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How to Sell Your House Quickly in Charlotte, NC

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Are you looking to sell your house quickly in Charlotte, NC?  We often get a lot of home owners asking how we are able to help other sellers sell in under 14 days.  Here are our top 12 ways to sell your house quickly.  

1. Pick a Selling Strategy

It’s important to understand that there are many ways to go to market when you want to sell your house. In order to sell your house fast in Charlotte you will want to evaluate each option.

how-to-sell-your-charlotte-nc-house-fastA popular strategy is to list the property below market value to attract as many qualified buyers as possible. If you aren’t familiar with your market area and current selling prices for comparable homes like yours its recommend you work with a real estate professional to help you price your proprty right.

2. Deep Clean Your House

Cleaning out every room of your house helps attract more buyers to your listing. If you don’t want to bother with deep cleaning every square inch of your home, then hire a professional home cleaner to do the job for you.

Make sure you get your carpets cleaned professionally. A new deep clean of your old dirty carpets can make the house looking new and smelling fresh. Two things buyers are looking for when shopping for a new house.

Don’t forget about the outside either! Well-maintained landscaping can make a world of difference, especially when you take photos of the home.

3. Inspect Your House

Get an inspection to help avoid any surprises or road bumps that may surface along your selling process. Buyers will be reluctant to purchase a home knowing that there hasn’t been any professional inspection and are likely to steer away from homes that are in poor condition.

If you uncover potential problems during the inspection, be sure to fix them ASAP so you don’t scare off future buyers. If the repairs are too costly or time-consuming, you always have the option of selling as-is.

4. Add Sale Incentives

Throwing in extra perks or incentives to potential buyers can help your close faster. If you know that your home will be tough to sell, either because of repairs, a slow market, or some unusual home features adding in incentives like paying closing costs or upfront repair will help attract more buyers.

Not sure what to do? Get creative and throw in your appliances, improvement credits or offer seller financing.

5. Do Quick Upgrades

Have an outdated kitchen or bathroom? What about old carpet and paint? Invest some money into making your home newer is a sure way to get more buyers, more offers, and ultimately sell faster.

Don’t go overboard. You don’t want to put inhow-to-sell-your-house-fast-in-charlotte-nc anything that won’t give you a return on your money. A good way to check if it’s worth doing is comparing similar homes nearby that have recently sold and what types of upgrades they have.

6. Stage Your Home

Getting your home staged is one sure way to make it more attractive to potential buyers. The easiest and fastest way to stage your home is to hire a professional home stager in your area.

Home stagers will do everything from planning where to put pictures on the wall, moving in new furniture, and sometimes offering photos!

7. Get Professional Photos

Now that your home is clean, repairs and renovations have been made, and the entire place is staged, it’s time to get photos taken.

Someone once said photos speak one thousand words, which could not be more true for real estate! Professional photography will not only have a great camera but will understand lighting, angles and will be able to make final edits and touch-ups to the photos after they are taken.

8. Use the Internet

Almost all home buyers use the internet to search for new homes.

Now that you have professional pictures, it’s time to spread the word that your house is up for sale!

The goal here is to get as many eyeballs looking at your house as possible. Post your listing on sites like Zillow, Realtor, and even Facebook!

9. Write a Great Listing Description

Pictures are important, but so are words. Now that you have people viewing your photos online, you need a great listing description. 

Your description should point out all the features and benefits of buying your home and motivate potential buyers to reach out for more information about seeing the property.

10. Sell To a We Buy House Company

The quickest and simplest way to sell your home is to sell to a local investor or “we buy houses in Charlotte company.”

Investors can make swift and smooth purchases using all cash. If you sell to an investor, you shortcut the majority of the standard home selling processes. This includes inspections, realtors, open houses, lawyers, banks, and working with multiple people.

Because they are buying your property directly and with all cash, they can close as soon as 14 days or less.

11. Hire an Agent

Not interested in doing everything yourself? Hire a local, experienced agent to handle the home selling process for you.

Ask around for referrals on good agents in your area. You will want to find someone who understands your market area well and can help you achieve your goals of selling your home quickly.

12. Set a Timeline For a Price Reduction

If you can’t wait around for top dollar sometimes, it’s worth lowering your price to attract more potential buyers.

You won’t always be able to get exactlyHow-to-sell-your-house-fast-in-charlotte-nc what you want when you list your home. Time is money, and holding your property for another 6 months to get a little extra on the market might not be worth it.

The amount and timeline you set depend on what the current market is like and how big of a hurry you are in for selling.

Can't Seem To Find Any Buyers?

If you have had your house on the market for months and months are haven’t been able to sell, you may want to take a step back and re-evaluate the value of your home.

The current real estate market can play a huge factor in how much you will be able to sell for, and sometimes it’s worth waiting for a better time to sell.

It’s always worth working with a local real estate professional, whether that be a real estate investor, agent, or your brother’s best friend, Bob. 

We hope you find some of these tips useful to sell your Charlotte, NC house quickly.

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