the fee that you pay the lender for allowing you to use their money. Taxes are the local fees that the government takes. Property taxes are built into every mortgage. 

Finally, there is insurance. Homeowners’ insurance covers damage to the home or accidents that happen to people on the property. That’s included in every monthly payment for every homeowner. Unless you put a significant amount of money into the down payment of the home, you’ll also likely have mortgage insurance to pay. This is a safeguard for the lending company for risky investments.

Principal and equity

home equity piggy banks

Image by JamesQube via Pixabay

All of this adds up to mean that the full amount of your monthly payment doesn’t go to that sale price that you paid for your home. On the contrary, depending on the interest rate that you pay on your home loan and on other fees, you might end up paying as much as one quarter to one third of the sale price on top of the principal. 

Note that early on in the life of your mortgage, you’ll be paying more on interest and less on principal. The first five years of payments are much different than the last ten or twenty-five in terms of breakdown. 

Equity is the amount of principal that you’ve paid off on your mortgage. The more equity you have in your home, the higher percentage you own rather than the bank owning.  

Determine what you owe

Your mortgage statement will have a breakdown of everything that’s included in your mortgage payment. If you want to find out how much you need to pay the lender to clear the mortgage, you’ll have to request a payoff amount. 

This is a common request that mortgage lenders get all the time. If you have an online platform that you pay your home loan through, you should be able to get a payoff amount through an automated system. This might take a couple of days. The payoff amount is guaranteed for a certain amount of time, usually thirty days. 

Know your home selling options

sale of property

Image by JHertle via Pixabay

If you haven’t paid off your mortgage yet, you can still sell your home. 

Your selling options are all about getting more for your home than what you owe on it. That’s why it’s important to know the payoff amount. 

The lending company wants to know for sure that they’re going to get their money back. That’s really all they’re interested in. If they’re sure that they’re going to get the amount loaned to you back out of the deal, they’re more than happy to allow the sale to go through. 

If you work with a cash buyer, a real estate agent, or a real estate attorney, those experts will be able to tell you what you need to know about selling your property. They can work with the holder of the loan and with a title company to get the closing documents together ahead of the closing date. You might also need a settlement statement or a proof of funds document depending on the regulations in your area. 

Many buyers have ways to make financing work, through a lease option or a contingent offer deal with the person selling their current home. Even if you have a second mortgage or an old house, you might still be able to cover the remaining amount on your loans. Never hesitate to get professional help from a tax expert or a real estate agent if you are unsure of your loan terms or the affect the sale will have on your credit.

You can sell your property with a mortgage on it to a cash buyer or to a buyer with a lender. A seller financing deal can help to satisfy the mortgage lender and pay off the loan balance. It doesn’t matter to the mortgage company as long as they have a guarantee that they’ll get repayment. 

When a home loses value

The real estate market tends to trend up. This is why real estate is considered such a great investment. However, there are always factors that can change that. 

For instance, remember the house with the strip mall from the beginning of this blog? Rezoning and new construction of commercial buildings can reduce the value of a home. Needed repairs, devastating natural disasters, etc. can also cause the price of a home to go lower than the mortgage cost. 

If you’re not able to sell the home for more than the amount owed, sometimes a mortgage holder will allow another buyer to assume the debt under the same terms. They’ll have to meet income requirements and go through a credit check just as if they were qualifying for a mortgage. 

You might also be able to work out a seller-financed deal to cover the mortgage debt. A bridge loan is another option if you can’t reach the mortgage payoff amount with traditional financing. You’ll want to seek out professional help for all of these options.

Selling a house with a mortgage

house with mortgage payments

Image by Paulbr75 via Pixabay

How can you sell a property with a loan on it? It’s actually pretty straightforward assuming you can sell the home for more than you owe on the loan.  Closing costs are a consideration, even for sellers working independently of real estate agents. Today’s market is generally favorable to sellers, so a traditional lender is usually more than willing to avoid short sales or foreclosure in favor of a sale.

Once the house is sold, the money from the sale is used to pay the mortgage company the remaining balance. This lets the homeowner walk away and pocket any leftover cash. Most mortgages are structured so that selling your home to a buyer with good credit and a bank to finance their new loan is an easy sell for mortgage lenders.

Having an existing finance agreement on your home doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. It just means working with the right people to help you sell a property with a loan on it.

Open Door vs. We Buy Houses – Which is Best for You?

Image by Paulbr75 via Pixabay

In today’s white-hot real estate market, there are tons of options for homeowners to sell their house for a great price. The question isn’t so much whether it’s possible to sell your house fast, it’s more about finding the right buyer. Looking for a homebuyer with integrity who will give you a fair shake is ultimately what it’s all about. 

New ways of selling your home

The internet changed everything in all aspects of our lives. Where it used to be that you had to either go to a traditional real estate agent to list and sell your home or put an ad in the local paper to sell it yourself, today there are a huge range of options available.

The rise of online home selling means that homeowners can connect with cash buyers all over the United States. It doesn’t matter if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, or Grand Rapids, Michigan – you can open a search engine and find dozens of potential buyers in an instant. 

Finding out which homebuying company is the best fit for your situation isn’t easy, even with all of these choices available. The average price on the open market isn’t always easy to find. If you rent homes, then you’ll likely run into some issues with buying criteria, even on an all-cash offer.

Decision fatigue

Did you know that it actually takes a lot of brainpower to make decisions? In fact, the huge number of home selling options available can lead to something called decision fatigue. The mental overload that we experience can lead to extra stress, even if the choice seems logical. 

Depending on what time of day you make a decision and what other pressures you have pushing you, the mental stress of it all can have a real effect on what you do. When you’re selling your home, the most important thing is to be dispassionate about it. Coming to the process with an open mind but a sharp sense of the financial ramifications is the best way to get the best deal. 

Selling your home is a major decision that feels like it has serious consequences. What happens if you don’t make the right choice? If you go with the wrong buyer, will you miss out on money? What if you’d just have clicked on that other website or scrolled down to another page? The huge number of choices can make all of the decisions seem impossible to make. 

Research to narrow your options

One great way to combat decision fatigue is to narrow down your options to something that’s manageable. That’s why we’ve pulled down all of the potential cash buyers online to just two, Open Door vs. We Buy Houses. Both of these will give you a cash offer and a quick closing date. Each company’s fee structure is different, but they both have an online form for home sellers.

There’s always the option to go with a random real estate agent. You’ll be likely to get fair market value if you work with a licensed real estate broker, but you’ll also pay real estate agent fees. Local agents are fiercely competitive with other real estate companies, and they’ll always know the estimated retail value of ugly houses. Home sellers in San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth, or anywhere in the country can find a local agent.

The traditional home sale involves real estate agent commissions and transaction costs, so your fair market value is just an estimate. The purchase price could be higher or lower, and once local agents with a real estate company add in all the hidden fees, all-cash offers might sound more like a fair price.

These are two of the biggest names in cash home buying, so they’ll have the volume and experience to help most homeowners. You’ll be able to feel confident with either of these investment companies. It’s mostly a matter of understanding the differences between these two options and seeing which is the best fit for you. 

What is Open Door?

The online world of real estate buying and selling is huge today. Open Door is a website that went live in 2014 with the mission of connecting homeowners and real estate investors. It’s what’s known as an iBuyer, or Instant Buyer. That means that the closings are fast and the process is streamlined. With this platform, the offer for a home will be quick, but so will the timeline for closing. It all happens incredibly fast. 

There are only thirty-five markets in the United States where Open Door operates. That limitation alone can functionally keep a lot of people out of this service. For half of them, you can buy a home or sell a home. For the other half, you can only sell a home through their online home selling platform. 

Details about Open Door

Buying process for a piece of property

Image by Anncapictures via Pixabay

It’s important to note that, beyond the restrictions on the location where Open Door will buy homes, there are lots of other restrictions as well. 

The limitations on buying mean that many sellers aren’t a great fit for Open Door. Here are some examples of property restrictions with this home buying company. 

– Homes listed between 100K and 600K (though in some instances they will go higher)
– Built after 1930
– Not in a flood zone
– Maximum lot of 2 acres
– Single family homes, townhomes, duplexes in all markets, condos in a few markets
– Only owner-occupied homes or vacant homes

The other thing to consider with Open Door are the fees associated with using their service. There’s a service charge of five percent and around one percent in closing costs. Those add up significantly. Open Door will also deduct the cost of projected repairs from their sale price. They aren’t a buy ugly houses company or a real estate investment company.

Where a buy ugly houses venture or a real estate investor might give you a cash offer and then fix up and flip your home, Open Door is more in the business to sell your home directly to another buyer at a profit.

Opendoor makes money through their undisclosed referral fee and potentially through a cancellation fee if the deal doesn’t go through. Though the closing date is closer than if you work with a real estate agent, the cash offer from this company might not meet your expectations. Closing costs and service fees mean you’re losing money versus what you could get on the open market.

There are lots of reviews that praise the fast and easy process of selling to Open Door. There are also lots of reviews that say that the offers are low and the repair estimates are high. 

What is “We Buy Houses”?

There are two possibilities for We Buy Houses. One is a slogan that lots of independent home investors use to advertise their services. Another is a branch of a direct home buyer. There’s even a variation that’s called We Buy Ugly Houses, which franchises its name to independent investors rather than being a monolithic company. 

Here, we’re going to talk about real estate investors who license the We Buy Houses name in their local real estate market. Licensing means that you’ll only find one of these in your real estate market – the rights are exclusive. There are more than two hundred licensed We Buy Houses companies in the United States. 

This conglomerate of real estate investors has its toes in markets from Kansas to Michigan to Phoenix to North Carolina and everywhere in between. 

What to expect from We Buy Houses

new house in Colorado Springs

Image by Mikes Photography via Pixabay

No matter where you live, the process is the same if you work with We Buy Houses. There’s a phone number to call. During that initial phone call, an agent will ask lots of questions to evaluate your home and see if it’s possible for them to buy it. 

After that initial call, they’ll connect to a local licensee who’ll come look at the property. Then they’ll make you a cash offer if they can. It’ll be up to you to see if that offer meets your needs. 

Here’s what you can expect from We Buy Houses:

  • Cash offer in 24-48 hours
  • Closing date in around two weeks
  • Can buy homes on the brink of foreclosure or that are behind on payments
  • Remote closing options
  • Short sale for underwater mortgages
  • Buys homes in need of repair as-is

One of the big cons here is that you may not get the level of cash that you want for your home. The offer is what the offer is, and you’ll have to decide if it can work for you. The timeline is also fast, so you’re trading control over the process for a cut in the price and for convenience. 

Keep researching home selling options!

real estate in Las Vegas

Image by Paulbr75 via Pixabay

It’s well worth the time that you put into the research process for you to get the best price for your home. Selling a house is a major commitment, just as buying your home was a major commitment. Current market trends mean selling a home for top dollar on your own timeline is easier than ever. The net proceeds when you transfer ownership, even if you’ve reduced the cost for needed repairs, is still a testament to the strength of the housing market.  

Though you may want to sell your house fast for cash, you also want to feel good about it! Don’t let decision fatigue get the best of you. Sit down with a sheet of paper and write down what works for you and what doesn’t. Open Door and We Buy Houses are both viable options, depending on your home selling needs. 

Tips for Selling Your House Fast in Raleigh, NC

The real estate market in the Triangle has been moving higher for decades, but in the last few years, it’s even easier to sell your house fast in Raleigh, NC. Thanks to the recent housing boom across the country, homes stay on the market for less than thirty days on average. The tightness of the market in Raleigh creates a seller’s market, but you still need to know what you’re doing in order to get the best price for your home. 

Even in this seller’s market, you’ll still need some insider tips if you want to sell your home fast for cash.  To sell your house fast in Raleigh, NC for a fair cash price with a quick closing date, empower yourself with knowledge!

Know your property

What kind of Raleigh, NC property are you trying to sell? The difference between a home that sells quickly and one that takes its time has everything to do with a smart seller who is read to sell their house fast. A real estate agent or real estate investors will often try to leverage their experience to get you to sell your Raleigh house with them, but you can get more money in Wake County if you find an honest price yourself.

The condition of your property, your motivation for selling it, and the location and size of your Raleigh property are all factors that will affect your selling method. Here are some examples of homes that would require different strategies for sale.

  • Abandoned property in Hillsboro
  • Home in need of repair in Zebulon
  • Inherited home in Cary
  • Foreclosed house in Wake Forest
  • Condo in Downtown Raleigh

Unique properties in Raleigh that are surrounded by new residential developments could have special conditions. If you want to sell your house after divorce in the Triangle, you might also have different parameters than someone who’s selling an inherited home. Anyone who wants to buy houses will do some kind of walkthrough for validation purposes before they buy houses in Raleigh.

Know the area around Raleigh, NC

Even if you have a vacant house or a home with bad rental tenants, there are still real estate solutions for property owners in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. Buyers in Johnston County, Franklin County, and Durham County are all interested in Raleigh houses. The NC house market is not captive to just the immediate area around Raleigh, NC.

If your property address is further afield than the Triangle, you can still complete a short property information form and then have a home visit for validation purposes to sell your house quickly. Unwanted property for any reason can be sold without an agent’s expensive fees. A fair all cash offer from a company who wants to buy houses in Raleigh, NC often doesn’t involve any fees at all.

Think about your situation in the context of the Triangle market. Though your circumstances might seem familiar, competing sellers will have different situations. Factor in what else potential homebuyers in Raleigh are looking at.  Real estate solutions are available for helping homeowners avoid the time-consuming expense of traditional sales.

Know your home selling goals

Depending on your situation, you might just want to sell your house fast for cash or you might want to take your time with an agent. If your goal is to buy another house in Raleigh and move in, then you’ll need to have a timeline that accommodates that. 

Think about your financial goals too. Do you want to make the most profit possible, or are you ok with making less money in exchange for a more hands off process? Is your goal to move out fast or to transition in a few months?

The process of selling a home is not the same for everyone. Your goals might be better served with a we buy houses company or an independent cash buyer if you don’t want to make home repairs before sale. If you need to take your time and have a relationship with an experienced real estate agent, then that might be the way to go. All that hassle with making repairs isn’t necessary to sell your Raleigh house. Your house can be left unchanged and you can get cash quickly if you take control of the selling process.

A burdensome rental property can still qualify for traditional bank financing. Cash buyers are often willing to pay closing costs if you’ll sell your house fast Raleigh. Unlike selling to an investment firm, burdensome houses can get an honest price and a no obligation cash offer from cash buyers. Property simply doesn’t have to sit there. If you’re facing a difficult situation with a family member, sometimes you need to sell quickly. A no-hassle offer is a way of helping homeowners.

Sit down and write out your goals for the sale of your home before you decide on a strategy to sell your house in Raleigh. This will make it easier for you all along the way. 

Know the value of your Raleigh home

Fayetteville Street Condos in Raleigh, NC

Image by David Mirabal via Unsplash

How much is your Raleigh home worth? It’s worth as much as a buyer will pay for it. 

Fluctuations in the Raleigh real estate market change the price of homes constantly. If you sell your North Carolina home today it will go for one price. If you sell your Raleigh home in six months it will go for a different price. You can’t know the exact price ahead of time, but you can get a range. Look at how much comparable homes have sold for recently in your area. 

It can be tempting to look at websites like Zillow and Redfin for estimates of Raleigh home prices, but those are wildly changeable. Don’t look at the projections on websites. Instead, look for the actual sale prices of properties within the last six months. That’s a much more accurate way to find the market value of your home. 

“Comparative analysis” is the method that professionals use to decide the list price of a home. Through this process, they look at sale prices of similar properties. Projections from real estate sites are not generally accurate. You can always talk to an agent to list your home and do this for you. You’ll pay a hefty commission, but it does take the legwork off your plate. 

A cash buyer or a we buy houses company is likely going to make you an offer at the low end of the price range that you determine for your house. That’s not just because they’re looking for a deal. Cash homebuyers generally buy homes “as-is”. That means you don’t have to make repairs to your Raleigh home. The lower price is also a trade off for fewer steps and a faster home sale.

Know how much you want to put into your home sale

Unwanted real estate property in Raleigh, NC

Image by Spacejoy via Unsplash

Do you want to make repairs to your Raleigh home, or do you want to sell the home “as-is”? Maybe you’d like to work with a Raleigh home stager? Do you want to freshen the interior and exterior? Home tours and open houses in the Triangle can get you a higher price for your house, but the trade off is that you’ll put more time and money into the process. 

It’s notable here that you must always, always let a potential buyer know of any issues with the house. If there’s been a flood in the basement every spring due to North Carolina rainfall, let them know. Maybe the HVAC started acting up in the Piedmont heatwave last August. Don’t hide things from a buyer, even if you’re selling your home as-is.

Property information for both traditional homes and rental properties must be communicated. Your property can still be left unchanged if you need to sell quickly. An all-cash offer for an as-is house can be reasonable no matter what its condition is.

Just as you’d like honesty and transparency in the process, so do buyers. Disclosure laws in North Carolina preserve the right of homebuyers to know that’s going on with a house before purchase. It’s much better just to be honest if you don’t want to make repairs. You’ll still be able to sell your house fast in Raleigh if you want to sell it as-is.

Know your options to sell your house fast

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina

Image by Darpan via Unsplash

It’s easy enough just to throw a “for sale” sign up in your front yard with your phone number on it and see what happens. FSBO isn’t going to get you the fastest sale, the highest price, or the easiest process. However, Raleigh homeowners can list on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or in local newspapers like the Raleigh News & Observer. These are all tactics to get the word out about your home for sale. 

If you decide to work with a real estate company, find one with experience. In the fast-changing market in Raleigh, experience matters. There are dozens of independent agents who can help walk you through the process in exchange for a commission. 

Finding a company to buy your house fast

Choosing a home buying company like a we buy houses company is another way to go. These companies will buy your home as-is and will waive some steps in the process. Don’t ever pay anything upfront. A common homebuying scam is to ask buyers for fees before the sale. If a cash buyer or agent asks you for payment, find someone else to work with. 

Selling your home fast in Raleigh doesn’t have to be stressful! With these tips, you can navigate the process quickly and get your Triangle home sold. 

Top 5 House Cleaners in Detroit, Michigan

Getting a home clean is a tough job, but it’s also an important job. High-quality house cleaners in Detroit can help you to make your home feel more comfortable and look fantastic. There’s nothing quite so nice as a wonderfully clean house.  

For people who don’t have a lot of time or energy to invest in deep cleaning a home, a cleaning service is the best option. In fact, a deep clean by a professional can be exactly what a house needs. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home in Detroit or just need to freshen up your long-term residence, you need a clean space. Scrubbing the floors, washing off the ceiling fixtures, and sanitizing the bathrooms make a house instantly feel new. 

The benefits of professional home cleaning

Professional home cleaning services in Michigan provide low contact housekeeping either on a regular schedule or just once in a while. Depending on the needs of an individual homeowner, a clean space can mean peace of mind and the ability to focus on other things.

Services in Detroit, MI come in all kinds of price ranges. They are perfect for busy families and for any kind of business owner. Keep in mind, cleaning companies are there to make people’s lives easier! House cleaning doesn’t have to fall totally on the shoulders of the homeowner.

a Detroit maid doing a great job
Image credit: CDC from Unsplash

Using a professional home cleaner reduces stress.

There are so many responsibilities in family life, especially in a metropolitan area like Detroit. Cleaning can fall to the bottom of the priority list, but the trouble is that a clean home reduces stress. Bringing in a professional home cleaner allows homeowners to put their time and energy into other projects or relaxation.  There are patent mental health benefits to having a clean home, aside from the physical health benefits of reducing allergens.

Home cleaning services clean homes better.

House cleaners in Detroit have specialized equipment to do the job right, cleaning homes more thoroughly.   Some jobs, like window washing or cleaning basement walls are a major challenge for homeowners. Deep cleaning carpets and floors, getting into nooks and crannies, and using cleaning products that get years’ worth of dirt and dust off of surfaces is the specialty of professional home cleaners.  In addition, professional cleaning services have higher cleaning standards because it’s their area of expertise.

Professional cleaning is cost-effective.

With house cleaning services, you only pay for the hourly service charge, not the supplies. Because these companies clean homes in large quantities, they buy cleaning supplies in bulk and fold that savings into their fee. The time homeowners spend cleaning is better used on their own job or on other projects that save them money. Most people who haven’t used a professional cleaning service are surprised by how little these services cost. 

A first cleaning generally costs more than later cleanings because the Detroit maid has to get through a long time build-up of dirt and grime to clean up properly. After that, regularly recurring cleaning isn’t as involved and the cost goes down.

Deep cleaning improves the lifespan of a home.

Stains on carpets or floors don’t become permanent when Detroit homeowners use a professional cleaning service. The high quality of the cleaning products matches the needs of various surfaces as well. This extends the life of the embedded materials in the home. High-quality home cleaning can also help reveal underlying problems like water leaks and mold. These could otherwise become hidden behind dust and dirt. 

These are only a few of the benefits of professional cleaning services. Anyone who’s jumped in and given this tool a try will tell you that they’re glad they took the leap! It’s money well spent for lots of reasons. 

Five top house cleaners in Detroit 

Once you know that you want to bring in a professional cleaning service, it’s time to find the best fit for you. These are all highly rated house cleaners in Detroit. They have a long track record of delivering quality cleaning services to families Wayne County. 

carpet cleaning in Detroit
Image credit: Jarmoluk via Pixabay

Squeaky’s Home Cleaning in Madison Heights

This Detroit area cleaning company helps families through its reasonable prices and its hard-working team of cleaners. They offer all kinds of cleaning services, from move-out cleaning to weekly maintenance, and serve a wide variety of Detroit suburbs from Berkley to Royal Oak. This company’s quality work is well-reviewed. The timely manner with which its crew can clean an entire house in the Metro Detroit Area is impressive too.

Homeowners looking for cleaning services will find convenient checklists from Squeaky’s Home Cleaning. That detail is exactly what they offer with each of their possible cleaning services. With its satisfaction guaranteed promise and its free estimate for house cleaning services, Squeaky’s has a leg up on other cleaning services in the Detroit, MI area.

Maid Aide in Novi

A fully bonded and insured cleaning company, Maid Aide has offices in Novi and Redford. It also serves a large portion of the Detroit metropolitan area. In particular, this cleaning company can help families with pets to keep their beloved cats and dogs healthy during the cleaning process.

Work by Maid Aide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which can give homeowners peace of mind. Another great boost is that this is a green cleaning company. They utilize reusable towels and microfiber cloths. Between services, these are sanitized with eco-friendly techniques. 

Customer satisfaction scores for both recurring service and office cleaning in Detroit, MI are high for Maid Aide. They do an amazing job with extremely dirty projects as well as with other cleaning projects that are less intense.

Clarkston Cleaning Services, LLC in Waterford Township

After more than two decades in business as a cleaning company in southeastern Michigan, Clarkston Cleaning Services has a long history of satisfied customers. Homeowners can choose from maintenance, premium, spring, and move in/move out options. 

This small, independent cleaning company has a dedicated staff that garners rave reviews from returning customers. These clients come back again and again for their expertise and consistency. Services areas include Rochester, Franklin, Bloomfield Hills, Orchard Lake, and beyond.

Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service in Shelby Charter Township

Residential and commercial cleaning services from Dawn to Dusk feature hospital-grade cleaning products and meticulous, highly trained staff. This company utilizes detailed logs of actions performed in the home. That leaves homeowners and businesses secure in the knowledge that all areas of a space have been attended to. 

Homeowners should definitely check out the home cleaning specials from this cleaning company. These include discounts for regular cleaning services as well as specials on move-in/move-out cleaning services. Affordability coupled with high standards is a major selling point of this cleaning service.

The Royal Cleaning Team in Detroit

Located right in the heart of Detroit, The Royal Cleaning Team is a top-rated cleaning service in Wayne County. This is an independently owned professional cleaning company. It gives its customers personalized service and has a range of services from Airbnb cleaning to elderly homes to deep cleaning. The company is known for its affordable cleaning rates and quick turnaround times. They’re also praised for their fantastic work in carpet cleaning. 

If you’ve got a historic home in Detroit, you can rest assured that The Royal Cleaning team has experience working with the large spaces and unique features of these kinds of houses that are unique to the area. 

There is a whole host of cleaning services in the Detroit area. Whatever company you decide to work with, make sure that you vet them by checking on their reviews and asking lots of questions. 

Choose the right professional cleaner for you 

sponge from a housekeeping service in Detroit, MI
Image credit: Pille R. Priske via Unsplash

Every family has a different set of needs when for keeping their home clean and their life going smoothly. There are so many tools that homeowners have at their disposal to preserve the quality of their home and extend the lifespan of everything in it. Furniture, fixtures, hard and soft surfaces, and even appliances can benefit from the deep cleaning that a house cleaning service can provide.  

Check around for people who have personal experience with cleaning services in Detroit. With so many highly rated cleaning companies around this area of MI, you’ll find a house cleaner that fits into your budget and your lifestyle. Be sure to work with a company that runs routine background checks on its employees. Only work with insured cleaning companies. Always ask a few questions before you hire cleaning services in Detroit.

If you’re looking for a sign to give house cleaning services in the Detroit metropolitan area a try, consider this your sign!  Whether you live in Highland Park, Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, or all the way out in Livonia, you deserve a home cleaning service that works for your budget and your needs. 

Understanding the Detroit Foreclosure Process

Individuals facing foreclosure are in a tough situation, no matter how they got to this place. Particularly in the last few years, there’s been a lot of financial strain on working families. While the Detroit foreclosure process is never an easy one to face, it’s important to know what to expect in order to get to the best outcome possible. 

Over the last several decades, Detroit has seen a steady decline in the auto industry. This reality makes the city much more vulnerable to economic decline. Automobile manufacturers, which were the primary employer in the Detroit metropolitan area, have largely moved their production to other parts of the world. This left a massive hole in the job market all over the country, and it hit Michigan very hard. Families lose their homes as a result. Non-auto industry businesses have found themselves unable to cover operating costs.

To address the problems in Detroit, MI, the state government of Michigan and the federal government have both put in supports in recent years to help families who are facing hardship. Though these are not a guarantee that cities in Michigan will be able to totally recover, it is a step in the right direction.

No matter the reason that a homeowner in Detroit is facing potential foreclosure, the answer is to learn what the process looks like and to find out if there is assistance available to prevent foreclosure.

foreclosed house in Detroit, MI
Image credit: Matt Moloney via Unsplash

Wayne County ranks high in foreclosure

Michigan ranks right in the middle of the United States as far as foreclosure rates. The Detroit area is most impacted by people losing their homes. Roughly one in every ten thousand homes was foreclosed on in Wayne County during the last year. That equates to about four hundred and fifty homes across the state of Michigan. 

The economic realities of Detroit and the surrounding areas are a major driver in these rates. As jobs have left the city, there’s been an increase in the number of people who struggled to pay their mortgage or their property taxes. 

The tax foreclosure process is overseen by the Wayne County Treasurer’s Offices. This office is located in Detroit, MI. Neighboring cities within the area are also under the guidance of the Wayne County Treasurer with regard to property tax foreclosure.

Help for foreclosure in Detroit

There was a moratorium on foreclosure across the nation during the pandemic that expired in 2021. The good news is that Wayne County implemented a series of new supports to help people in this difficult situation. County officials have been working with owners in the past two years to increase the number of neighborhood houses that are exempt from tax foreclosure. At the very least the city gives them more information on property tax foreclosure and how to prevent it.

People facing tax foreclosure now have options to spread out their payments over a longer period of time with this new system. This only applies to those who are behind within a reasonable amount of time, around three years. Though this Wayne County program is primarily beneficial to landlords and by extension their rental tenants, it’s nonetheless a potential place for assistance. The current program is an extension of one targeted towards individual homeowners called the Distressed Owner Occupant Extension (DOOE). This is important news for Detroit businesses and families who are delinquent on their tax bills.

Detroit properties are able to negotiate with the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office to bring tax bills from prior years up to date and prevent tax foreclosure. Payment plan options from the Wayne County Treasurer in Detroit, MI don’t lower the price of past due taxes. They do make it easier for owners to retain their property.

Tax foreclosure rates in the Detroit area are particularly high. Penalties are heaped onto homeowners if they get behind on their property taxes. It’s an insidious problem, and it’s critically important that you contact the Wayne County treasurer’s office if you’re behind. Wayne County also has a myriad of financial literacy programs and other places to find support in financially challenging times. 

Basics of the Detroit foreclosure process

skyline of Detroit, MI
Image credit: Doug Zuba via Unsplash

There are four basic steps that a homeowner goes through during the Detroit foreclosure process. 

1. Missed payments & a breach letter

2. Notice of foreclosure

3. Foreclosure sale

4. Deficiency judgment

That sounds simple enough when it’s put into bullet points, but this process takes many months to complete. There are also lots of possibilities for changes along the way, as these things rarely go in a straight line. That’s because families facing hardship are working hard to keep their homes. 

Michigan is a nonjudicial foreclosure state. In most of these proceedings, the courts are not involved. Instead, legislation has put into place state statutes that lay out what rights a mortgage holder and a homeowner have and how the Detroit foreclosure process proceeds. In some circumstances, judicial foreclosures do still happen in Michigan, but these are the exception and not the rule. 

The average foreclosure takes many months to complete. Though there is always a risk of a homeowner losing their property, we must keep in mind that foreclosed homes and vacant lots are not good for the city of Detroit. Everyone has a vested interest in keeping homeowners on their property for the good of the neighborhood.

Federal and state laws protect homeowners and specify what a lender can and cannot do. It’s not good for any party involved for a home to go through the foreclosure process. Everyone loses money when a home sells at auction.  

How many missed payments lead to foreclosure?

money from a foreclosure auction
Image credit: NeONBRAND via Unsplash

A mortgage must be behind 120 days before a lender can send a breach letter and initiate the Detroit foreclosure process. That’s unless there are extenuating circumstances. For example, if you sell the property to a third party and don’t pay off the mortgage immediately, the lender can call the loan due and start proceedings. This is highly unusual.

A single missed payment doesn’t constitute a breach of the promissory note. Most mortgage lenders give borrowers a fifteen-day grace period with which to catch up on their payments. That happens before they even charge a late fee. Borrowers can check their lender’s website, their billing statement, or their promissory note for the precise grace period that’s in their loan. 

After the third missed payment, the lender will send a breach letter to the borrower. This notifies them that they’re far behind in payments. The loan will be called due unless they do something. 

Michigan foreclosure auctions

A public auction allows the bank to sell the home if there is no payment on it in four months. The bank reposesses the home and puts it on the auction block.

Foreclosure auctions in Detroit are a matter of public opinion, and anyone can bid on the property. Though most people think that the auction is the point of no return, it’s actually not the end of the line. There is a six-month redemption period in Michigan that allows the homeowner to continue to pursue their rights to the property. 

Know that this six-month timeline can be shortened. This is why homeowners should stay vigilant. The homeowner cannot negotiate to get their property back after this step is completed. When a new owner takes control of the property, the homeowner is evicted and physically removed if they haven’t already left.

Up until the final sale of the home to a third party, the homeowner can negotiate new terms and an extension or loan modification to allow for more time. Even the act of submitting the paperwork slows down the Detroit foreclosure process. That’s even if it’s not immediately approved or not approved at all. For homeowners who are unsure of what options they have, it’s a good idea to reach out to a housing counselor for support. 

The lender must inform the homeowner of the date of the foreclosure auction or sheriff’s sale. In fact, the lender must keep the owner notified of all of the steps along the way. 

Takeaways for Detroit homeowners

Foreclosed home in Detroit, MI
Image credit: Jan Canty via Unsplash 

The biggest takeaway for homeowners in Detroit is that there are options available. The road to being evicted from your home is a very long one. You could prevent foreclosure if you qualify for a modification. Being open-minded and flexible is the difference between your family being evicted or keeping your home. You might also be able to pay off the delinquent amount and remain in your home.

There are ways to pull a home out of foreclosure all along the way. Check out options like a short sale to a cash buyer, mortgage modification, or government assistance programs before walking away from a house. As stated previously, the government and the mortgage lender are both interested in bringing the loan current and keeping a homeowner on their property. 

The Top 10 We Buy Houses Companies in Detroit

Ready to sell your house? It might sound like a long, frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Though traditional home sales are done through a real estate agent, the effort and red tape involved can be a turnoff.  Lots of people looking for new ways to buy houses in Detroit, without using real estate agents.

There are both pros and cons to selling your metro Detroit house to a cash buyer. Weighing your options before you sell your house in Detroit, Michigan means learning as much as you can before you commit. Buyers and sellers have different objectives. You want to know as much as you can before you decide to go with a buyer of any kind.

Unlike selling in the traditional ways, these companies buy houses in Detroit, MI quickly.

Research Detroit homebuying companies

We buy houses companies are unlike individual cash buyers because they have a public face that you can research. Understanding what you’re getting into can keep you from getting burned. We buy houses scams are most often perpetrated by individuals, not companies. Finding a buyer with a proven track record will give you peace of mind. 

Looking at the list below of top we buy houses companies in Detroit is a great place to start. Check out their reviews online and be sure to research your 

1 – Steve Moves Michigan

Though this company is based in Detroit, Steve Moves Michigan buys houses all over the state. The process starts either over the phone or through their website. From there, one of the professionals will determine if the home is eligible for an initial offer. 

There’s no obligation to sell your home in Detroit from just the initial offer. Home sellers in Michigan can negotiate all the way up to closing. Steve Moves Michigan makes in-person cash offers prior to the final sale. In some cases, these home buyers in Detroit will even pay closing costs after they make an all cash offer. 

2 – Detroit Fair Offer

This hyperlocal Wayne County we buy houses company serves areas like Livonia, Lincoln Park, Royal Oak, and Romulus. Their free guide to selling your home has lots of information about how to sell your house fast in Detroit, MI. 

Look for a house offer within a day from Detroit Fair Offer. They have a relationship with a local title company to allow for fast cash closings. Detroit sellers can be done with the whole process in as little as a week. 

Rental property in Detroit

Image by Robert Yandura via Unsplash

3 – We Buy Ugly Houses

This national we buy houses company is known for its low offers but its quick turnaround. Closing on a home with We Buy Ugly Houses can be completed within just three weeks. 

Though there are lots of positive reviews about the ease of service with this group, it’s not a company that knows Michigan or Detroit as well as others. As with any company, there are pros and cons to selling your house to this cash homebuyer. 

4 – Express Homebuyers

A national we buy houses company, Express Homebuyers serves the Detroit metropolitan area. 

The first step in their process is for home sellers to submit their information. Once this is done, the company extends a home offer to buy the property “as is”. The sale is done through a local Michigan investor, who works with the seller on a closing date. Once the home closes, cash is in the hands of the Detroit seller within a few hours. 

5 – Jay Buys Detroit

 Jay Buys Detroit is owned by, you guessed it, Jay himself. Working with an inherited property in Detroit as well as vacant homes and pre-foreclosure properties, this company specializes in fast cash offers. 

One of the distinctive features of this we buy houses company in Detroit is its mission to rebuild the city. Detroit has been through a lot of ups and downs over the last century with the loss of the auto industry. Jay is focused on improving the communities of Metro Detroit through cash offers for home sellers. 

6 – Marketplace Homes

Detroit house

Image by Gustavo Zambelli via Unsplash

Based in Detroit, MI, Marketplace Homes is a comprehensive real estate company. They offer home buying, home selling, rental services, and new construction. Even though property management might not be what home sellers are looking for, this company has possibilities for all kinds of options for sellers.  Their real estate agents can help you sell your metro Detroit house or convert it into a rental property. They work with local cash home buyers to facilitate the sale of burdensome houses in Detroit, Michigan, and beyond.

Rather than a superfast offer, this company takes a few extra steps thanks to their wide range of home buying services. After you contact Marketplace Homes with detailed information, they schedule a visit. Within 48 hours, you’ll have either a cash offer or another solution that they think will work for you. 

7 – Metro Detroit Homebuyer

This local cash buy company in Detroit only deals with house sellers in the Wayne County and the surrounding Detroit suburbs. Dennis Fassett’s home buying business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 

Experienced in divorce, foreclosure, probate, and vacant houses, Metro Detroit Homebuyer has been buying homes since 2004. They buy houses in any condition for cash. After you explain your situation and discuss your property, someone comes out to see it in person. A cash offer for your property as-is follows in a few minutes in most cases. 

8 – Rocket Homes

View from a vacant house in Michigan

Image by Jason Brower via Unsplash

Rocket Homes is a home buyer and seller that serves Detroit and the surrounding areas, but it’s a national brand. This real estate company has cash buying options as well as mortgage options for buyers.  Not all buy house companies can give such a wide range of real estate solutions in Detroit, Michigan.

In fact, Rocket Homes extends their business to auto buying and selling. Though they don’t specialize in the we buy houses model, this is a potential option for home sellers in Detroit to explore. 

9 – Detroit Cash for Homes

Working in Oakland County, Macomb County, and Wayne County, Detroit Cash for Homes is a professional home buying company. They’ve been working as a Detroit cash buyer for a quarter-century. This company offers quick closings and specializes in inherited property and estates. Detroit Cash for homes makes an offer within twenty-four hours. Closings are as fast as seven days with this Michigan cash buyer.

Unwanted property in metro Detroit can be difficult to get rid of, especially when you want to sell your house fast. The difficulties of the Detroit area economy make it a challenge to sell burdensome houses fast, but Detroit Cash for Homes has a lot of experience helping people who need to sell their house fast. As with all metro Detroit area cash offer companies, this group promises that you can sell your house fast with a cash offer.

10 – I Buy Michigan Homes

This is a local property investor in Michigan who works all over the state. Ron and Velma work with sellers through their website and over the phone to do an initial assessment of the property. They then move to an in-person showing to determine their interest in purchasing your home.

Finally, I Buy Michigan Homes makes a cash offer within 48 hours. They’ll pay cash so that you can sell your house fast in Metro Detroit. Property owners can feel confident in the fair cash offer from this investment firm.

What to watch out for in we buy houses companies in Detroit

With all real estate transactions, be sure to do your due diligence. We buy houses scams often come from non-affiliated individuals. Look for reputable companies that have reviews online or who you have a personal connection to. Ask family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations and experiences. 

Don’t ever feel pressured by a company that is promising a fair all cash offer. You can always turn towards a traditional real estate agent to sell your house. There’s also the possibility to sell your house yourself. Though there are benefits to selling with a Detroit house company, like covering closing costs or getting a fair offer, always investigate your buyer.

Red flags like the lack of an online presence or bad reviews share an immediate no-go. Also, look out for anyone who doesn’t have experience in the metro Detroit area. In the current seller’s market, all home sellers have the high ground. Don’t accept a deal unless it’s a fair all cash offer. The quick turnaround of these companies means that you can find another real estate investor quickly.

Never work with a we buy houses company or a cash buyer who asks for any money upfront. There is never a situation in which cash should change hands before closing on a home. If someone asks you for a fee to sell your home, it’s time to find another buyer. 

Selling your home can be a great experience when you find house companies in Detroit that are above board. Michigan home sellers working with a cash buyer to sell their home for cash fast have lots of options!

Read This Before Selling Your House to a Cash Home Buyer in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Getting a fast turnaround on a home is important, especially in today’s real estate market. Before you sell your house in Kalamazoo, you’ll want to understand the top factors affecting the real estate market in western Michigan.

Cash home buyers in the Kalamazoo area are ready to pay a fair price to homeowners for both properties that are in great condition and for property that needs repairs. If you need to sell your MI house, you may not realize that a fair all-cash offer is even an option.

Traditional real estate sales or selling to an investment firm have long been a comfort zone for people who are selling their homes. With the rise of the no-obligation cash offer, it’s now possible for homeowners to unload burdensome houses fast.

Though that sounds like a great deal for helping homeowners, learning about the whole process before you put your Kalamazoo property up for sale is the best way to go.

Prepare your home for sale

Normal wear and tear on a home from living in it day in and day out leave a house in a state that’s not attractive to potential homebuyers. Though it can seem like this is cosmetic, and to a certain extent it is, that doesn’t make it superficial.

Cleaning and decluttering your home before the sale is the first step. Start by packing away anything and everything that you can, from household items to personal belongings. The reason for this is to allow prospective buyers to envision themselves in the home and to let them see what the space really looks like. You can’t do those things if someone else’s stuff is everywhere. 

Hiring a professional cleaner to do a deep clean of your house is a worthy expense here. Once you’ve packed things away, let them do the heavy lifting to prepare your home for sale. This can extend to having the carpets cleaned and the landscaping freshened.

Always come to this with an eye for what you’d like to see when you flip through real estate listings. Your house doesn’t have to look like a design magazine, but it does have to look neat. Again, the goal is to let people see the architecture of the home and to imagine themselves living there.   

A little work goes a long way

Even if your goal is selling your home to a cash buyer, you’ll be able to get a better price for your house when you give it a bit of a facelift before pursuing sale options. 

This can look like painting the front door, making visible home repairs, and decluttering. A good tip here is to get a second set of eyes to look at your house. Invite a trusted friend over to walk through your home with you and ask them what they’d notice if they were a potential buyer. An outside perspective can be really helpful here. 

Don’t put in a ton of work or spend a lot of time doing this though. Unless your agent has told you that something has to be addressed before putting the house on the market, you should leave it alone. No potential buyer is expecting your house to be perfect. All homes in Kalamazoo, Michigan have some problems, especially given the cold winter weather and the intensity of the cold in the winters here. 

Put your focus on the pieces that are most visible. Individual homebuyers are driven by the emotions of imagining their family living there. There’s a reason people say that they “fall in love” with a house. Give them something to fall in love with! Think of it like getting ready for a date and dress up your home appropriately. Even though we buy houses companies, cash buyers, and real estate investors are less emotionally invested in the homebuying process, they still want to see the house in great shape at first glance.

You have options for selling your home in Kalamazoo

Don’t let anyone pressure you into selling your house. You have tons of options. In today’s real estate climate, you can be confident that your home will sell quickly thanks to current trends in the Michigan real estate market. All you’ll need to get started is the property address that you’re interested in selling either in Kalamazoo, MI or the surrounding areas.

Here are three ways to sell your Kalamazoo house:

– FSBO: Sell it yourself

– Sell your home to an investor

– Sell your home through a real estate agent

Sometimes homeowners like to retain the most control over how it all goes. If that’s you then you’ll want to sell your home yourself through the for sale by owner or FSBO process. Do your research and consider the amount of work that you’ll have to do if that’s your choice. Also know that it can be an extremely satisfying way to go.

Hands down, the fastest way to sell your home in Kalamazoo is to do it through a real estate investor like a we buy houses company. The reason is that these companies specialize in quick turnover and are experienced in home sales. You have a distinct place to start and someone to follow you through all the steps to selling your house. 

The traditional route of selling your house in Kalamazoo through a local real estate company is a viable option. There’s a reason people do it this way! Working with an agent will give you the most support through your home sale. A professional agent will be able to give you advice and guidance all along the way. In exchange, they’ll take a hefty commission.

With this process, you’ll go through the entire process with all the paperwork, the open houses, closing costs, and the fees associated with selling a burdensome property. In addition, there may be repairs needed to sell your Kalamazoo house. Potential home buyers will have to go through a lot of paperwork for validation purposes as well. All of that might be well worth it to you, depending on your personality and your situation.

Understand the Western Michigan market

Kalamazoo River in Michigan
Image credit: Yi Liu via Unsplash

Kalamazoo is a college town, and the students at Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College weight the real estate market towards rentals in the areas close to those universities. In addition, recent research points to Kalamazoo as a center for lifestyle renters. Higher-income Millenials are increasingly interested in renting instead of buying in this area. This pushes the average homebuyer in this area towards GenX.

If your home is near the Kalamazoo River or one of the lakes in town, then you’re well-positioned to attract a family or potentially higher-income buyer. Homes in Portage and Oshtemo are also attractive to buyers who are interested in getting a little further afield of the city. 

When you’re putting your home on the market, you’ll want to know as much as you can about what competing home in Kalamazoo county are going for. You’re not just competing with other houses in your immediate area, but with homes across the county. Making sense of the total reality of home sales all over the area of southern Michigan can help you to have the right expectations. 

Every situation is different

Though selling your home is a common experience, keep in mind that every situation is unique. You could be facing foreclosure, and if you are you should know that Kalamazoo cash home buyers have the potential to help you turn over your house fast.

Given its location next to the beautiful Kalamazoo River, the cultural and arts opportunities in the city, and the fact that the Kalamazoo area is a top Michigan city to raise a family in, it’s no wonder that houses in Kalamazoo are selling fast. Other nearby cities like East Grand Rapids, Sturgis, and Coldwater are also growing.

Unwanted property can take many forms, and burdensome houses or don’t require creative real estate solutions. If you need to sell your house fast and get out from under mortgage payments, to take care of back taxes, or untangle from bank financing, all you need to do is connect with a trusted cash buyer to get the fair offer you deserve as well as to get the money fast.

Homeowners in all kinds of situations can work with problem solvers who buy houses and are experienced with selling houses in Kalamazoo. Before you go to a listing agent to sell your house, you should absolutely explore all of your options.

How to Sell Your House Fast for a Good Price in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Finding a low-cost way to sell your home doesn’t have to be painful. Selling your home quickly lets you get on with the next phase of your life. It also gives you the peace of mind to know that you aren’t wasting time. With a little inside knowledge about how to sell your house fast in Grand Rapids, you’ll be able to get a great price for your home too.  

Who buys houses in Grand Rapids?

The city of Grand Rapids is located in Kent County, Michigan. It’s a burgeoning city that’s the center of manufacturing and culture in West Michigan. Local universities are a big draw here too, with Kendall College of Art and Design nearby. Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College, and Thomas M. Cooley Law School are all close by. In the surrounding areas, there are more than a dozen colleges and universities. It’s the second-largest city in Michigan, just behind Detroit.

Families who come to this city the traditional way often find a professional service that specializes in helping homeowners who relocate to buy houses in Grand Rapids. The entire process can be overwhelming when an individual is dealing with moving a family member and changing jobs. Though a property address might seem like it’s a great neighborhood, when the family attends open houses they could find that the realtor commissions cost more money than they anticipated. On the other side, property owners who are dealing with burdensome houses are also in search of real estate solutions.

Choose the right selling strategy

You might be able to sell your home fast in this seller’s market. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting a sign in your yard. The key to selling your house fast in Grand Rapids is to pick the right selling strategy for your home and your financial situation.

The FSBO (for sale by owner) strategy is a great way to go if you have extra time in your life right now to put the work in. There’s a real satisfaction to doing it all yourself, from staging your home to weeding out potential buyers. Maybe you want to gain some life experience and like to get into the weeds. Lots of families are willing to buy houses in Grand Rapids from individual owners. Grand Rapids house owners who go this route can also sell to an investment firm to potentially get a fair offer for the house as is.

A real estate agent is a great option if you want a turnkey experience. It also works if you are willing to pay for it in real estate commissions and increased closing costs. An agent will take a hefty commission on the sale of your house. They’ll take their time matching you with a buyer, and you’ll be able to have a hands-off home sale. For home sellers in Michigan who don’t need a fast transaction and can sacrifice some of the profit from the home sale, a Grand Rapids real estate agent is the way to go.

Working with a cash home buyer is the third selling option for home sellers in Grand Rapids, MI. We buy houses companies offer a fast turnaround and a fair all cash offer. The closing date can come fast and closing costs are reduced if you do this to sell your Grand Rapids house. The process here is quick, from the initial consultation to the final sale. If you’re selling a home in Grand Rapids, this is a fantastic way for you to get in and out of the home selling process. 

Clean your home thoroughly

No matter what selling strategy you choose, you’ll want to have a clean house to get market value. This not only allows potential buyers to see what the house really looks like, it also helps you to get ready for the upcoming move. 

House Grand Rapids

Image by Kari Shea via Unsplash

It can be challenging to know what to do in terms of cleaning and staging your home for sale, but here are the high notes of places you’ll want to clean.

  • Declutter & box up items. Store them in the garage, basement, or a spare room
  • Bathrooms – counters, tubs, and toilets
  • Clear off kitchen counters
  • Straighten the basement and garage
  • Clean windows, both inside and out
  • Straighten the inside of closets
  • Steam clean carpets and scrub floors

If any of this is left unchanged from its current state, the whole process could be slowed down. To get top dollar for your house fast, the property needs to be in as good a condition as possible. People who are looking to buy houses in Grand Rapids need to be able to see the bones of the home. Problem solvers can pay someone a fair price to do repairs and clean the house thoroughly.

During the time that your home is on the market, it should always be presentable for potential buyers. This is a challenge for Michigan families with young children and busy professionals, so consider hiring a Grand Rapids home cleaning company to do the heavy lifting or even maintenance. It’s money well spent. 

Though there are lots of homebuyers who will buy your Grand Rapids home as-is. Cleanliness will always help you get a fair cash price for your house, no matter the property address.  

Improve the curb appeal of your home

The outside appearance of your home matters. This is one of the top things that you should consider when you’re selling your home in Grand Rapids because a first impression can mean a difference in the sale price and the quickness of the sale.

Burdensome house in the snow in Grand Rapids

Image by Frankie via Unsplash

This can be as simple as new house numbers, clearing brush, pressure washing siding, and painting the front door. Potential buyers will absolutely factor in the way the front of your home looks, and they’ll pass by during both the day and in the evening. Leave outside lights on and clear away as much outside clutter as possible during the time your home is on the market.

A quick tip if you’re trying to sell your house fast in Grand Rapids is to take pictures during the winter. Michigan snow storms can leave a pristine look to your home. If you happen to be putting your house on the market in the winter, take advantage of how beautiful it looks with snow-covered trees! The lake effect snow from nearby Lake Michigan can make your home look even more beautiful to sellers. 

Understand real estate timing

The top time of year to list your house for sale is in June and July in most places. For all of the hype about putting your house on the market during this time, it’s a bit of an overrated idea that timing is the ruler of all in real estate sales. Summer is absolutely a time of higher prices and faster sales, from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Charlotte, North Carolina, to Phoenix, Arizona, and everywhere in between. 

The price of your home and the amount of time it takes to sell has a lot less to do with when you put your house on the market and a whole lot more to do with other factors. No matter when you list your home for sale, it’s critically important that you think about what’s going on in the market at the time of sale.

If you want to sell your Grand Rapids property address, whether you’re facing foreclosure or short-form problems, don’t hassle yourself about the timing. People are ready to pay homeowners who need to get rid of burdensome houses fast.

Sell your house fast in Grand Rapids in a “seller’s market”

A seller’s market is a time when homes are staying for sale for a shorter period of time and going for higher prices than would be expected. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market has exploded due to low supply and high demand.

Selling a home for cash during this climate is straightforward and there are lots of people ready to buy your home in Grand Rapids, whether it’s a cash buyer or a traditional real estate agent. For the last two years, through 2020 and 2021, more than eighty percent of homes have sold in less than a month. That’s extraordinary no matter which way you slice it. 

It’s not just the high rate of sale of homes that’s a big deal right now. The average price of a home has increased almost fifteen percent in the last eighteen months. 

Think about your next steps

Homeowner in Grand Rapids, MI

Image credit: Troy Spoelma via Unsplash

The flip side of the seller’s market is the reality of buying a home to replace your current residence. The real estate market in Michigan is highly competitive. Families who want to get into a new home are at a disadvantage, even as they get a high price for their existing home. 

Rising home prices coupled with a low inventory is a great combination for families selling their homes in Michigan