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How Raleigh Homeowners Can Sell Their House Fast for a Good Price

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Does selling a house have to be a long process? Though most people think that it takes months to go through the real estate process, you can actually sell a house fast in Raleigh for a good price. 

The ideal path of working with a real estate agent to sell a home over many months doesn’t work for everyone’s life situation. A quick cash offer at a fair price can be a necessary solution for homeowners who need to sell fast. Homeowners in the wider Raleigh area, including Chapel Hill, Durham, and Apex, can sell a home fast without making repairs.

The great news is that this can make life easier if you need to sell your house fast. Your Raleigh area house is your biggest asset. You can make the most of that investment by working with the right home buyer.

Why people want to sell a house quickly

There are all kinds of reasons that Raleigh homeowners want to sell fast. 

It could be that the death of a family member has left an inherited property vacant and sitting idle. If the family members live out of state, then a Raleigh home might be sitting empty. In this case, they’ll want to sell a house fast and move on with life. The funds from the sale of an inherited home could be used to cover funeral expenses, to pay down debts, or as part of the probate process to execute a will. 

Though the North Carolina economy is strong, it’s common for a new job to pull a family away from Raleigh. A job change can mean a Triangle homeowner needs to sell a house quickly so that they can buy a new home. The logistics of closing on a property in the new area while also closing on their current home might be daunting. A quick cash sale could make the whole transition much easier. 

Life events like divorce or an unexpected illness can lead to the need to sell a home fast. Divorce proceedings can push a homeowner to sell a house fast so that they can take the next step forward on their life path. Unexpected illness can require an influx of cash to pay medical bills.  

The burden of an underwater home

Homeowners who want to get out from under burdensome houses are stretched. Mortgage payments don’t let up, and missing a few payments can lead to mortgage default or even foreclosure. 

The Triangle and surrounding areas have been in a housing boom for decades. As North Carolina continues to grow in population, real estate prices keep rising. Sometimes burdensome houses are a function of zoning changes or increased development in Apex, Hillsborough, or Carrboro. A family home in Wake County that was once a place of respite can become a financial burden. 

Homeowners in Raleigh can sell a house fast, no matter the situation, by thinking outside the box and looking for new real estate solutions. For instance, in the wake of a big storm during hurricane season in North Carolina, homes can become damaged to the point that they aren’t livable. North Carolina real estate transactions make it easier than ever to sell a damaged property. 

A rental property is another reason a local home buyer might be interested. Selling off a rental portfolio fast in Raleigh, NC is easy with a no obligations cash offer. Cash buyers in Raleigh, NC can offer more money than ever thanks to the condition of the real estate market. If there are tenants in the Raleigh home, it’s still possible to sell fast in Raleigh, NC.

The benefits of a cash home sale

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Turning away from the comfort of a realtor can bring a lot of benefits. Homeowners who need to sell their home fast can find a lot of benefits in a cash home offer. 

  • Easy sale process. There are usually only a few steps for a cash home sale.
  • Sell the home as-is. Though home inspections and negotiations are the norm for traditional home sales, a cash buyer can take the home in as-is condition.
  • Fast sale & flexible timeline. Because cash homebuyers aren’t beholden to the conditions of normal real estate transactions, closing can happen on any scheduled date. 
  • No fees or real estate commissions. Though a cash home buyer will likely offer a home sale price that’s less than the top market value, that difference is offset by the lack of real estate commissions. Home selling fees can add up to a big chunk, eating into equity. With a cash home sale, there’s none of that headache. 
  • No cleaning or repairs. Homeowners who sell their home don’t have to bother with cleaning, home staging, or home repairs. 

Working with an agent can leave Raleigh homeowners feeling like they aren’t a priority. With the busy real estate market in North Carolina, a selling agent doesn’t always have time to give homeowners the attention you need to sell your home fast. Working with a cash buyer cuts the process down and puts the home seller at the center.

The cash home buying processwhite and brown unwanted real estate property

Image by Dhruv Mehra via Unsplash

The process of selling your home for cash is simple. 

  1. Contact a home buying company
  2. Get a fast, no-obligation quote
  3. Sign the contract
  4. Verify proof of funds
  5. Connect with a title company to perform a title search
  6. Sign closing documents

What makes cash homebuying faster is that there’s no need to have an open house, to make repairs, or to appraise the home. Often, a Raleigh homeowner can get a fair cash offer and the buyer will waive the home inspection. Particularly in a seller’s market, there’s lots of latitude for homeowners to get a good deal for selling their home fast.  

Some parts of the process are the same. For example, when a seller accepts the cash buyer’s offer, they complete a Purchase and Sale Agreement contract – they “go under contract”. The cash sale aspect means that a seller should request a proof of funds letter from a bank or an investment company. This is for validation purposes and allows the seller to know that the deal is a good one. We buy houses scams are out there, and it’s a good idea to know that the money is there for this kind of transaction. 

Another step that’s the same is the title search. This is done through the Wake County Register of Deeds or a title search company. It makes sure that there isn’t a lien on the property. 

What happens at the closing date with an all cash offer?

At the very end of the process, the buyer and seller get together to sign all of the paperwork. Though a cash home sale is less complicated than a home sale through a real estate agent, there is still a mountain of documents to sign. 

All the closing costs aren’t necessarily covered if someone is going to pay cash for a Raleigh house. In some cases, real estate solutions lead to a compromise. Though the closing costs are less with a fair all cash offer than they are with a traditional realtor, some of the costs could be covered by the price of the home. This detail is negotiated between cash buyers and homeowners before the closing date on a Raleigh house.

On the road to the closing date, there’s still no obligation from cash buyers or Raleigh homeowners to complete the transaction. Though you might want to sell your house fast in Raleigh, there could be snags that hold up the closing date as information is cleared for validation purposes. Nothing is a done deal until all the paperwork is signed.

Selling a home quickly is possible

Raleigh home

Image by Steven Ungermann via Unsplash

Selling a house in NC fast is about putting money in your pocket. Look around at other companies and explore real estate agents before you commit to selling your Raleigh area house. Even if you want to sell quickly, it’s still important to make a smart decision about your house. The need to sell should never outweigh the importance of connecting with the right cash buyer. A fair all cash offer is only a fair offer if it’s from an honest buyer.

It’s feasible to sell a home quickly when a buyer is ready for an all cash deal. Home buyers are ready and willing to buy houses in Raleigh, helping homeowners with all the paperwork so they can get more cash. Rental properties are fair game for the home selling process too, with real estate investors able to help you sell your house if you’re in a bind with a tenant.

The entire process takes a few weeks at most, and you can forego traditional lenders to get an all cash offer from an investment firm. That’s even the case if repairs needed haven’t been completed and the home is left unchanged. A fast closing in the Raleigh area is exactly what many homeowners need!

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