Top 5 Home Stagers in Charlotte, NC

Hands down, one of the best ways to make sure that your home sells quickly and for a high price is to use a Charlotte-area home stager. Given that the Charlotte metro area runs from Matthews, North Carolina, all the way south to Rock Hill, South Carolina, there are lots of home stagers to choose from.

Accredited staging professionals help home sellers to be distinct in the local real estate market. Home staging companies do everything from facilitating a deep clean to providing interior design services to renting out modern furniture to homes in Carolina spaces.

What do home stagers do?

A home stager basically prepares a home for sale. The reason is to make the house look more appealing to potential buyers. It also allows potential buyers to imagine themselves inside the home, rather than seeing what your home looks like with your personality. 

Essentially, they’re an objective third party that stands between you and the buyer to let you meet in a neutral middle. That middle also happens to be on-trend. A home stager brings in art pieces, furniture, and other kinds of home accessories to make sure that the house looks fantastic when it’s on the market. 

Homeowners are paying for the design services of the Charlotte home stager, but they’re also renting the home decor. Pieces of art and furniture are rented from the home stager during the time that the house is on the market in Charlotte, North Carolina

How much does a home stager cost?

The process varies slightly for each individual home staging company, but it’s essentially in two parts. 

Home stagers usually start off with an initial design consultation. This is when they meet with the homeowner for the first time and determine their goals. It’s also when they evaluate the property and negotiate a price. That first home staging consultation costs somewhere around three hundred to five hundred dollars. 

After that first consultation, the Charlotte home stager will then agree to a monthly fee or an hourly fee for their maintenance on the property and the use of their materials. Homeowners should expect to pay several hundred dollars per month while their house is on the market for the services of a professional home stager. 

All total, the average cost of a home stager in the United States is just below fifteen hundred dollars. The range is around six hundred to twenty-four hundred dollars. A staged home in Fort Mill, South Carolina, or elsewhere in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area won’t even look like your own house anymore! That’s how good a house can look, and it’s why sellers get more money for their Charlotte project.

What a home staging entails

Note that the cost of a home stager in Charlotte will vary greatly depending on what services you need. Here are some options for what your home staging package might look like. 

  • Staging furniture and accessories
  • Decluttering the home
  • Addressing major repairs and design issues

If your home staging requires big changes in the layout or fixtures to make it more appealing to potential buyers, this could add significant costs. For example, you might need to change the layout of your home or paint the walls. Those are additional costs on top of the home staging fee. 

Sometimes, a real estate agent will cover part of the costs of home staging. This is unusual, but it’s worth asking. For sellers who are looking for a cash offer, home staging fees are all on them. 

Getting a fresh look design plan can get a home sold by changing just a few things about the house. Using design software and similar technologies to virtual reality or augmented reality, NC professionals get the best looking home possible on the market. If you want to find home stagers who can get the job done, look no further than the amazing service sector around Charlotte, NC.

Benefits of home staging

room designed by home staging services

Image by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

Though home staging means an additional cost, it can also make a big difference for people in Charlotte, NC who are selling their home. Here are some big benefits of home staging

  1. Quicker property sale. Staged homes spend a lot less time on the market.
  2. An objective view of the property. Homeowners can’t always see problems with their homes that are obvious. A home stager can refocus attention and seize opportunities.
  3. Higher sale price. Because a home stager makes a property look more attractive to buyers, it’s easier to get a better price for a home in Charlotte, NC. 
  4. Less stress for home sellers. There’s already a lot of stress to be had around selling your home in Charlotte. A homeowner doesn’t have to worry about being an interior designer as well as the logistics of selling a home.

Using a home stager is a cost-benefit situation. Paying someone to stage your home will allow you to get money and sell your home faster. The cost will also eat into your profit from the home sale. A professional business that focuses on one-stop interior design services will give your project a lease on life.  

Top home stagers in Charlotte

Interior design in North Carolina

Image by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

If you’re selling your home in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll want to explore the possibility of using a home stager. You can get a free quote from different home staging companies in the Queen City. Find out which one works best for you and your goals. 

1. Staging Magic LLC

Most home sellers don’t realize that color consultations are a powerful way to maximize the look of their home for sale. Staging Magic specializes in helping homeowners refresh the color of their home to improve its look. 

Known for her friendly, laid back approach, owner Ronda works with clients across the Charlotte area. She works with an entire team of support staff when needed to give homeowners in North Carolina and South Carolina exactly what they need to attract absolutely amazing buyers.

2. Stella Home LLC

This home staging company in Charlotte focuses on local products and support for North Carolina homeowners. That approach is important for families who are selling their home. The home renovation philosophy of owner Cassee Cunningham is focused on repurposing pieces and renovating existing spaces. 

Don’t miss the wonderful gallery of photos of Cassee’s work on wide ranging homes in the region. The transformations are truly extraordinary. 

3. TNT Staging

This award winning home staging company in Charlotte has a combined experience of more than twenty years. One of the founders of this company is the president of the Real Estate Staging Association, and the other is an Accredited Staging Professional and a member of the International Association of Accredited Home Staging Professionals. Their team is backed by a professional business model and a highly qualified, service-oriented group of interior design professionals.

TNT Staging is fully insured and has a long history of partnering with real estate investors, realtors, and brokers in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Clients offer rave reviews for their model home design and report coming back to work with this team on a very regular basis.

4. Bella Staging & Design 

Offering professional home staging, this company is known for its services in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Owner Natalie Sanchez is a member of the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Staging Association. Check out her professional portfolio of before and after pictures to get an idea of what her services look like. 

Sanchez has strict standards and does a great job of picking out paint colors that work hard to get a home to sell faster in areas like Lake Wylie or Fort Mill. Her services don’t cost top dollar, but they do give homeowners a wonderful experience.

5. Creative Home Stagers

Decluttering and depersonalization of homes to bring in a neutral aesthetic, Creative Home Stagers is both experienced and affordable. Photography and videography of your home in Charlotte are essential services of this staging company. They’ll offer you a top ten priority list to get you off on the right foot. 

You can get a reasonably priced home staging consultation from this staging company in Charlotte. They offer vacant home staging, occupied home staging, and real estate agent staging partnerships. 

Consider your home staging options

Real estate styling in Charlotte, NC

Image by Andrea Davis via Unsplash

There are lots of options for home staging in Charlotte, NC. Whether you work with an interior designer or a moving company to improve your home before sale, you’ll sell your home faster if it’s staged. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the home. That’s not as easy if the homeowner’s furniture and decor is too distinct. Working with a professional staging company can give a space a modern sense of style, even if it’s just through new paint colors and freshened furniture.

Even if you decide to sell your home as is, without doing any repairs or freshening up the exterior, it’s still worthwhile to explore home staging. You might well decide that the best way to get a good price for your home is to work with an experienced home stager.

Open Door vs. We Buy Houses – Which is Best for You?

Image by Paulbr75 via Pixabay

In today’s white-hot real estate market, there are tons of options for homeowners to sell their house for a great price. The question isn’t so much whether it’s possible to sell your house fast, it’s more about finding the right buyer. Looking for a homebuyer with integrity who will give you a fair shake is ultimately what it’s all about. 

New ways of selling your home

The internet changed everything in all aspects of our lives. Where it used to be that you had to either go to a traditional real estate agent to list and sell your home or put an ad in the local paper to sell it yourself, today there are a huge range of options available.

The rise of online home selling means that homeowners can connect with cash buyers all over the United States. It doesn’t matter if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, or Grand Rapids, Michigan – you can open a search engine and find dozens of potential buyers in an instant. 

Finding out which homebuying company is the best fit for your situation isn’t easy, even with all of these choices available. The average price on the open market isn’t always easy to find. If you rent homes, then you’ll likely run into some issues with buying criteria, even on an all-cash offer.

Decision fatigue

Did you know that it actually takes a lot of brainpower to make decisions? In fact, the huge number of home selling options available can lead to something called decision fatigue. The mental overload that we experience can lead to extra stress, even if the choice seems logical. 

Depending on what time of day you make a decision and what other pressures you have pushing you, the mental stress of it all can have a real effect on what you do. When you’re selling your home, the most important thing is to be dispassionate about it. Coming to the process with an open mind but a sharp sense of the financial ramifications is the best way to get the best deal. 

Selling your home is a major decision that feels like it has serious consequences. What happens if you don’t make the right choice? If you go with the wrong buyer, will you miss out on money? What if you’d just have clicked on that other website or scrolled down to another page? The huge number of choices can make all of the decisions seem impossible to make. 

Research to narrow your options

One great way to combat decision fatigue is to narrow down your options to something that’s manageable. That’s why we’ve pulled down all of the potential cash buyers online to just two, Open Door vs. We Buy Houses. Both of these will give you a cash offer and a quick closing date. Each company’s fee structure is different, but they both have an online form for home sellers.

There’s always the option to go with a random real estate agent. You’ll be likely to get fair market value if you work with a licensed real estate broker, but you’ll also pay real estate agent fees. Local agents are fiercely competitive with other real estate companies, and they’ll always know the estimated retail value of ugly houses. Home sellers in San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth, or anywhere in the country can find a local agent.

The traditional home sale involves real estate agent commissions and transaction costs, so your fair market value is just an estimate. The purchase price could be higher or lower, and once local agents with a real estate company add in all the hidden fees, all-cash offers might sound more like a fair price.

These are two of the biggest names in cash home buying, so they’ll have the volume and experience to help most homeowners. You’ll be able to feel confident with either of these investment companies. It’s mostly a matter of understanding the differences between these two options and seeing which is the best fit for you. 

What is Open Door?

The online world of real estate buying and selling is huge today. Open Door is a website that went live in 2014 with the mission of connecting homeowners and real estate investors. It’s what’s known as an iBuyer, or Instant Buyer. That means that the closings are fast and the process is streamlined. With this platform, the offer for a home will be quick, but so will the timeline for closing. It all happens incredibly fast. 

There are only thirty-five markets in the United States where Open Door operates. That limitation alone can functionally keep a lot of people out of this service. For half of them, you can buy a home or sell a home. For the other half, you can only sell a home through their online home selling platform. 

Details about Open Door

Buying process for a piece of property

Image by Anncapictures via Pixabay

It’s important to note that, beyond the restrictions on the location where Open Door will buy homes, there are lots of other restrictions as well. 

The limitations on buying mean that many sellers aren’t a great fit for Open Door. Here are some examples of property restrictions with this home buying company. 

– Homes listed between 100K and 600K (though in some instances they will go higher)
– Built after 1930
– Not in a flood zone
– Maximum lot of 2 acres
– Single family homes, townhomes, duplexes in all markets, condos in a few markets
– Only owner-occupied homes or vacant homes

The other thing to consider with Open Door are the fees associated with using their service. There’s a service charge of five percent and around one percent in closing costs. Those add up significantly. Open Door will also deduct the cost of projected repairs from their sale price. They aren’t a buy ugly houses company or a real estate investment company.

Where a buy ugly houses venture or a real estate investor might give you a cash offer and then fix up and flip your home, Open Door is more in the business to sell your home directly to another buyer at a profit.

Opendoor makes money through their undisclosed referral fee and potentially through a cancellation fee if the deal doesn’t go through. Though the closing date is closer than if you work with a real estate agent, the cash offer from this company might not meet your expectations. Closing costs and service fees mean you’re losing money versus what you could get on the open market.

There are lots of reviews that praise the fast and easy process of selling to Open Door. There are also lots of reviews that say that the offers are low and the repair estimates are high. 

What is “We Buy Houses”?

There are two possibilities for We Buy Houses. One is a slogan that lots of independent home investors use to advertise their services. Another is a branch of a direct home buyer. There’s even a variation that’s called We Buy Ugly Houses, which franchises its name to independent investors rather than being a monolithic company. 

Here, we’re going to talk about real estate investors who license the We Buy Houses name in their local real estate market. Licensing means that you’ll only find one of these in your real estate market – the rights are exclusive. There are more than two hundred licensed We Buy Houses companies in the United States. 

This conglomerate of real estate investors has its toes in markets from Kansas to Michigan to Phoenix to North Carolina and everywhere in between. 

What to expect from We Buy Houses

new house in Colorado Springs

Image by Mikes Photography via Pixabay

No matter where you live, the process is the same if you work with We Buy Houses. There’s a phone number to call. During that initial phone call, an agent will ask lots of questions to evaluate your home and see if it’s possible for them to buy it. 

After that initial call, they’ll connect to a local licensee who’ll come look at the property. Then they’ll make you a cash offer if they can. It’ll be up to you to see if that offer meets your needs. 

Here’s what you can expect from We Buy Houses:

  • Cash offer in 24-48 hours
  • Closing date in around two weeks
  • Can buy homes on the brink of foreclosure or that are behind on payments
  • Remote closing options
  • Short sale for underwater mortgages
  • Buys homes in need of repair as-is

One of the big cons here is that you may not get the level of cash that you want for your home. The offer is what the offer is, and you’ll have to decide if it can work for you. The timeline is also fast, so you’re trading control over the process for a cut in the price and for convenience. 

Keep researching home selling options!

real estate in Las Vegas

Image by Paulbr75 via Pixabay

It’s well worth the time that you put into the research process for you to get the best price for your home. Selling a house is a major commitment, just as buying your home was a major commitment. Current market trends mean selling a home for top dollar on your own timeline is easier than ever. The net proceeds when you transfer ownership, even if you’ve reduced the cost for needed repairs, is still a testament to the strength of the housing market.  

Though you may want to sell your house fast for cash, you also want to feel good about it! Don’t let decision fatigue get the best of you. Sit down with a sheet of paper and write down what works for you and what doesn’t. Open Door and We Buy Houses are both viable options, depending on your home selling needs. 

Top 5 House Cleaners in Detroit, Michigan

Getting a home clean is a tough job, but it’s also an important job. High-quality house cleaners in Detroit can help you to make your home feel more comfortable and look fantastic. There’s nothing quite so nice as a wonderfully clean house.  

For people who don’t have a lot of time or energy to invest in deep cleaning a home, a cleaning service is the best option. In fact, a deep clean by a professional can be exactly what a house needs. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home in Detroit or just need to freshen up your long-term residence, you need a clean space. Scrubbing the floors, washing off the ceiling fixtures, and sanitizing the bathrooms make a house instantly feel new. 

The benefits of professional home cleaning

Professional home cleaning services in Michigan provide low contact housekeeping either on a regular schedule or just once in a while. Depending on the needs of an individual homeowner, a clean space can mean peace of mind and the ability to focus on other things.

Services in Detroit, MI come in all kinds of price ranges. They are perfect for busy families and for any kind of business owner. Keep in mind, cleaning companies are there to make people’s lives easier! House cleaning doesn’t have to fall totally on the shoulders of the homeowner.

a Detroit maid doing a great job
Image credit: CDC from Unsplash

Using a professional home cleaner reduces stress.

There are so many responsibilities in family life, especially in a metropolitan area like Detroit. Cleaning can fall to the bottom of the priority list, but the trouble is that a clean home reduces stress. Bringing in a professional home cleaner allows homeowners to put their time and energy into other projects or relaxation.  There are patent mental health benefits to having a clean home, aside from the physical health benefits of reducing allergens.

Home cleaning services clean homes better.

House cleaners in Detroit have specialized equipment to do the job right, cleaning homes more thoroughly.   Some jobs, like window washing or cleaning basement walls are a major challenge for homeowners. Deep cleaning carpets and floors, getting into nooks and crannies, and using cleaning products that get years’ worth of dirt and dust off of surfaces is the specialty of professional home cleaners.  In addition, professional cleaning services have higher cleaning standards because it’s their area of expertise.

Professional cleaning is cost-effective.

With house cleaning services, you only pay for the hourly service charge, not the supplies. Because these companies clean homes in large quantities, they buy cleaning supplies in bulk and fold that savings into their fee. The time homeowners spend cleaning is better used on their own job or on other projects that save them money. Most people who haven’t used a professional cleaning service are surprised by how little these services cost. 

A first cleaning generally costs more than later cleanings because the Detroit maid has to get through a long time build-up of dirt and grime to clean up properly. After that, regularly recurring cleaning isn’t as involved and the cost goes down.

Deep cleaning improves the lifespan of a home.

Stains on carpets or floors don’t become permanent when Detroit homeowners use a professional cleaning service. The high quality of the cleaning products matches the needs of various surfaces as well. This extends the life of the embedded materials in the home. High-quality home cleaning can also help reveal underlying problems like water leaks and mold. These could otherwise become hidden behind dust and dirt. 

These are only a few of the benefits of professional cleaning services. Anyone who’s jumped in and given this tool a try will tell you that they’re glad they took the leap! It’s money well spent for lots of reasons. 

Five top house cleaners in Detroit 

Once you know that you want to bring in a professional cleaning service, it’s time to find the best fit for you. These are all highly rated house cleaners in Detroit. They have a long track record of delivering quality cleaning services to families Wayne County. 

carpet cleaning in Detroit
Image credit: Jarmoluk via Pixabay

Squeaky’s Home Cleaning in Madison Heights

This Detroit area cleaning company helps families through its reasonable prices and its hard-working team of cleaners. They offer all kinds of cleaning services, from move-out cleaning to weekly maintenance, and serve a wide variety of Detroit suburbs from Berkley to Royal Oak. This company’s quality work is well-reviewed. The timely manner with which its crew can clean an entire house in the Metro Detroit Area is impressive too.

Homeowners looking for cleaning services will find convenient checklists from Squeaky’s Home Cleaning. That detail is exactly what they offer with each of their possible cleaning services. With its satisfaction guaranteed promise and its free estimate for house cleaning services, Squeaky’s has a leg up on other cleaning services in the Detroit, MI area.

Maid Aide in Novi

A fully bonded and insured cleaning company, Maid Aide has offices in Novi and Redford. It also serves a large portion of the Detroit metropolitan area. In particular, this cleaning company can help families with pets to keep their beloved cats and dogs healthy during the cleaning process.

Work by Maid Aide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which can give homeowners peace of mind. Another great boost is that this is a green cleaning company. They utilize reusable towels and microfiber cloths. Between services, these are sanitized with eco-friendly techniques. 

Customer satisfaction scores for both recurring service and office cleaning in Detroit, MI are high for Maid Aide. They do an amazing job with extremely dirty projects as well as with other cleaning projects that are less intense.

Clarkston Cleaning Services, LLC in Waterford Township

After more than two decades in business as a cleaning company in southeastern Michigan, Clarkston Cleaning Services has a long history of satisfied customers. Homeowners can choose from maintenance, premium, spring, and move in/move out options. 

This small, independent cleaning company has a dedicated staff that garners rave reviews from returning customers. These clients come back again and again for their expertise and consistency. Services areas include Rochester, Franklin, Bloomfield Hills, Orchard Lake, and beyond.

Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service in Shelby Charter Township

Residential and commercial cleaning services from Dawn to Dusk feature hospital-grade cleaning products and meticulous, highly trained staff. This company utilizes detailed logs of actions performed in the home. That leaves homeowners and businesses secure in the knowledge that all areas of a space have been attended to. 

Homeowners should definitely check out the home cleaning specials from this cleaning company. These include discounts for regular cleaning services as well as specials on move-in/move-out cleaning services. Affordability coupled with high standards is a major selling point of this cleaning service.

The Royal Cleaning Team in Detroit

Located right in the heart of Detroit, The Royal Cleaning Team is a top-rated cleaning service in Wayne County. This is an independently owned professional cleaning company. It gives its customers personalized service and has a range of services from Airbnb cleaning to elderly homes to deep cleaning. The company is known for its affordable cleaning rates and quick turnaround times. They’re also praised for their fantastic work in carpet cleaning. 

If you’ve got a historic home in Detroit, you can rest assured that The Royal Cleaning team has experience working with the large spaces and unique features of these kinds of houses that are unique to the area. 

There is a whole host of cleaning services in the Detroit area. Whatever company you decide to work with, make sure that you vet them by checking on their reviews and asking lots of questions. 

Choose the right professional cleaner for you 

sponge from a housekeeping service in Detroit, MI
Image credit: Pille R. Priske via Unsplash

Every family has a different set of needs when for keeping their home clean and their life going smoothly. There are so many tools that homeowners have at their disposal to preserve the quality of their home and extend the lifespan of everything in it. Furniture, fixtures, hard and soft surfaces, and even appliances can benefit from the deep cleaning that a house cleaning service can provide.  

Check around for people who have personal experience with cleaning services in Detroit. With so many highly rated cleaning companies around this area of MI, you’ll find a house cleaner that fits into your budget and your lifestyle. Be sure to work with a company that runs routine background checks on its employees. Only work with insured cleaning companies. Always ask a few questions before you hire cleaning services in Detroit.

If you’re looking for a sign to give house cleaning services in the Detroit metropolitan area a try, consider this your sign!  Whether you live in Highland Park, Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, or all the way out in Livonia, you deserve a home cleaning service that works for your budget and your needs. 

How to Sell Your House Fast for a Good Price in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Finding a low-cost way to sell your home doesn’t have to be painful. Selling your home quickly lets you get on with the next phase of your life. It also gives you the peace of mind to know that you aren’t wasting time. With a little inside knowledge about how to sell your house fast in Grand Rapids, you’ll be able to get a great price for your home too.  

Who buys houses in Grand Rapids?

The city of Grand Rapids is located in Kent County, Michigan. It’s a burgeoning city that’s the center of manufacturing and culture in West Michigan. Local universities are a big draw here too, with Kendall College of Art and Design nearby. Grand Valley State University, Aquinas College, and Thomas M. Cooley Law School are all close by. In the surrounding areas, there are more than a dozen colleges and universities. It’s the second-largest city in Michigan, just behind Detroit.

Families who come to this city the traditional way often find a professional service that specializes in helping homeowners who relocate to buy houses in Grand Rapids. The entire process can be overwhelming when an individual is dealing with moving a family member and changing jobs. Though a property address might seem like it’s a great neighborhood, when the family attends open houses they could find that the realtor commissions cost more money than they anticipated. On the other side, property owners who are dealing with burdensome houses are also in search of real estate solutions.

Choose the right selling strategy

You might be able to sell your home fast in this seller’s market. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting a sign in your yard. The key to selling your house fast in Grand Rapids is to pick the right selling strategy for your home and your financial situation.

The FSBO (for sale by owner) strategy is a great way to go if you have extra time in your life right now to put the work in. There’s a real satisfaction to doing it all yourself, from staging your home to weeding out potential buyers. Maybe you want to gain some life experience and like to get into the weeds. Lots of families are willing to buy houses in Grand Rapids from individual owners. Grand Rapids house owners who go this route can also sell to an investment firm to potentially get a fair offer for the house as is.

A real estate agent is a great option if you want a turnkey experience. It also works if you are willing to pay for it in real estate commissions and increased closing costs. An agent will take a hefty commission on the sale of your house. They’ll take their time matching you with a buyer, and you’ll be able to have a hands-off home sale. For home sellers in Michigan who don’t need a fast transaction and can sacrifice some of the profit from the home sale, a Grand Rapids real estate agent is the way to go.

Working with a cash home buyer is the third selling option for home sellers in Grand Rapids, MI. We buy houses companies offer a fast turnaround and a fair all cash offer. The closing date can come fast and closing costs are reduced if you do this to sell your Grand Rapids house. The process here is quick, from the initial consultation to the final sale. If you’re selling a home in Grand Rapids, this is a fantastic way for you to get in and out of the home selling process. 

Clean your home thoroughly

No matter what selling strategy you choose, you’ll want to have a clean house to get market value. This not only allows potential buyers to see what the house really looks like, it also helps you to get ready for the upcoming move. 

House Grand Rapids

Image by Kari Shea via Unsplash

It can be challenging to know what to do in terms of cleaning and staging your home for sale, but here are the high notes of places you’ll want to clean.

  • Declutter & box up items. Store them in the garage, basement, or a spare room
  • Bathrooms – counters, tubs, and toilets
  • Clear off kitchen counters
  • Straighten the basement and garage
  • Clean windows, both inside and out
  • Straighten the inside of closets
  • Steam clean carpets and scrub floors

If any of this is left unchanged from its current state, the whole process could be slowed down. To get top dollar for your house fast, the property needs to be in as good a condition as possible. People who are looking to buy houses in Grand Rapids need to be able to see the bones of the home. Problem solvers can pay someone a fair price to do repairs and clean the house thoroughly.

During the time that your home is on the market, it should always be presentable for potential buyers. This is a challenge for Michigan families with young children and busy professionals, so consider hiring a Grand Rapids home cleaning company to do the heavy lifting or even maintenance. It’s money well spent. 

Though there are lots of homebuyers who will buy your Grand Rapids home as-is. Cleanliness will always help you get a fair cash price for your house, no matter the property address.  

Improve the curb appeal of your home

The outside appearance of your home matters. This is one of the top things that you should consider when you’re selling your home in Grand Rapids because a first impression can mean a difference in the sale price and the quickness of the sale.

Burdensome house in the snow in Grand Rapids

Image by Frankie via Unsplash

This can be as simple as new house numbers, clearing brush, pressure washing siding, and painting the front door. Potential buyers will absolutely factor in the way the front of your home looks, and they’ll pass by during both the day and in the evening. Leave outside lights on and clear away as much outside clutter as possible during the time your home is on the market.

A quick tip if you’re trying to sell your house fast in Grand Rapids is to take pictures during the winter. Michigan snow storms can leave a pristine look to your home. If you happen to be putting your house on the market in the winter, take advantage of how beautiful it looks with snow-covered trees! The lake effect snow from nearby Lake Michigan can make your home look even more beautiful to sellers. 

Understand real estate timing

The top time of year to list your house for sale is in June and July in most places. For all of the hype about putting your house on the market during this time, it’s a bit of an overrated idea that timing is the ruler of all in real estate sales. Summer is absolutely a time of higher prices and faster sales, from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Charlotte, North Carolina, to Phoenix, Arizona, and everywhere in between. 

The price of your home and the amount of time it takes to sell has a lot less to do with when you put your house on the market and a whole lot more to do with other factors. No matter when you list your home for sale, it’s critically important that you think about what’s going on in the market at the time of sale.

If you want to sell your Grand Rapids property address, whether you’re facing foreclosure or short-form problems, don’t hassle yourself about the timing. People are ready to pay homeowners who need to get rid of burdensome houses fast.

Sell your house fast in Grand Rapids in a “seller’s market”

A seller’s market is a time when homes are staying for sale for a shorter period of time and going for higher prices than would be expected. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market has exploded due to low supply and high demand.

Selling a home for cash during this climate is straightforward and there are lots of people ready to buy your home in Grand Rapids, whether it’s a cash buyer or a traditional real estate agent. For the last two years, through 2020 and 2021, more than eighty percent of homes have sold in less than a month. That’s extraordinary no matter which way you slice it. 

It’s not just the high rate of sale of homes that’s a big deal right now. The average price of a home has increased almost fifteen percent in the last eighteen months. 

Think about your next steps

Homeowner in Grand Rapids, MI

Image credit: Troy Spoelma via Unsplash

The flip side of the seller’s market is the reality of buying a home to replace your current residence. The real estate market in Michigan is highly competitive. Families who want to get into a new home are at a disadvantage, even as they get a high price for their existing home. 

Rising home prices coupled with a low inventory is a great combination for families selling their homes in Michigan

How to Sell a House During Foreclosure

Think it’s too late to sell a house once it’s in foreclosure? Think again. 

A house is the biggest purchase that most people will ever make, and it’s a process that generally takes years of saving and building credit to make happen. Though people tend to think that getting a foreclosure notice means you’re out of luck, the great news is that it’s not the end!

To know how to sell a house during foreclosure, you first should have a grounded understanding of what the whole thing looks like. There is a definitive point at which you can no longer sell your property in foreclosure, but up until then it’s possible to work with a we buy houses company, a cash buyer, or even a traditional real estate agent. Pulling the your home back from the brink gets you back some of the equity you put into it. When you’re in financial trouble, it’s always a good idea to get legal advice for how to deal with a mortgage company.

Types of foreclosure

There are two different types of foreclosure – non-judicial and judicial. These are exactly what they sound like. A court proceeding oversees judicial foreclosure. The lender or other foreclosing party files a lawsuit that starts the gears turning.  In non-judicial foreclosure, the lender follows a proscribed series of steps that are built into the laws of that particular state. 

Some states have both options, and some states only have judicial foreclosure. Generally, one state has one kind or the other that is more common. 

Depending on the state you’re in, you could also be subject to a deficiency judgment. This means that you’ll have to pay the balance of the mortgage after the lender sells the home. For instance, if your home sells at auction for $70,000 but you still owe $100,000 on the loan, then the lender can come after you personally for $30,000.  

Federal laws surrounding foreclosure

Did you know that there is no deadline set in stone for the time between a missed payment and foreclosure proceedings? All fifty states have slightly different processing times. Federal guidelines mandate how long you have to bring mortgage payments up to date before you are in danger of having a piece of real estate foreclosed on. 

United States federal laws protect homeowners from being foreclosed on too quickly. For most homeowners, there is a minimum of 120 days between the first missing house payment and the lender being able to initiate a foreclosure proceeding. That’s roughly four months, and any mortgage payment that you make during those months extends that timeline.

Financial hardship is a common problem that affects many homeowners, who find themselves either having to declare bankruptcy, come up with a plan to pay the balance remaining, or go through the short sale process. Unfortunately, a foreclosed home is not going to go for market value. 

Steps in the foreclosure process

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There are many steps in foreclosure, and it only starts with that official notice that the mortgage lender has moved to start proceedings. Here are five steps in the foreclosure process.

1. Default

The homeowner misses mortgage payments for three months. This is the first step in the pre-foreclosure process and it’s the first red flag for someone facing foreclosure.

2. Notice of default

After 90 days of missed mortgage payments, the lender sends a notice of default to the homeowner. This actually a public notice that gives the homeowner thirty days to catch up the loan.

3. Notice of trustee’s sale

This is where things take a turn towards finality. The lender, in conjunction with their attorney or a trustee, schedules a sale of the property. This sale doesn’t usually happen for two or even three months. 

4. Trustee’s sale

The property sells in this auction. The highest bidder who can meet the requirements of the foreclosure sale will get the property. Note that, depending on the state, offers from competing buyers push the final date of the trustee’s sale out for months before the final sale. 

5. Eviction

When the sale is complete, the homeowner now faces eviction from the home. An eviction notice mandates that the individual leave the property immediately. At the time of the final eviction, a law enforcement officer will often go to the home to ensure that the former homeowner removes all of their belongings and exits the property.

If bids on the property do not reach the minimum amount owed on the mortgage, the property becomes “bank owned” or “real estate owned”, which means that the lender takes possession of the property.

Date of sale is the end of the line

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A homeowner can make an arrangement with the lender to pull the house out of foreclosure all the way up until the final sale date. This means that they can find some way to get the money together to pay off the past due mortgage amount and keep the house, or they can sell the house to another party. 

If a homeowner gets a new job or has some other new stream of income, the lender can work with them to extend the deadline for foreclosure through loan modification to repay the remaining mortgage debt. Keep in mind that it’s in the best interest of the lender to keep the homeowner in the house. Foreclosure generally represents a loss of money and time for the bank. There is no guarantee they will get the full amount of the mortgage on a piece of real estate in a foreclosure proceeding.

Pre-foreclosure specifics 

Cash buyers can pay off the mortgage amount all the way up to the auction date.  Potential buyers are willing to pay cash for foreclosed real estate, which can help to mitigate the negative impact on the credit score of a homeowner facing foreclosure.

Pre-foreclosure goes all the way up to the moment that the mortgage lender actually transfers the deed out of the name of the homeowner who can no longer afford to pay the remaining balance or even just catch up on delinquent payments. Sale proceeds from selling a piece of real estate to a bank or third party will go to pay legal fees and foreclosure costs as well as going directly towards the remaining balance owed to the mortgage lender.

Sharing financial information or writing a hardship letter can make it easier for a mortgage to stay in preforeclosure and prevent an unwanted change in ownership. Even if the homeowner is not able to maintain ownership of the home, in most cases they can at least get a market value for the property.

What is a short sale?

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A short sale is when a homeowner sells the home that they own and the money goes directly to the bank. This kind of sale doesn’t always cover the total amount of the mortgage, and the homeowner can be expected to cover the balance if it doesn’t. A deficiency judgment can be awarded to the lender if the short sale doesn’t cover the amount of the remaining loan on the property. 

Working with a real estate agent or an attorney can help you to navigate a short sale, and it’s possible to save money when you avoid foreclosure with this method. 

Once a person decides to go for a short sale to avoid foreclosure, then they have to find a buyer for the home. A real estate agent can help to find a potential buyer, or we buy houses companies can let you know what options they offer for getting a short sale on a home. Getting a cash offer for the price of the mortgage is a great way to avoid foreclosure. 

Remember, with a short sale to pull the homeowner out of foreclosure, only expect to get back the money owed on the home. 

Work with your lender to avoid foreclosure

Just as a homeowner worked closely with their lender to get the original loan on the home, so too must they work closely with their lender to pull the home out of foreclosure through a short sale. Be careful about giving too much personal information to the lender, however, as this can be used against the homeowner in the case of a default.

Reach out to your home lender to find out what options you have to sell your home during foreclosure. They have much more latitude than most people realize to alleviate foreclosure. A great short sale can be a much better solution for a lender than sending the property to auction! 

The bottom line here is that if a lender agrees to stop foreclosure because of a solution to sell the house fast, as is, and at a fair market price, then both the homeowner and the mortgage lender come out on top. The foreclosure process can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to end badly.