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What’s Ahead for Memphis Housing Market in 2024? Outlook and Predictions 

Memphis Housing Market
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Memphis is not only the cultural, historical, and musical hub of Tennessee but also the most thriving real estate market in the United States. Why do the experts value the Memphis housing market the most? The dynamics of this city draw a complex picture, and sellers and buyers find opportunities in different ways despite price fluctuations. The robust market dynamics, steady sales volume, and excellent investment opportunities make this market the most attractive housing market in Tennessee. 

When discussing this specific topic related to the housing market in Memphis, you may have various questions. However, the number of available homes for sellers determines the market situation, as this number is essential to meet buyers’ demands.  

The surge in sales volume confirms that the market has healthy competition. On the other hand, supply-chain constraints can create challenges in the market. Currently, the availability of homes for sale is below average, although we have experienced improved inventory levels compared to previous years. This constraint is still available in specific neighborhoods and price ranges. This difference in demand and supply keeps the prices higher and intensifies buyer competition. 

Memphis Housing Market Trends in 2024 

We will give some figures in the following lines that will help you learn housing market trends in Memphis and plan your strategy accordingly if you are interested in real estate investment: 

Sales Volume Surge 

The surge in total sales units available in 2023 compared to the previous year is 21.3%. In 2023, 1,231 units were sold, compared to 1,015 in 2022. 

Changes in Median Sales Price 

The change in median sales price is 6.7% in the downward direction. It was $179,000 in 2023, and when the median sales price in January 2024 was explored, it was $167,000. 

Average Sales Price Changes 

The average sales price in January 2024 was $218,369, which is 3.4% less than the 2023 average of $226,040. 

Opportunity for Buyers 

Prospective buyers can enter the current Memphis housing market. More importantly, first-time buyers have a bigger chance to capitalize on affordability. 

Navigating Uncertainty 

The sellers must observe the evolving market landscape and adopt strategic approaches accordingly. They need to calibrate their pricing strategies to appeal to discerning buyers and reflect market realities. 

High-End Properties 

Although other Memphis housing market trends are in the opposite direction, the prices of high-end properties are rising. It means that these sales units have demonstrated resilience. According to the available data, the prices of sales units with prices above a certain threshold have increased by 16.3% compared to the previous year’s data. 

Factors that help determine Memphis housing market forecast. 

Supply chain disruptions, inflationary pressures, mortgage rates, economic indicators, global events, and regulatory changes may affect today’s housing market forecast in Memphis. Overall, we can easily say that the Memphis housing market is uncertain, and we need to decide after carefully observing the market. 

The Future Market Outlook 

Is the distressed property a profitable investment in Memphis?

It depends. We have already discussed that pricing trends, supply-demand dynamics, and market sentiments determine the market. Currently, the Memphis housing market is a buyer’s market, but the future market outlook shows that uncertainty will prevail, and intelligent decisions are required to extract the maximum benefits. 

In which direction will the Memphis housing market move? 

However, we have been experiencing a decline in the average home value in the last few months. However, we cannot say that this drop is sustained and significant, as markets fluctuate according to demand and supply. Memphis real estate market is resilient, and many factors, including housing inventory, population growth, and economic conditions, contribute to this situation. When we claim that we can experience stability in the next few months, it simply confirms that there are no chances of a market crash in 2024. 

When to buy a house in Memphis? 

Choosing the favorite time to buy a house in Memphis is challenging, as market conditions and individual circumstances and goals change from time to time. However, we recommend all homebuyers in Memphis buy a property now if they have enough funds or an approved mortgage loan. The reason is that the prices are slightly below average, and the experts have been expecting that this situation will not remain the same. Before deciding anything, we always recommend conducting thorough research and keeping long-term implications in mind if you are interested in buying a house in Memphis. 

Looking for assistance in turnkey property investments? Let Connect Home Buyers Help You! 

If you are a real estate investor and want to invest in the Memphis housing market, Connect Home Buyers is your perfect partner. Why is it so? Connect Home Buyers has been in the Memphis real estate market for over a decade and knows exactly how this market behaves. More importantly, they follow the latest market trends, keep an eye on all fluctuations, and ensure you get the best results. So, contact them now and find the best real estate investments in Memphis. 


Memphis is one of the most suitable real estate markets for investors. However, before deciding anything, it is essential for the investors to explore the market properly before buying a turnkey property in Memphis. Overall, it is an excellent investment but if you have explored the market and are informed about current market condition, the decision can be more fruitful. 

We have provided some statistics in this discussion to help investors decide. We do not claim that this information is comprehensive, but you can get an overall view about Memphis housing market. However, we recommend you explore other comprehensive sources before finalizing your decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why is the Memphis Housing market the best in the United States for investment? 

Memphis real estate market is the most thriving in the United States due to its robust market dynamics, excellent investment opportunities, and steady sales volume. More importantly, Memphis is the best place for rental properties that means investors can improve their workflow and get the maximum advantages. 

What must real estate investors consider before buying a property in Memphis? 

Investors should be informed about the current median sales price, the previous-year median price during the same period, the average sale price, sales volume, market trends, factors that matter the most in buying a property, and the Memphis housing market forecast. 

What benefits do turnkey properties give to the investors? 

These properties are available at lower rates, and investors can make them livable after spending a limited amount; renting these properties is convenient, and after paying the mortgage amount, the investors can make money and improve cash flow. 

Why should I choose Connect Home Buyers when buying a turnkey property? 

Connect Home Buyers is a local real estate firm that knows the Memphis real estate market well. They are in the market and understand market dynamics, current market prices, the latest trends, and forecasts. Therefore, working with them to invest in the Memphis housing market can be the most suitable option for you. 

How does Connect Home Buyers assist the investors? 

Connect Home Buyers provides all the latest details related to the Memphis real estate market, including trends, inventory volume, and prices. Moreover, they also assist you in finding the most suitable properties in the best neighborhoods to ensure you get the best deal and generate the maximum profits. 

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