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How Our Proven Home Buying Process Works

Our proven process has helped over 100 homeowners like yourself sell their property quickly and hassle-free. We specialize in helping those who have recently inherited a property. We also have experience helping those going through foreclosure, behind on payments or taxes, own a property that needs a lot of repairs or is outdated, going through a divorce, and anyone just wanting to sell quickly in as-is condition.

How It Works

After you submit your information on our website, one of our home buying specialists will reach out to you to ask a few questions about the condition of your property and your situation. This conversation typically only takes only 15 minutes.

The Easy Way To Sell Your Property

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First, we will discuss your property’s condition and current difficulties over the phone. Immediately after, we will determine the value of your property, including any work that needs to be done. Within just a couple of hours, we will call you back and give you a firm cash offer, and if accepted send over our purchase agreement with the agreed-upon price.

The Next 24-72 Hours

Now that we have agreed on your property’s purchase and closing date, the next step is to confirm the property’s condition.

We do not complete a formal inspection; instead, at a convenient time for you, we will schedule someone to visit your property and take photos of the inside and outside. After receiving the pictures we will conduct a review and confirm that the information you initially provided us over the phone was correct. If, for some reason, you claimed that the roof was new, but upon review, there is a hole in the roof then we will have to recalculate our total offer. Rare and only necessary when inaccurate information is provided.



Now Till Closing

Working with a company like ours, our investor partners must see the property to ensure they are comfortable purchasing. We will schedule a time for our partner(s) to view the property. Sometimes this may only be once. Other times could be a couple more.

Once our partners walk through the property, we will close at a title company, and the funds will be sent to you via escrow. We can even have a mobile notary visit you to make the process as easy as possible.

Our home buying specialists will walk you through this entire process and always be available to clarify and answer any questions. If you want more information or wish to sell your property, please fill out a form or call us.

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Benefits When We Buy Your Home

No Repairs Necessary

You can sell your home in as-is condition. It doesn’t matter if your home is falling apart, needs to be cleaned, or is even habitable.

Your Preferred Closing Date

When you work with us, you decide the time and day you want to close. Our average close is 21 days

Professional Experience

From your first call to the day you get paid. We pride ourselves on our professional customer experience and go above and beyond to meet your individual needs.

Family Owned

We are family-owned. We are dedicated to building relationships and creating opportunities that create a win/win solution.


We operate through the lens of integrity and honesty. We don’t play games and will be upfront with you. We will let you know exactly how much we can offer. You’ll know exactly where we stand.

No Closing Costs & Commissions

Avoid paying any realtor commissions, closing costs, or fees. We will buy your home with cash, and you will walk away with all of it.

Competitive Cash Offer

Know that the offer we give you will be a competitive all-cash price. We analyze your property condition and factor in any unique circumstances to calculate exactly how much we can offer.

No cleaning

Don’t worry about staging, getting ready for open houses, or even cleaning your home! We will deal with the mess and any leftover items. Let us know if you need help moving too!

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