Are We Buy Houses Companies Legit | Charlotte, NC

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If you’re selling your house and are looking for a great price with quick turnaround, you’ve probably heard about cash buyers. These investors or investment companies are easy to find and often even reach out to Charlotte homeowners who put their house on the market. The big question is, are We Buy Houses companies legit?

What happens when you sell to an investor

These companies look for people in Charlotte with distressed homes or burdensome houses. They want homeowners who are willing to sell their house for less than market value. Once a seller shows interest in the property, the investor will find a time that they can see the house. They’ll then estimate the value of the home and write up a no-obligation cash offer

The buyer will draft a contract that doesn’t involve any real estate commissions or hidden fees. Part of the point here is that they take out the hassle and to get the deal done fast. The whole process can be expedited by foregoing a real estate inspection or a home appraisal. This is how the home can get to closing in as little as seven days. 

When you sell your home to a we buy houses company, you’re essentially selling to an investor. They’ll buy your home as-is and for less than market value. After that, they’ll make any necessary repairs and then sell the house for a markup. The profit from that markup is how they make their money. 

There’s a tradeoff here. The homeowner in Charlotte, NC gets to sell their home fast and have the cash in their pocket. The investor gets to make a profit off of putting in the work and understanding the real estate market. 

Quick closing and motivated sellers

Distressed properties in Charlotte

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A We Buy Houses company in Charlotte is looking for a seller who is motivated. This could be for any number of reasons, from the loss of a loved one to divorce to job loss. The economy is constantly going up and down, and the real estate market has a lot of wavering needs. Knowing all of that information is how a cash buyer is able to understand who is ready to sell and how fast. 

When someone inherits a house in Charlotte, they might not want to keep it. A change in job situation and the need to move fast can prompt a homeowner to want to sell a house fast. It could be none of the above as well. Sometimes people just don’t want the hassle of a traditional real estate sale. 

Staying away from We Buy Houses scams

Buy houses investors condo in Charlotte

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It’s important here to understand that all of these are legitimate reasons to sell a house fast. We Buy Houses scams take advantage of these reasons, using people who are in a vulnerable situation. Most of these companies are above board, but unfortunately not everyone is.

The best way to steer clear of a we buy houses scam is to do your research. Look up the person or the company online thoroughly and find out if there are any red flags. You want to see a robust web presence with lots of information online about who they are. 

Good real estate investors have a website and client reviews. You can also look them up on the Better Business Bureau website. 

Buying a home for cash

A great question for home sellers is this – how can a real estate investor have the kind of cash to buy a house without a bank loan? The answer is that most of these companies are in the business of flipping houses. They started off small or with an investment from some other business. Then they built their business over time. 

This is a business model that works for lots of people. Though a home is the largest purchase that most people make, for an investor this is just what they do. It’s all about building up the capital and making smart business decisions. Sometimes these companies rely on an angel investor to infuse cash into the business. Most often, they just go there through hard work.

Understanding that a cash home buyer got there honestly is an important part of trusting them with the sale of your house. A trustworthy home buying company has the cash sitting in their bank account, ready to buy your home. They’ll be able to prove this during the process by providing you with a proof of funds document from the bank.

Traditional sale process

The traditional home sale process usually involves a single buyer connecting with a single seller via a real estate agent. If a house is in poor condition or needs significant repair costs invested before it’s livable, that can scare off prospective buyers.

The open market is not easy. Oftentimes, the seller ends up having to pay closing costs. Even if they get market value and are working with a good real estate agent, they can still end up getting a raw deal.

Real estate agent take a hefty commission for their expertise and the effort they put into selling a house. A clever real estate agent can certainly help get the fair market value for home sellers, but the real estate industry isn’t made for homeowners. The open market is geared towards making money for the agents and companies involved.

A homeowner can often end up getting more money when they go with an all cash offer from a buy houses investor.

Home repairs and home buyers

Significant repairs don’t scare off houses investor and all cash buyers. Local investors in Charlotte can help homeowners sell fast and get to that closing date. The home selling process with a buy houses team is totally different and can save thousands for the homeowner.

Buy houses legitimate cash buyers look for homes that need repairs. These houses sell fast because they give a cash buyer the opportunity to get more money in the long run. A buy houses investor will take that distressed property and put the work in to fix it. Then they’ll use clever real estate tactics to stage and sell the home, making more money even though they had to pay cash to start.

Buy houses investors look for property owners facing foreclosure or who have significant repair costs because these are things they can address. Even given the closing costs, they can still turn enough profit to stay in business.

Ugly houses can still be great houses! The local market in Charlotte is perfect for buy houses companies and real estate ages alike. It’s possible to get fair market value even if your home is less than perfect.

Rental properties

Even if you’re selling a rental property, you can still work with a buy houses company. Rental income is always a boost for a buy houses investor.

Buy houses reviews will tell you that these companies buy all kinds of properties for cash. A rental property is a great investment that can generate income in the long term. That’s even true if it’s a rental house that needs significant repairs. A houses investor is often willing to take on any kind of property.

Selling fast isn’t usually a scam

Real estate transaction

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It can sound like it’s too good to be true when a seller comes to you to offer you fast cash for your house. There are times when scammers try to take advantage of motivated sellers with burdensome homes, but it’s easy to be a smart seller in this situation.

If you see a “Sell Your House Fast” sign or a “We Buy Houses” sign, always look for a website or a company name on the sign. Working with a company that is not just an individual will help you to avoid scams. When a sign only has a phone number listed, there’s a better than even chance that it’s a scam. 

Find a legit cash buyer

The best way to avoid a we buy houses scam is to look for the pressured sale. If they are trying to push you hard into signing a contract, then it’s time for you to go elsewhere. There are lots of options. A fast closing is certainly a good thing for everyone, but you should always feel comfortable with ever step along the way. 

An honest real estate investor will never ask you for money upfront of any kind. Not a dime should exchange hands before closing. There are still closing costs associated with a cash sale, but they don’t come up until the very end and should come out of the selling price. 

Never, ever give money to someone who wants to buy your house. This is the number one red flag, and it’s a great way to get scammed.

Buy houses companies area legitimate way for home sellers to avoid real estate agents and get the cash that they need.

What are the Pros and Cons of using a We Buy Houses Company in Grand Rapids?

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The old saying in real estate is “location, location, location”, but who you sell your property to in Grand Rapids, MI is just as important as where your property is located. A We Buy Houses company can check a lot of boxes, but are they right for you?

Though there are lots of options out there for homeowners ready to sell their house, considerations about what the right kind of buyer is the best fit for you are significant. Real estate investors, individual families, independent cash buyers, and brokered real estate agent deals are all possible buyers. Though a We Buy Houses company can give you a quick sell, you’ll still want to know as much as you can about them.

We Buy Houses vs. all cash offers

If you need to sell your house fast in Grand Rapids or the surrounding areas, you’ll want to do your research so that you understand the difference between a We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids and a cash offer. 

A “quick cash, buy fast” option is not quite like an all-cash offer that you might get from listing your house with a real estate agent.  We Buy Houses in Grand Rapids constitute something different than an all-cash offer from an independent buyer. 

cash offer for a house in Grand Rapids, MI

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The closing date for property owners is sooner than with traditional bank financing for either We Buy houses companies or cash offers. Your house Grand Rapids will get a no obligation cash offer fast.

The major difference here is that a We Buy Houses company is just that – a company. We Buy Houses companies are generally run by professional investors and real estate investors whose primary means of making money is flipping houses. They can pay cash for homes because they have experience in this field and invest in homes in Grand Rapids as part of their primary livelihood. They aren’t buying houses to live in, but rather they’re buying houses to turn over. 

Buying a house with cash gives real estate investors the leverage they need to turn a house around fast. The speed with which they do these transactions gives them a volume that allows them to make a significant amount of money. Fast equals profitable. It’s really that simple. 

How fast do houses in Grand Rapids sell?

Unlike selling through a real estate agent, houses in Grand Rapids can be sold fast without agent fees. Getting a house quickly up and on the market will immediately attract a whole host of people who buy houses in Grand Rapids. The whole process could take just a few weeks.

These companies work differently than what home owners might be used to. There’s usually a quick form to fill out online. This will include the street address as well as property information. This short property information form gives property owners the chance to share just the basics.

Once that whole process gets rolling, someone from the company will call to get more information. If they’re interested, they’ll make arrangements to come out to the property address.

Without the issue of traditional bank financing, your MI house can be sold quickly. You can sell your house fast, even in as little as seven days. That fast turnaround time is why houses Grand Rapids, MI are so tempting for investors. It’s all about the numbers. when a company can buy a house fast, they can then get on to getting their cash and keeping their business going.

Whatever offer is made is a no obligation cash offer. The timeline can be drawn out based on the needs of the homeowner.

Consider your circumstances

divorce in Grand Rapids, MI

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The reason to sell your home for cash fast is that there are circumstances in your life that are pushing you to get out from under your mortgage. What’s going on in your life could mean you need to get your home sold quickly. 

Death of a loved one
– Tax burden
– Job loss
– Health problems
– Vacant house
– Fire damaged home
– Owe liens
– Bad rental tenants

If you need to get rid of burdensome houses fast, whether it’s because of an issue with a family member or because of bad rental tenants, that’s a significant part of your circumstances. When it’s important to sell your house as is for a fair offer, there are real estate solutions out there. It’s just a matter of finding them.

Unwanted property can happen for any number of circumstances. Selling an unwanted property or your houses Grand Rapids can be a time consuming expense, too. The best way to get cash quickly and avoid an agent’s expensive fees is to find a cash buyer. That can be in the form of a We Buy Houses company or it can be an independent buyer in Southwest Michigan.

You can sell your house fast in Kent County. The entire process should feel geared towards helping homeowners and making their life easier. Any property simply offers an opportunity for an investment firm or an independent buyer. Your circumstances are all you should worry about.

Tradeoffs in selling to a We Buy Houses company

When you sell your home fast for cash, you’re trading speed and ease for price. 

There’s little doubt that you’ll get a lower price if you sell to a we buy houses company in Grand Rapids, MI. You will not get the same high price that you would if you sold your home for market value on the open market. 

Though the price is most certainly going to be lower if you sell to a We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids, these companies will buy your home as is. That’s a great deal if you need to sell your property without the hassle of paying for home repairs or waiting around for those repairs to be completed. 

Another positive point about selling your Grand Rapids property to a We Buy Houses company is that you avoid real estate commissions. Real estate agents take a significant amount for their commission. Look for a real estate agent to take around 5.5% in commission. That’s $16,500 on a $300,000 home. If you’re thinking about selling to a We Buy Houses company in Michigan, avoiding that commission alone is a compelling reason to explore this option.



  • Fast sale of your property
  • Quick cash influx at closing
  • Repairs don’t need to be made
  • No staging
  • Avoid commissions
  • Confident closing date
  • Extremely easy and simple process

Note that sometimes there are still closing costs associated with selling to a We Buy Houses company. Make sure that you’re upfront about what those are and that you’re comfortable with them. 

We Buy Houses scams to watch out for

Be careful and educate yourself about We Buy Houses companies before you buy. 

The first thing to watch out for is the lack of a strong web presence. The company should have a large, detailed website that will give you lots of information. You should also have access to testimonials from past customers. 

Positive reviews online are a big selling point. Make sure you explore the online footprint of any We Buy Houses company that you’re working with. 

Hands down, the best way to prevent getting scammed when you sell you home is to never send any potential buyer any money. The only cash that should change hands is at the closing table. If someone sends you an email asking for cash in order to buy your house, that is a scam. 

One way to ensure that you’re getting a fair shake is to request a proof of funds document. This comes from a bank and tells you that the We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids, MI has the money to buy your house for cash. This way, you know for certain that you won’t be hit with any surprises at the closing table. 

Speaking of the closing table, that’s the only point of no return. At any point in the process, a buyer or a seller can walk away. If you feel something is off, then it’s ok to pause or walk away from the deal. 

Follow your instincts

trust your instincts when selling your house in Grand Rapids

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The question of whether you should sell to a We Buy Houses company in Grand Rapids is not one that you have to answer instantly. 

Do your research and understand what you’re getting yourself into. There are plenty of resources online, and you’ll always be able to find some information about a company through a little bit of digging. Talk to the home investors at the company, and allow them to earn your trust. Transparency is the name of the game. 

Though the model of a We Buy Houses company is to flip houses over fast for cash and to move to a quick closing, that speed should never equal pressure on you. This is a seller’s market, and the homeowner in Grand Rapids, MI has all of the leverage in the process. If you feel that a sale is going too fast or that you aren’t comfortable with the terms of sale, put on the breaks or walk away. 

Should You Sell to a We Buy Houses Company in Durham, NC?

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Choosing to sell your home, for any reason, is a big deal. Whether you’re facing financial difficulties, working through an inheritance, or trying to move because of a new job, you’ll want to educate yourself about the different ways to sell your home in Durham

Preconceived notions about the real estate market, including the sale timeline and the potential price, can hold homeowners back. It’s natural to just want to get on with all of it and trust the traditional ways of selling a home. However, there might be a better way for you to sell your home in North Carolina.

Home selling options in North Carolina

Most people who choose to sell their home go into the process thinking that there are only two options if they want to sell their home: FSBO or listing with a real estate agent. Actually, there’s a third option, and that’s selling to a cash buyer. 

With a for sale by owner transaction, you’re doing all of it on your own. You have to find potential buyers, prepare your home in the best possible way, and determine what the market rate is for your house. There are tons of resources online to teach you about all of these things, but it’s on you to figure it all out. That takes time and mental energy. For all of that, you’ll keep every penny that you make off of the sale of your North Carolina home.

Listing with a real estate agent is a turn-key option. The real estate agent will do all of the legwork that you need them to. They’ll set up open houses, find out what the going rate is, and negotiate with buyers. They’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know. In exchange, they’ll take a hefty commission. 

A cash buyer or a We Buy Houses company in the Triangle will offer you a lower price, but they’ll take your home as is. This process is turnkey in the same way that a real estate agent’s services are turkey. A cash buyer will do all of the legwork and present you with the options available. All you have to do is decide what you want to do and go with it. After going through all of the property information, you’ll get a fair offer for your home in Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, or anywhere in Wake County.

Pros and cons of a cash home sale

Cash home sale pros and cons

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Working with a cash buyer means that you’ll be able to sell your house faster and with fewer strings attached. You’ll be able to sell your house as is, without having to make repairs or do any home staging. With the cash buyer option, many of the particular processes associated with selling a home are out the window. 

For example, you likely won’t have to get a home appraisal if you’re selling to a We Buy Houses company. There’s even the possibility that you’ll be able to sell your home without an inspection. That’s especially likely in the current seller’s market. There’s no waiting around for a bank loan approval from the seller with a cash buy. All of this speeds up the process. 

Buy houses companies work with local homeowners who need to sell their house fast in Durham, and the houses can be left unchanged in many circumstances. Though there might be a required walk through for validation purposes, for the most part a house can be sold for an all cash offer in short order.

On the other hand, you might want to slow down the process. If you’re waiting to close on another home or if you have life circumstances that call for a different timeline, a cash buyer might not be for you. You’ll also likely get a lower price with a cash buyer than with the traditional real estate process. That difference can be eaten up in commissions and repairs, so do be careful when you consider what an honest price is for your home in Durham. 

Who pays cash for houses?

fair cash offer in Durham, NC

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There are two kinds of cash homebuyers:

– One-off / first time cash home buyers

– Experienced cash buyers

In today’s real estate market, it’s increasingly common for individual home buyers to be ready to pay cash for homes. The average home buyer is different today than it was a decade ago. Note that first time cash buyers are going to give you a bumpier road than experienced cash buyers. They know just as much about the process as you do if it’s the first rodeo for both of you. 

Working with a We Buy Houses company streamlines the process. These are experts in cash home sales because they’ve done it many times before. For North Carolina homeowners, a company that buys homes for cash is the easiest way to go. An investment firm will forego traditional bank financing to buy Durham houses, so you can get rid of your burdensome rental property or your vacant house without having to resort to contacting real estate agents.

People can pay cash for homes for lots of reasons. They might be investors who aren’t planning to live in the home. They could be house flippers who want to turn a profit. Cash buyers could also be individuals who do want to live in the house themselves. 

Accepting an all cash home offer

The simple closing process of an all cash home offer is one of the most appealing aspects of this option. If you’re agreeable to the price and the terms offered by a cash buyer, then the whole thing goes fast. 

In fact, if you want to sell your house fast, you might be surprised by just how quickly a quick home sale goes. For lots of cash buyer options, the closing date can happen on a hassle free Durham, NC house sale in one to two weeks. That kind of compressed timeline can be dizzying!  If you are a property owner and you want to sell your house fast, an all cash offer can get you out from under your house quickly.

The main thing that you’ll want to see is a proof of funds document for validation purposes. A cash buyer will be able to get this from their bank. It shows that they actually do have the money to buy your home in Durham. Without a proof of funds document, you’re not guaranteed that you’ll get to closing and get the cash for your home that you want.

Don’t forget, as a home seller in Durham, NC, you can change your mind all the way up until the final closing date. There are always points where you can turn back. Deciding to sell your Wake County home is a major step, so give yourself the kind of breath and thought that this decision warrants. Though your house can be left unchanged when you sell in Durham, North Carolina, it’s still a lot to move.

Selling a home is personal

local homeowners in Durham, NC

Image by Nastya Gepp via Pixabay

Houses are more than just four walls and a roof. They’re places that families make memories. Kids have their first birthday parties and holiday meals are prepared here. Christmas presents are unwrapped and long summer nights are spent in the backyard.   A family deciding to sell their home means that they’re choosing to make memories somewhere else.

Whatever the reason you’re selling your home in Durham, it’s important that you think about all of your options and decide what’s best for you. Your situation could be affected by personal factors like divorce, an inherited home, or a burdensome house that’s holding up a move. Real estate investors are ready to buy houses in Durham and the surrounding areas without hefty closing costs. Real estate solutions for property owners who owe liens or need to sell in as is condition can avoid agent fees as well.

Helping homeowners matters

Durham, North Carolina and the surrounding areas have long been a hot real estate area. The selling process here tends to move fast. If you need to sell burdensome houses because of bad tenants or an unwanted property thanks to a family member who’s left it in a will, home buyers will snap it up for a fast sale.

Every reason that someone could have for selling a home in North Carolina is personal to them. No matter the unique circumstances surrounding an NC home, property simply is a hot commodity. Though profit is certainly part of the equation, many investors also do this as a way of helping homeowners who need to sell their Durham area home. The best cash buyers are doing this work to do some good as well as to make more money.

Don’t ever feel pressured to sell your home or to do something that you’re uncomfortable with. Whether you sell your home to a We Buy Houses company or through the traditional home selling process, think about what’s right for you. 

Open Door vs. We Buy Houses – Which is Best for You?

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In today’s white-hot real estate market, there are tons of options for homeowners to sell their house for a great price. The question isn’t so much whether it’s possible to sell your house fast, it’s more about finding the right buyer. Looking for a homebuyer with integrity who will give you a fair shake is ultimately what it’s all about. 

New ways of selling your home

The internet changed everything in all aspects of our lives. Where it used to be that you had to either go to a traditional real estate agent to list and sell your home or put an ad in the local paper to sell it yourself, today there are a huge range of options available.

The rise of online home selling means that homeowners can connect with cash buyers all over the United States. It doesn’t matter if you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, or Grand Rapids, Michigan – you can open a search engine and find dozens of potential buyers in an instant. 

Finding out which homebuying company is the best fit for your situation isn’t easy, even with all of these choices available. The average price on the open market isn’t always easy to find. If you rent homes, then you’ll likely run into some issues with buying criteria, even on an all-cash offer.

Decision fatigue

Did you know that it actually takes a lot of brainpower to make decisions? In fact, the huge number of home selling options available can lead to something called decision fatigue. The mental overload that we experience can lead to extra stress, even if the choice seems logical. 

Depending on what time of day you make a decision and what other pressures you have pushing you, the mental stress of it all can have a real effect on what you do. When you’re selling your home, the most important thing is to be dispassionate about it. Coming to the process with an open mind but a sharp sense of the financial ramifications is the best way to get the best deal. 

Selling your home is a major decision that feels like it has serious consequences. What happens if you don’t make the right choice? If you go with the wrong buyer, will you miss out on money? What if you’d just have clicked on that other website or scrolled down to another page? The huge number of choices can make all of the decisions seem impossible to make. 

Research to narrow your options

One great way to combat decision fatigue is to narrow down your options to something that’s manageable. That’s why we’ve pulled down all of the potential cash buyers online to just two, Open Door vs. We Buy Houses. Both of these will give you a cash offer and a quick closing date. Each company’s fee structure is different, but they both have an online form for home sellers.

There’s always the option to go with a random real estate agent. You’ll be likely to get fair market value if you work with a licensed real estate broker, but you’ll also pay real estate agent fees. Local agents are fiercely competitive with other real estate companies, and they’ll always know the estimated retail value of ugly houses. Home sellers in San Antonio, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas Fort Worth, or anywhere in the country can find a local agent.

The traditional home sale involves real estate agent commissions and transaction costs, so your fair market value is just an estimate. The purchase price could be higher or lower, and once local agents with a real estate company add in all the hidden fees, all-cash offers might sound more like a fair price.

These are two of the biggest names in cash home buying, so they’ll have the volume and experience to help most homeowners. You’ll be able to feel confident with either of these investment companies. It’s mostly a matter of understanding the differences between these two options and seeing which is the best fit for you. 

What is Open Door?

The online world of real estate buying and selling is huge today. Open Door is a website that went live in 2014 with the mission of connecting homeowners and real estate investors. It’s what’s known as an iBuyer, or Instant Buyer. That means that the closings are fast and the process is streamlined. With this platform, the offer for a home will be quick, but so will the timeline for closing. It all happens incredibly fast. 

There are only thirty-five markets in the United States where Open Door operates. That limitation alone can functionally keep a lot of people out of this service. For half of them, you can buy a home or sell a home. For the other half, you can only sell a home through their online home selling platform. 

Details about Open Door

Buying process for a piece of property

Image by Anncapictures via Pixabay

It’s important to note that, beyond the restrictions on the location where Open Door will buy homes, there are lots of other restrictions as well. 

The limitations on buying mean that many sellers aren’t a great fit for Open Door. Here are some examples of property restrictions with this home buying company. 

– Homes listed between 100K and 600K (though in some instances they will go higher)
– Built after 1930
– Not in a flood zone
– Maximum lot of 2 acres
– Single family homes, townhomes, duplexes in all markets, condos in a few markets
– Only owner-occupied homes or vacant homes

The other thing to consider with Open Door are the fees associated with using their service. There’s a service charge of five percent and around one percent in closing costs. Those add up significantly. Open Door will also deduct the cost of projected repairs from their sale price. They aren’t a buy ugly houses company or a real estate investment company.

Where a buy ugly houses venture or a real estate investor might give you a cash offer and then fix up and flip your home, Open Door is more in the business to sell your home directly to another buyer at a profit.

Opendoor makes money through their undisclosed referral fee and potentially through a cancellation fee if the deal doesn’t go through. Though the closing date is closer than if you work with a real estate agent, the cash offer from this company might not meet your expectations. Closing costs and service fees mean you’re losing money versus what you could get on the open market.

There are lots of reviews that praise the fast and easy process of selling to Open Door. There are also lots of reviews that say that the offers are low and the repair estimates are high. 

What is “We Buy Houses”?

There are two possibilities for We Buy Houses. One is a slogan that lots of independent home investors use to advertise their services. Another is a branch of a direct home buyer. There’s even a variation that’s called We Buy Ugly Houses, which franchises its name to independent investors rather than being a monolithic company. 

Here, we’re going to talk about real estate investors who license the We Buy Houses name in their local real estate market. Licensing means that you’ll only find one of these in your real estate market – the rights are exclusive. There are more than two hundred licensed We Buy Houses companies in the United States. 

This conglomerate of real estate investors has its toes in markets from Kansas to Michigan to Phoenix to North Carolina and everywhere in between. 

What to expect from We Buy Houses

new house in Colorado Springs

Image by Mikes Photography via Pixabay

No matter where you live, the process is the same if you work with We Buy Houses. There’s a phone number to call. During that initial phone call, an agent will ask lots of questions to evaluate your home and see if it’s possible for them to buy it. 

After that initial call, they’ll connect to a local licensee who’ll come look at the property. Then they’ll make you a cash offer if they can. It’ll be up to you to see if that offer meets your needs. 

Here’s what you can expect from We Buy Houses:

  • Cash offer in 24-48 hours
  • Closing date in around two weeks
  • Can buy homes on the brink of foreclosure or that are behind on payments
  • Remote closing options
  • Short sale for underwater mortgages
  • Buys homes in need of repair as-is

One of the big cons here is that you may not get the level of cash that you want for your home. The offer is what the offer is, and you’ll have to decide if it can work for you. The timeline is also fast, so you’re trading control over the process for a cut in the price and for convenience. 

Keep researching home selling options!

real estate in Las Vegas

Image by Paulbr75 via Pixabay

It’s well worth the time that you put into the research process for you to get the best price for your home. Selling a house is a major commitment, just as buying your home was a major commitment. Current market trends mean selling a home for top dollar on your own timeline is easier than ever. The net proceeds when you transfer ownership, even if you’ve reduced the cost for needed repairs, is still a testament to the strength of the housing market.  

Though you may want to sell your house fast for cash, you also want to feel good about it! Don’t let decision fatigue get the best of you. Sit down with a sheet of paper and write down what works for you and what doesn’t. Open Door and We Buy Houses are both viable options, depending on your home selling needs. 

The Top 10 We Buy Houses Companies in Detroit

Ready to sell your house? It might sound like a long, frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Though traditional home sales are done through a real estate agent, the effort and red tape involved can be a turnoff.  Lots of people looking for new ways to buy houses in Detroit, without using real estate agents.

There are both pros and cons to selling your metro Detroit house to a cash buyer. Weighing your options before you sell your house in Detroit, Michigan means learning as much as you can before you commit. Buyers and sellers have different objectives. You want to know as much as you can before you decide to go with a buyer of any kind.

Unlike selling in the traditional ways, these companies buy houses in Detroit, MI quickly.

Research Detroit homebuying companies

We buy houses companies are unlike individual cash buyers because they have a public face that you can research. Understanding what you’re getting into can keep you from getting burned. We buy houses scams are most often perpetrated by individuals, not companies. Finding a buyer with a proven track record will give you peace of mind. 

Looking at the list below of top we buy houses companies in Detroit is a great place to start. Check out their reviews online and be sure to research your 

1 – Steve Moves Michigan

Though this company is based in Detroit, Steve Moves Michigan buys houses all over the state. The process starts either over the phone or through their website. From there, one of the professionals will determine if the home is eligible for an initial offer. 

There’s no obligation to sell your home in Detroit from just the initial offer. Home sellers in Michigan can negotiate all the way up to closing. Steve Moves Michigan makes in-person cash offers prior to the final sale. In some cases, these home buyers in Detroit will even pay closing costs after they make an all cash offer. 

2 – Detroit Fair Offer

This hyperlocal Wayne County we buy houses company serves areas like Livonia, Lincoln Park, Royal Oak, and Romulus. Their free guide to selling your home has lots of information about how to sell your house fast in Detroit, MI. 

Look for a house offer within a day from Detroit Fair Offer. They have a relationship with a local title company to allow for fast cash closings. Detroit sellers can be done with the whole process in as little as a week. 

Rental property in Detroit

Image by Robert Yandura via Unsplash

3 – We Buy Ugly Houses

This national we buy houses company is known for its low offers but its quick turnaround. Closing on a home with We Buy Ugly Houses can be completed within just three weeks. 

Though there are lots of positive reviews about the ease of service with this group, it’s not a company that knows Michigan or Detroit as well as others. As with any company, there are pros and cons to selling your house to this cash homebuyer. 

4 – Express Homebuyers

A national we buy houses company, Express Homebuyers serves the Detroit metropolitan area. 

The first step in their process is for home sellers to submit their information. Once this is done, the company extends a home offer to buy the property “as is”. The sale is done through a local Michigan investor, who works with the seller on a closing date. Once the home closes, cash is in the hands of the Detroit seller within a few hours. 

5 – Jay Buys Detroit

 Jay Buys Detroit is owned by, you guessed it, Jay himself. Working with an inherited property in Detroit as well as vacant homes and pre-foreclosure properties, this company specializes in fast cash offers. 

One of the distinctive features of this we buy houses company in Detroit is its mission to rebuild the city. Detroit has been through a lot of ups and downs over the last century with the loss of the auto industry. Jay is focused on improving the communities of Metro Detroit through cash offers for home sellers. 

6 – Marketplace Homes

Detroit house

Image by Gustavo Zambelli via Unsplash

Based in Detroit, MI, Marketplace Homes is a comprehensive real estate company. They offer home buying, home selling, rental services, and new construction. Even though property management might not be what home sellers are looking for, this company has possibilities for all kinds of options for sellers.  Their real estate agents can help you sell your metro Detroit house or convert it into a rental property. They work with local cash home buyers to facilitate the sale of burdensome houses in Detroit, Michigan, and beyond.

Rather than a superfast offer, this company takes a few extra steps thanks to their wide range of home buying services. After you contact Marketplace Homes with detailed information, they schedule a visit. Within 48 hours, you’ll have either a cash offer or another solution that they think will work for you. 

7 – Metro Detroit Homebuyer

This local cash buy company in Detroit only deals with house sellers in the Wayne County and the surrounding Detroit suburbs. Dennis Fassett’s home buying business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. 

Experienced in divorce, foreclosure, probate, and vacant houses, Metro Detroit Homebuyer has been buying homes since 2004. They buy houses in any condition for cash. After you explain your situation and discuss your property, someone comes out to see it in person. A cash offer for your property as-is follows in a few minutes in most cases. 

8 – Rocket Homes

View from a vacant house in Michigan

Image by Jason Brower via Unsplash

Rocket Homes is a home buyer and seller that serves Detroit and the surrounding areas, but it’s a national brand. This real estate company has cash buying options as well as mortgage options for buyers.  Not all buy house companies can give such a wide range of real estate solutions in Detroit, Michigan.

In fact, Rocket Homes extends their business to auto buying and selling. Though they don’t specialize in the we buy houses model, this is a potential option for home sellers in Detroit to explore. 

9 – Detroit Cash for Homes

Working in Oakland County, Macomb County, and Wayne County, Detroit Cash for Homes is a professional home buying company. They’ve been working as a Detroit cash buyer for a quarter-century. This company offers quick closings and specializes in inherited property and estates. Detroit Cash for homes makes an offer within twenty-four hours. Closings are as fast as seven days with this Michigan cash buyer.

Unwanted property in metro Detroit can be difficult to get rid of, especially when you want to sell your house fast. The difficulties of the Detroit area economy make it a challenge to sell burdensome houses fast, but Detroit Cash for Homes has a lot of experience helping people who need to sell their house fast. As with all metro Detroit area cash offer companies, this group promises that you can sell your house fast with a cash offer.

10 – I Buy Michigan Homes

This is a local property investor in Michigan who works all over the state. Ron and Velma work with sellers through their website and over the phone to do an initial assessment of the property. They then move to an in-person showing to determine their interest in purchasing your home.

Finally, I Buy Michigan Homes makes a cash offer within 48 hours. They’ll pay cash so that you can sell your house fast in Metro Detroit. Property owners can feel confident in the fair cash offer from this investment firm.

What to watch out for in we buy houses companies in Detroit

With all real estate transactions, be sure to do your due diligence. We buy houses scams often come from non-affiliated individuals. Look for reputable companies that have reviews online or who you have a personal connection to. Ask family, friends, and coworkers for recommendations and experiences. 

Don’t ever feel pressured by a company that is promising a fair all cash offer. You can always turn towards a traditional real estate agent to sell your house. There’s also the possibility to sell your house yourself. Though there are benefits to selling with a Detroit house company, like covering closing costs or getting a fair offer, always investigate your buyer.

Red flags like the lack of an online presence or bad reviews share an immediate no-go. Also, look out for anyone who doesn’t have experience in the metro Detroit area. In the current seller’s market, all home sellers have the high ground. Don’t accept a deal unless it’s a fair all cash offer. The quick turnaround of these companies means that you can find another real estate investor quickly.

Never work with a we buy houses company or a cash buyer who asks for any money upfront. There is never a situation in which cash should change hands before closing on a home. If someone asks you for a fee to sell your home, it’s time to find another buyer. 

Selling your home can be a great experience when you find house companies in Detroit that are above board. Michigan home sellers working with a cash buyer to sell their home for cash fast have lots of options!