How To Sell Your House As-Is When It Needs Repairs

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Looking to sell your home when it needs repairs? Whether you don’t have the time or money to make these repairs, you have the option to sell “as-is.” You can approach this sale two different ways, sell without doing anything, or make a few specific major repairs to help increase the value before selling. Each route has its pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more.

Options for selling as-is

  1. List it on the market with an agent: When looking to sell your home as-is, be sure to find an agent who has experience selling properties not up to typical market standards. Your listing will be marked as an “as-is” sale meaning that you will not be spending time making any repairs this will attract a different type of home buyer (usually someone looking for a good deal). However, your agent should still be able to set clear expectations to buyers that no majors repairs will be made. Keep in mind that the buyer may still request an inspection, and you will likely have to settle for less than the listed sale price.
  2. Sell to a local investor (cash buyer): Another popular option is to sell directly to the buyer, such as a house flipper, investor, or professional home buying company. This method cuts out all middlemen and reduces almost all fees. Investors aren’t concerned about having you do repairs yourself or getting inspections done before purchasing. If you can find a local reputable investor, this will likely be the best option.

Make home improvements

Going the route of making repairs yourself may end up saving you more money in the long run. If you want to increase the home’s value before listing it, be sure you make repairs and updates in order of priority. Some major issues that are worth fixing are mold, leaks, and foundation damage. Before you invest any time or money into your home, be sure that the work that’s being done is adding value to your home. For example, if your property needs a new roof and it will cost 7,000 dollars but will add 8,500 dollars to the property’s value, it’s worth doing. Working with a local investor or experienced agent can help make sure your money is going into projects that will make you a return on your investment.

Home repairs & improvements worth doing

Not all improvements are worth your time and money. Here is a list of the top improvements to make before selling.

  • Updating the electrical panel
  • Replacing the roof
  • Repairing pipes, septic system, or sewer connection
  • Updating the HVAC system
  • Addressing termite, water damage, or mold
  • Installing a new water heater
  • Installing a new furnace
  • Renovating outdated bathrooms and kitchens
  • Exterior including landscaping
  • Refinishing hardwood floors
  • New carpets or getting them professionally cleaned.
  • A new coat of paint (one of the cheapest and easiest way to update the look of your home)

Home improvements not worth doing

Not all improvements are created equal think twice before making any of the following changes

  • Partial room upgrades
  • Grandfathered-in building code issues
  • Old appliances
  • Minor electrical issues
  • Drive way or walkway cracks
  • Repainting trendy color
  • Fixing minor cosmetic damage
  • Renovating beyond your neighborhood’s norm

How to find and screen a local investor

There are several ways to find a local investor. Reach out to some local agents for recommendations, call any “we buy houses” yard signs you see on the street, or the easiest way is to google “we buy houses near me” or “cash home buyers near me.” You can also try searching with your cities name, such as “we buy houses Michigan” or “we buy houses Charlotte, NC.”

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After finding a few local investors, you will want to do a bit of research on the company. It’s highly recommended that you check if they are certified by the Better Business Bureau and if they have any reviews from past clients. Make sure they are a legit company before doing business with them. One red flag to look out for is when they don’t disclose personal information such as photos of the owners, names of employees, business addresses, etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their past clients and more information about their company and the owners.

Work With A Professional Home Buyer

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure what the next best step is? We can help! We realize that the average person may buy and sell a home only a couple of times in their entire life. Yet, we buy and sell property every single day and understand the process like the back of our hands. Connect Home Buyers has helped dozens of homeowners sell fixer-upper homes and “hoarder” houses.

We offer free consultations to anyone seeking advice. Even if you are going through foreclosure, have bad tenants, or just inherited a property, we can help. Please fill out your information below, and one of our specialists will contact you during regular business hours.

We Simplify The Home Selling Process

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It’s 100% free. What do you have to lose? If you are not satisfied with our services and offer, you can always decline and move on.

The worst-case scenario is you will get a free consultation and have a backup offer just in case a buyer’s loan falls through last minute or something unexpected happens that you weren’t prepared for. Life happens to all of us, and we are here to make it easier. 

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"If I had to sell a home again I'd absolutely go with connect home buyers again."

“Because this is new for us, the whole process is new for us. Working with the bank, working with your actual realtor. We didn’t even have to get a realtor, so we had to do nothing. The only thing we had to do was paperwork with the bank, and you all took care of the rest. You made us comfortable leaving our home. We didn’t worry about it and sit back and say, well, maybe we made a mistake. There was no second-guessing with us because you didn’t make us second guess. You made us feel comfortable that this is the right choice, and we are doing the right thing.” -Mike

"It was exactly what I was looking for. I just want a process where I don't have to put any work into it. Because I'm away from the house, I'm a couple of hours drive away."

“I want a process I don’t have to put any work into it. Because I’m away from the house, I’m a couple of hours drive away. I said I don’t want to go to closing; I don’t want to have to show up at the house, I don’t want to have to show up a meeting with anybody. I want to collect a check and be done with it and have it done quickly within, you know, two to three weeks or so, and that’s what you guys were able to supply for me, and that’s what I wanted. At first, you knew what you were talking about right, I’ve had a lot of people call and different things and try to-and you could tell they were maybe just out of a new class or something where you get a lot of flippers, and they start emailing out to everybody. Right off the bat, it seemed like you guys knew what you were talking about, and you’ve done this before, and you had the investors. It seemed to be a little more legit than a lot of these cold callers that you get that wanna buy your house.” -Tom Stall