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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Madison!

Madison was searching for a quick way to sell her property. As a single mom, she didn’t have the time or money to invest in the property and fix it up before selling. She was very hesitant at first and was concerned about being scammed. She decided to call around to get another offer and was shocked at how low another local company offered for her home.



“Before, of course, I was hesitant going in like, is this a scam? You know all this scamming stuff going on right now. I was very hesitant, but then I ended reassured when I sat down to sign those papers, and that check hit; I was happy. My experience with connect home buyers was real easy. I think I got a card in the mail with your information, and it was crazy because I had been thinking about selling anyways. So I called, talked to someone, and the ball just started rolling from there, very seamless. I knew it was an older home, and did I want to fix it up put money into it just to sell it. And with me being a single mom, I didn’t really want to do all of that, so let’s see who can help me financially and get this off my hands.”

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Happy Seller

See How We Helped John!

John inherited this property with his sibling after their parents passed over 30 years ago. Over the decades, one of the siblings started using the property as storage, and eventually, the house became cluttered from floor to ceiling. He felt the process of selling such a home would be overwhelming but, over time, realized that we could make the sale smooth and as easy as possible.

Madison 4

John S.

“You guys assured me that you could handle all that stuff and once I realized that I finally got to the point where I said lets go for it lets do it. There where some issues too with probate too as far as resign up for my fathers estate and my mothers estate but you guys helped me through everything. I trust you guys, I definitely have confidence and you basically took care of everything, there wasn’t much I had to do. You made it easy for me and there where four siblings evolved as well. I got health issues and I couldn’t cut the grass and you guys even came and cut the grass before the city could fine us or anything.”

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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Luke!

Luke owned a quadplex and was ready to sell it after owning it for many years. He wanted to sell quickly and walk away without any work.


Luke J.

“I asked about if they was going to hit me with a low ball figure and if I had to beat them up to get them up and they said ‘no we’ll just offer you what we feel we can pay and if your satisfied you can take it and if not you can walk and we can part as friends’ and I was impressed with that. I looked on the internet and I find your website and I took down the number and gave you a call at about 9:00 am o’clock or so and we had a meeting at 10:00 am and at 5:30 pm we sold.”

T-Madison-Watts-1 2
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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Frances!

Frances works a lot of hours and didn’t have any time to put into selling her property. She wanted an easy, quick way to sell her rental and move on


Frances B.

“I work a lot of hours and had no time to do any of this, you did all of this for us and made it very easy for us. I just felt like we connected, we could tell you where a young team of people and we just felt like we really connected with you and trusted you right away. Buying homes as rentals, because we’ve done it before is a lot of work and its not that easy but when you came in and did it all for us selling it was a breeze and I didn’t have any sleepless nights because you did it all for us. Its profitable for us for sure we felt like we came out very well I’m sure you did to, its a win-win for everybody.”

T-Madison-Watts-1 1
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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Mike!

Mike and his wife were considering fixing up their property to sell it on the market. After we got in contact they decided it would make more sense and be a lot easier selling directly to us. We connected him with a local agent to find his next home to move into with his family.


Mike L.

“My experience working with Connect Home Buyers has been fantastic. The salesmen, Hunter fantastic salesmen. He’s right on the spot as far as connecting with us. Texting us, emailing me, walking us through the whole process. Because this is new for us, the whole process is new for us. Working with the bank, working with your actual realtor. We didn’t even have to get a realtor, so we had to do nothing. The only thing we had to do was paperwork with the bank, and you all took care of the rest. You made us comfortable leaving our home. We didn’t worry about it and sit back and say, well, maybe we made a mistake. There was no second-guessing with us because you didn’t make us second guess. You made us feel comfortable that this is the right choice, and we are doing the right thing.”

Magic Mike
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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Dennis!

Dennis was in a difficult situation with his wife recently falling ill and wanted to sell his home quickly without dealing with any hassles. He wanted a process that cut out all middlemen and would sell directly to the buyer. He sold his home and moved into his new home in less than 30 days.


Dennis S.

“I liked it was me and him, a seller and a buyer right there, and it went right to the chase. There were no games, you know, playing with anybody in the middle, attorneys or realtors. It went straight to him, and it worked out and went out smooth. I respect Brett and their whole business; I mean, everything was professional.”

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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Tom!

Tom was looking for a super simple and easy process to sell his home. He lived a few hours away and didn’t want to visit the property, show up at closing or have to deal with any of the typical stress and time that comes with a traditional sale. Tom is an investor himself and knew that if he wanted to, he could put more time and money into the property and sell it himself to make a little bit more but decided the time and effort it would take wasn’t worth his time.

Madison 2

Tom S.

“I want a process I don’t have to put any work into it. Because I’m away from the house, I’m a couple of hours drive away. I said I don’t want to go to closing; I don’t want to have to show up at the house, I don’t want to have to show up a meeting with anybody. I want to collect a check and be done with it and have it done quickly within, you know, two to three weeks or so, and that’s what you guys were able to supply for me, and that’s what I wanted. At first, you knew what you were talking about right, I’ve had a lot of people call and different things and try to-and you could tell they were maybe just out of a new class or something where you get a lot of flippers, and they start emailing out to everybody. Right off the bat, it seemed like you guys knew what you were talking about, and you’ve done this before, and you had the investors. It seemed to be a little more legit than a lot of these cold callers that you get that wanna buy your house.”

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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Cymone!

Cymone owned a rental property in another state she no longer lived in and needed to sell quickly to meet important financial deadlines. She wanted a process where she didn’t have to do any work and could close very quickly.

Madison -


“I liked it was me and him, a seller and a buyer right there, and it went right to the chase. There were no games, you know, playing with anybody in the middle, attorneys or realtors. It went straight to him, and it worked out and went out smooth. I respect Brett and their whole business; I mean, everything was professional.”

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Happy Seller

See How We Helped Aaron!

Aaron wanted to get rid of a rental property he owned that was too far away and causing too many problems for him. He wanted a quick and easy way to get his money out and move it into another investment.



“Before I had the property and I was making good money, I was on track with it, and after I got to walk away with a big pile of cash and go and invest it how I want to. I got to cut ties with something that I had that was still working for me but was able to cut ties and move in another direction with that money. Open the door and get the conversation started because it worked out well for me. I thought it was kinda- you don’t know how serious to take somebody but Connect Home Buyers was there when I needed them, and they followed through with what they said they would do, and all in all, I’m happy with the results.”

T Madison Watts
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