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How is Distressed Property a Profitable Investment in Memphis?

distressed property a profitable investment in memphis
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The real estate market is quick and complex, demanding that investors be adaptable to trends. Some investors consider the distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis. This is equally applicable to newcomers to real estate.

Although distressed sales have decreased over time, experts predict the market will rebound in the coming years. Existing market trends show investors can identify possibilities in the market for distressed properties. Explore how to make distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis and continue reading the blog.

What is a Distressed Property?

Properties under foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, or lender/bank control fall under `distressed properties.` When an owner falls behind on property tax bills or mortgage payments, the property is considered “distressed.” Also, real estate may become “distressed” during a bankruptcy or divorce liquidation process.

Three categories typically apply to distressed property:

Pre-foreclosure or Foreclosure

When a homeowner fails to make a mortgage payment, the lender takes back ownership of the home. Lenders auction the property to the highest bidder, as-is.

Short Sales 

A mortgage goes “underwater” when a homeowner owes more on it than the value of their house. The lender might consent to a short sale at a discounted rate to recover part of the costs.

Should You Buy a Distressed Property?

Some investors consider distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis. Distressed real estate is appealing because it enables investors and regular buyers to acquire property that is often well below market cost.

After buying distressed property in Memphis at a lower price, you can sell it for much more. This makes distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis and locations with high real estate values.

Banks are frequently satisfied to have someone take the property off their hands, so they occasionally even provide cheaper mortgage and interest payments on troubled properties.

Downsides of Buying Distressed Property in Memphis 

As distressed properties can sell rapidly, there’s high competition in the market. More and more investors are willing to buy distressed properties as future investments. The trend is also on in Memphis if you find the best place to invest in turnkey properties.

Moreover, if you want to profit, you are responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and renovations because distressed homes are sold “as is.” Buying a distressed property at auction may entail paying for tax liens, related expenses, and the eviction of the occupants.

How To Locate Listings for Distressed Properties?

An investor can choose several options to buy distressed properties. Some require greater risk and investment than others.

A Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) operates on a state-by-state basis. This is a research tool for keeping track of the status of different properties. Anything listed for more than ninety-nine days indicates the seller is eager to sell the property.

Tax Records

These are available to the public and might direct your search for pre-foreclosure homeowners, such as those with outstanding property taxes.

Bank and Real Estate Owned Listings

Here’s your finest opportunity to purchase distressed properties and resell them for a better price. Based on observations, property owned by banks or real estate companies typically sells for a significantly lower cost, permits inspections, and does not include the risk of tax liens or tenant evictions.

Probate Courts

Property assets may be liquidated in probate court following a death, divorce, or bankruptcy.


Suppose you consider distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis. In that case, you can look for properties in your target neighborhood that are either for sale “by owner” or seem to be neglected by conducting an online or foot search.

How is Distressed Property a Profitable Investment in Memphis?

If you follow a few suggestions, you can avoid disaster and sell your distressed house for a much higher price.

Investigating the Neighborhood of a Potential Distressed Property

If a house is located among distressed properties, its value will not grow, even if it looks like a beautiful deal and requires no maintenance.

Selecting Your Sites

Keep a lookout for foreclosed homes.

Organizing an Inspection

Most people need help to play the long game in distressed homes. Never trust the seller’s inspector’s assessment; always have someone else review the house on your behalf.

Being Aware of the Foreclosure Process

If you want to make distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis, focus on the stage at which a house is in the process. Purchasing before the foreclosure is finished and the tenants have left could put you in liability for a host of expenses.

Make Distressed Property a Profitable Investment in Memphis With Connect Home Buyers

Are you holding onto a property that’s seen better days but lost due to repairs and maintenance it demands? Connect Home Buyers can change distressed property into a profitable investment.

Memphis has a rich history and vibrant culture, making it a prime location for real estate investments. However, distressed properties are a heavy burden, draining your resources without offering returns. Turn that challenge into an opportunity. At Connect Home Buyers, we help you breathe new life into homes others might overlook. 

Don’t let repair costs hold you back. Contact us today!


Real estate investors have strong feelings about distressed real estate. Both their own and their friends’ experiences have a major impact on their opinions. But that is only sometimes the case, and there are plenty of options to make distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis.

Buying distressed real estate can sometimes be clearer-cut. If you conduct thorough research and follow the market, you may discover a viable deal on distressed houses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the distressed asset investment strategy?

Purchasing bonds or equities of companies with serious business issues is known as distressed asset investing, and it is a cyclical investment strategy. These businesses frequently trade at extremely low multiples of net assets or earnings.

How do you break into distressed debt investing?

A legal background can help you enter the distressed investment field because the work entails understanding the ins and outs of bankruptcy and restructuring procedures.

How do distressed debt investors make money?

Investors in distressed debt can make enormous profits through either short-term price recoveries or “loan-to-own” schemes, in which the debt turns into equity.

Why is it necessary to consult Connect Home Buyers?

Consulting Connect Home Buyers is a practical investment approach if you own a distressed property.

What type of services do Connect Home Buyers offer?

Contacting Connect Home Buyers enables you to access a range of property services, such as listing and advertising your property.

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