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Is it Smart to Sell a House in Florida in the Fall?

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Image by Matthiascooper via Pixabay

Fall is right around the corner. While you might be busy with fall activities like visiting pumpkin patches, drinking hot cider, and hiking, you might also be wondering if selling a house in fall is a good idea.

Choosing when to put your house on the market can make a world of difference in how fast it will sell. The fall real estate market can be different depending on where you live. But with the recent demand for homes, you might be at an advantage to list your Florida property.

Selling Trends

Selling your home at the right time of year can be overwhelming to think about, especially if you are concerned with making a profit.

In many states, the demand for homes increases in the spring and summer months. This is especially true with families with kids because they will search for homes before school begins.

Typically, the demand for homes decreases in the fall and winter months. In fact, the National Association of Realtors says November is one of the slowest months for home sales. This would mean there is less competition for purchasing a home or fewer real estate transactions.

HOWEVER, listing your home during the fall months in the Florida real estate market is a great time because of its beautiful, year-round warm weather.

Many retirees visit Florida during the fall months to escape the upcoming winter weather. A beachfront or new home will be enticing to serious buyers during November and the holiday season.

Florida is also known for being a wonderful vacation spot, boasting beautiful beaches and several theme parks. As more and more people continue to visit and rent properties in Florida, they become interested in the housing inventory and will look to stay permanently.

Potential buyers love the warm, autumn weather provided by the Sunshine State.

Advantages of Selling in Fall

Typically in autumn, housing prices cool down for a range of reasons. School is back in session, shorter days are on the horizon, and holidays start soon making moving more challenging.

However, as stated above, there are plenty of advantages and benefits to listing your home during fall.

Your Home Will Show Well

Colorful leaves of red, orange, and yellow will make your home more appealing. Fall decor and seasonal flowers will also increase your curb appeal. Keep reading below to see how you can stage your home for autumn.

The Weather is Ideal for Moving

Moving during the fall is like Goldilocks finding the perfect temperature for her porridge. Summer is too hot. Winter is too cold. While the weather in Florida stays warm all year, there is a drop in temperature during the fall months making the mild weather perfect conditions for moving.

Could Move Into New House Before Holidays

Many sellers don’t want the hassle of moving during the holiday season because it can be stressful and inconvenient. Selling your house in the fall could potentially mean you could buy and sell before the holidays.

Moving Costs Could Be Lower

Since spring and summer tend to be the peak moving seasons, movers might be in less demand during the fall. This drop in demand might mean lower moving costs.

Consider these advantages and benefits when preparing to sell your home during the fall.

Staging Your Home

Showing your home is key to highlighting its potential. Staging also helps potential buyers visualize themselves in a new house. Since fall is considered a good time to sell your Florida home, here are some specific ways you can stage your home for the fall months.


First impressions matter when putting your home on the market. You can make your home more welcoming by sprucing up your home’s exterior.

Yard work is essential to improving your curb appeal. Create a to do list to get everyone involved.

  • Cut the grass
  • Remove any dead foliage
  • Trim branches from trees and shrubs in order to bring more light to your house

Consider adding autumn accent colors to the exterior of your home as well. Small touches like adding autumn flowers such as mums or sunflowers near the front door might welcome buyers.

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Image by Suju Foto via Pixabay

Clean and Declutter

Once you’ve staged your home’s exterior, move inside and begin cleaning and decluttering.

  • Make sure to put away all large items on countertops in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • If you have three bedrooms, consider staging a home office area to allow a buyer to visualize a space to work from home.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light in all rooms.
  • Put away any personal items.
  • Check the HVAC system and change the air filters.
  • Change the furnace filter.

Since the holiday season is near, you could also add holiday decorations to the interior of your home. Cute Halloween decorations like small pumpkins or pine cones would look inviting if placed around your dining room table.

Accessorize your sofa with a bright orange or golden yellow pillow. Bring other autumn accent colors into your rooms with a colorful throw pillow or blankets.

Small Repairs or upgrades

Making small repairs or upgrades to your home could also help with the sale. These would be the items listed below:

  • Painting the interior of your home
  • Providing new flooring
  • Patching any small holes in the walls
  • Fixing any leaky faucets
  • Upgrading fixtures

Keep in mind that small repairs and upgrades can add up and cost more money.

Setting The Right Asking Price

One of the most important factors when selling your home is deciding on the right asking price. It’s essential to research current real estate market trends before setting the price.

Find a local real estate agent who can help determine your home’s fair market value. A real estate agent can also recommend mortgage lenders if you are looking to purchase a new home after selling yours.

Florida is a rapidly growing state because of the climate, beautiful beaches, and attractive and active lifestyle. Florida is an alluring destination, which means selling a house in the fall might increase the number of buyers.

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