The Easiest Way to Sell Your House Fast in Florida

he Easiest Way to Sell Your House Fast in Florida
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Your home is the most significant piece of property you own, at least for most people. Not only is it worth a great deal of money, it’s also subject to a seemingly mind boggling number of variables that hold up the process. Is it possible to sell a house fast in Florida?

The answer is yes, it is. The traditional home sale process that was the hallmark of real estate for decades is fast fading away as home sellers become more educated. Real estate laws in Florida allow for a wide range of home selling timelines, it’s just a matter of knowing how to sell Florida houses fast by getting around those hangups.

Keeping it simple

Before you make a snap decision about how to sell your Florida house, take a little time to determine exactly what you need out of the sale of your home. You have to know yourself before you can make a smart decision.

Here are six steps to be sure you take to sell your house fast, whether you choose to go as is for your property address with cash home buyers or if you want a longer closing date timeline with a real estate agent.

  1. Determine your goals
    Finding out what your goal is before you make any decisions about how to sell your Florida house fast or slow is essential. Do you need a quick sale because of a divorce or a job change?
    Write down exactly what you need from the process, whether your goal is more money or a fair cash offer. Also decide what your goals are about the process. Are you willing to do home repairs, to clean out the house, and to stage the home, or would you rather have your FL house out of your hands without having to do any of that?
    This is the moment to let go of those hangups you might have and to really prioritize what you want out of the sale of your Florida house.
  2. Create a home sale plan
    Once you know what your goals are, then you can move on to creating a home sale plan.
    If you’re going with a traditional method to sell your house, you’ll need to plan out all of those steps. You’ll need to get your Florida house inspected, interview real estate agents, do necessary repairs, schedule open houses, and market your house. You’ll want to plan for realtor commissions and contingency negotiations.
    Put a timeline on this whole process, and be generous with it.
    If you want a quick closing date, you will want to pursue a fair cash offer with an investor. This will involve researching cash home buyers in the area of your Florida house and then finding out what terms they have to offer you. Simply fill out an online information form and go from there.
  3. Find the right resources

    Image by Luis Erives via Pexels
    Seeking out good resources will make a huge difference in getting a quick home sale. Selling homes quickly is much less stressful when you can trust the support you have.
    Look online to find out whether the Florida real estate market in your area is red hot or whether it’s cooled off. Do your homework on any cash home buyers you’re thinking of selling your house to avoid any kind of buy houses scam that you might unwittingly get wrapped up in.
    Make sure that you ask upfront about any no obligation cash offer and about any closing costs that might be expected. If you’re using a realtor, make sure that you know what agent fees or real estate commissions you might run into along the way.
  4. Understand your timeline

    Image by Andrew Patrick via Pexels
    There is no set process to sell quickly, and the timeline for a sale is always going to be changing. That being said, if you’ve decided to sell your house fast in Florida, you should be able to get it all taken care of in less than thirty days.
    That timeline is even faster than some people imagine when they first say to themselves “I want to sell my house fast”, but it truly can go that quickly. This means that you need to understand what it will take to pack up your home and move.
    Just like bad tenants have a certain amount of time to get their things out of a house when a landlord pursues eviction, so too do homeowners have a set timeline to get out of a home after the deal is set at the closing table.
    During any negotiation, make sure that you’re crystal clear on exactly when you need to be out of the house and what to expect. Whether you end up with a short sale in Florida or a fast cash offer in Florida, you want to ensure that you’re covered to get moved out on time.
  5. Remain flexible
    There are almost always hiccups when selling your house in Florida. If you’re selling your house fast for cash, then there are fewer places for things to go wrong. Cash buyers will sometimes forgo a home inspection or do other things to speed up selling the Florida property.
    Though a fast home sale can often be an easy process, always be ready for something to go faster or slower than you might project. Selling a home fast can happen in many different timelines.
    There’s a fine balance between practicing patience with the process and being proactive about selling your house. You’ll get the most benefit for pulling your emotions out of as much as possible and instead looking back to your goals. If you’re patient and willing to think creatively, you can just about let Florida sell your house for you, such is the Florida housing market.

Here is everything you need to know to sell a house fast in Florida

Finding home buyers and selling my house is not an everyday sort of project. In fact, I’ll only go through this whole sell my house business a couple of times in my life. You’ll only sell your house fast once or twice in your lifetime if you’re like most people too.

If you want to sell your Florida house quickly, you need to learn about how to do it before you get into the weeds. Again, I’m only going to sell my house a couple of times in my entire lifetime if I’m like most people. The goal isn’t to learn everything there is to know to sell my house, it’s to get just enough information to sell my house in the current Florida real estate market conditions.

Here’s what you need to know to sell your house fast in Florida.

Overview of the home selling process

Woman Holding a Home For Sale Sign in Florida

Image by Thirdman via Pexels

Any kind of home sale starts with a homeowner making the decision to get the home sold. That’s necessarily the starting place, and everything else flows from there.

If you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, move to a multi family home to take care of aging relatives, or just want the Florida house out of your hands so that you can move on with your life to something else, the process works basically the same.

The process starts with connecting with either a real estate investor or a real estate agent in your Florida area. Through them, you’ll find a buyer. Then it’s time to negotiate, pushing past a low ball offer or coming to terms with agent fees.

Once you’ve negotiated a price that works for you, you’ll finally make it to the closing table. This doesn’t have to be in person, and virtual closings are all the more common now after the pandemic. Closing is when the house officially changes hands and money is exchanged.

Cash for your house will come in the form of a bank transfer if you’re using a cash buyer. With a traditional mortgage company, that cash for the property will come from the mortgage company and will take longer top process. Houses sold to a cash buyer are not subject to the same length timeline as those with a mortgage company involved.

At closing, the keys will actually exchange hands. Sometimes buyers and sellers negotiate a house sale to have some extra time for you to get out of your house.

Understanding your situation

Cash home offer calculation in Florida

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

To sell the house fast, most often the seller will have to trade off some of the profit on the FL house in exchange for that fast sale and the hassle free process. Keep in mind that you should always get a fair price for your home.

A fair cash offer might not be as high as a traditional real estate offer, but you also won’t be out of pocket for repairs, marketing, agent fees, and other expenses associated with selling your house.

To sell in Florida fast, you’ll want to have all of your packing done and your home in the right place so that you can be out of the house before closing. House buyers who offer cash are ready to move quickly, and cash offers can take as little as a week to process completely.

If you want to leave your house as-is, without removing unwanted items or cleaning, you can negotiate that with a cash offer as well. This will reduce the timeline you have to go through for the cash home sale in Florida.

Pros and cons of working with a Florida realtor

When you’re trying to sell your house fast in Florida, working with a realtor will slow down the process. A real estate agent will be familiar with the traditional sale methods that involve marketing a home to potential home buyers, doing repair work, and dealing with home inspections, home staging, and cleaning.

For many people, a Florida realtor offers some peace of mind in what is an overwhelming process. They feel better with the longer timeline and the extended time to do items associated with a home sale. It lets them settle into the move and transition more easily.

To sell a house quickly, you need to forego all of those pieces and get on with it. The house has to be left unchanged if I want to sell my house fast.

Though working with a Florida realtor will allow you to have some comfort in knowing that you have someone on your side, it won’t be a hassle free way to make a home sale in Florida fast.

Repairs and home cleaning

Man repairing home in Florida

Image by Anete Lusina via Pexels

Home repairs and home cleaning are two of the biggest things that keep people from being able to sell fast.

Repair work takes time to complete, and it’s inconvenient for someone still living in the house. Not only that, but supply chain shortages can mean that home repair takes even longer now than it would have five years ago. Building materials are increasingly rising from the fair price that they were at just a decade ago. This eats into the cash that house buyers offer to sellers.

Most buyers come into a home knowing that they’ll want to make changes to make the home their own. This goes for cash home buyers who offer a fair price and for families who are looking for their dream home.

A fair offer that includes leaving a home as-is might be a little lower than the market value for a staged home, but it also means the home owner doesn’t have to go through the huge headache of coordinating home repairs and dealing with cleaning.

Cleaning is another concern. It’s the last slog in the long process of packing and moving, and it’s a whole lot of trouble for a property that you won’t be living in. Yes, you can pay someone to do the cleaning for you, but you’ll never get the benefits of that house cleaning. Houses in Florida sold as-is don’t have to have a deep clean before closing.

Timeline of a Florida home sale

White and brown home sold fast in Florida

Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Typically, a home sale in Florida will take anywhere from one to six months, though many homeowners spend even more time than that getting a home ready for sale and finding a real estate agent. 

Though the Florida real estate market is always hot, especially in places like Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, many homeowners feel that they should spend a lot of time preparing their home for sale and doing their due diligence. While this is certainly admirable, there is an easier way to sell your Florida home. 

Understanding a cash offer

Real estate investors pay cash for homes in order to turn them over and add to their own bottom line. It’s a business model that works because investors have the cash flow to pay for a home outright, without having to wait for a mortgage company to approve the home sale. 

A cash offer comes fast with an investor. You’ll generally submit your information about the home, then they’ll contact you for a quick follow up call. Investors are precisely aware of what homes are going for in a given market and will offer you a firm price. For most investment companies, they’ll give you an offer within just a few hours. From there, it generally takes less than a week to firm up a sale and get to the closing table. 

Avoiding home buying scams 

It’s surprisingly easy to avoid a home-buying scam. If you follow the rule of never paying anything at all upfront, the worst you’ll be out is the time you spent negotiating with a fake cash buyer. 

Be aware of home buyers who tell you that you need to pay fees for a home sale and never give away any money upfront. The only time cash should exchange hands is in your direction and at closing.

Stress-free home sales for Florida owners

Image by Rob Bach via Pexels

Selling your house in Florida is stressful enough without you having to worry about doing property repairs, facing home inspections, working through open houses, or sacrificing cash to agent fees.

The easiest way to sell your house fast in Florida is to work with a cash home buyer. Real estate investors know the ins and outs of how to get through a property sale quickly so that everyone can move on.

The bottom line for a quick home sale

Image by Kelly L via Pexels

The biggest hurdle to a cash home sale is usually the discomfort of a homeowner with the speed of the process.

There’s always a fear that you could be getting more for your home if you hold out or that you might make a mistake with a cash home buyer scam. Doing your research and understanding what a fast home sale means for you is the best way to avoid making a poor decision about your property.

Moving on is not easy, no matter what the condition of your home or how long you’ve been living in it. If a fast home sale in Florida is what you need, for whatever reason, there’s every reason for you to have that quick turnaround you’re looking for.

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