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Top 5 House Cleaners in Detroit, Michigan

Top 5 house cleaners in detroit Michigan
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Getting a home clean is a tough job, but it’s also an important job. High-quality house cleaners in Detroit can help you to make your home feel more comfortable and look fantastic. There’s nothing quite so nice as a wonderfully clean house.  

For people who don’t have a lot of time or energy to invest in deep cleaning a home, a cleaning service is the best option. In fact, a deep clean by a professional can be exactly what a house needs. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home in Detroit or just need to freshen up your long-term residence, you need a clean space. Scrubbing the floors, washing off the ceiling fixtures, and sanitizing the bathrooms make a house instantly feel new. 

The benefits of professional home cleaning

Professional home cleaning services in Michigan provide low contact housekeeping either on a regular schedule or just once in a while. Depending on the needs of an individual homeowner, a clean space can mean peace of mind and the ability to focus on other things.

Services in Detroit, MI come in all kinds of price ranges. They are perfect for busy families and for any kind of business owner. Keep in mind, cleaning companies are there to make people’s lives easier! House cleaning doesn’t have to fall totally on the shoulders of the homeowner.

a Detroit maid doing a great job
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Using a professional home cleaner reduces stress.

There are so many responsibilities in family life, especially in a metropolitan area like Detroit. Cleaning can fall to the bottom of the priority list, but the trouble is that a clean home reduces stress. Bringing in a professional home cleaner allows homeowners to put their time and energy into other projects or relaxation.  There are patent mental health benefits to having a clean home, aside from the physical health benefits of reducing allergens.

Home cleaning services clean homes better.

House cleaners in Detroit have specialized equipment to do the job right, cleaning homes more thoroughly.   Some jobs, like window washing or cleaning basement walls are a major challenge for homeowners. Deep cleaning carpets and floors, getting into nooks and crannies, and using cleaning products that get years’ worth of dirt and dust off of surfaces is the specialty of professional home cleaners.  In addition, professional cleaning services have higher cleaning standards because it’s their area of expertise.

Professional cleaning is cost-effective.

With house cleaning services, you only pay for the hourly service charge, not the supplies. Because these companies clean homes in large quantities, they buy cleaning supplies in bulk and fold that savings into their fee. The time homeowners spend cleaning is better used on their own job or on other projects that save them money. Most people who haven’t used a professional cleaning service are surprised by how little these services cost. 

A first cleaning generally costs more than later cleanings because the Detroit maid has to get through a long time build-up of dirt and grime to clean up properly. After that, regularly recurring cleaning isn’t as involved and the cost goes down.

Deep cleaning improves the lifespan of a home.

Stains on carpets or floors don’t become permanent when Detroit homeowners use a professional cleaning service. The high quality of the cleaning products matches the needs of various surfaces as well. This extends the life of the embedded materials in the home. High-quality home cleaning can also help reveal underlying problems like water leaks and mold. These could otherwise become hidden behind dust and dirt. 

These are only a few of the benefits of professional cleaning services. Anyone who’s jumped in and given this tool a try will tell you that they’re glad they took the leap! It’s money well spent for lots of reasons. 

Five top house cleaners in Detroit 

Once you know that you want to bring in a professional cleaning service, it’s time to find the best fit for you. These are all highly rated house cleaners in Detroit. They have a long track record of delivering quality cleaning services to families Wayne County. 

carpet cleaning in Detroit
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Squeaky’s Home Cleaning in Madison Heights

This Detroit area cleaning company helps families through its reasonable prices and its hard-working team of cleaners. They offer all kinds of cleaning services, from move-out cleaning to weekly maintenance, and serve a wide variety of Detroit suburbs from Berkley to Royal Oak. This company’s quality work is well-reviewed. The timely manner with which its crew can clean an entire house in the Metro Detroit Area is impressive too.

Homeowners looking for cleaning services will find convenient checklists from Squeaky’s Home Cleaning. That detail is exactly what they offer with each of their possible cleaning services. With its satisfaction guaranteed promise and its free estimate for house cleaning services, Squeaky’s has a leg up on other cleaning services in the Detroit, MI area.

Maid Aide in Novi

A fully bonded and insured cleaning company, Maid Aide has offices in Novi and Redford. It also serves a large portion of the Detroit metropolitan area. In particular, this cleaning company can help families with pets to keep their beloved cats and dogs healthy during the cleaning process.

Work by Maid Aide comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which can give homeowners peace of mind. Another great boost is that this is a green cleaning company. They utilize reusable towels and microfiber cloths. Between services, these are sanitized with eco-friendly techniques. 

Customer satisfaction scores for both recurring service and office cleaning in Detroit, MI are high for Maid Aide. They do an amazing job with extremely dirty projects as well as with other cleaning projects that are less intense.

Clarkston Cleaning Services, LLC in Waterford Township

After more than two decades in business as a cleaning company in southeastern Michigan, Clarkston Cleaning Services has a long history of satisfied customers. Homeowners can choose from maintenance, premium, spring, and move in/move out options. 

This small, independent cleaning company has a dedicated staff that garners rave reviews from returning customers. These clients come back again and again for their expertise and consistency. Services areas include Rochester, Franklin, Bloomfield Hills, Orchard Lake, and beyond.

Dawn to Dusk Cleaning Service in Shelby Charter Township

Residential and commercial cleaning services from Dawn to Dusk feature hospital-grade cleaning products and meticulous, highly trained staff. This company utilizes detailed logs of actions performed in the home. That leaves homeowners and businesses secure in the knowledge that all areas of a space have been attended to. 

Homeowners should definitely check out the home cleaning specials from this cleaning company. These include discounts for regular cleaning services as well as specials on move-in/move-out cleaning services. Affordability coupled with high standards is a major selling point of this cleaning service.

The Royal Cleaning Team in Detroit

Located right in the heart of Detroit, The Royal Cleaning Team is a top-rated cleaning service in Wayne County. This is an independently owned professional cleaning company. It gives its customers personalized service and has a range of services from Airbnb cleaning to elderly homes to deep cleaning. The company is known for its affordable cleaning rates and quick turnaround times. They’re also praised for their fantastic work in carpet cleaning. 

If you’ve got a historic home in Detroit, you can rest assured that The Royal Cleaning team has experience working with the large spaces and unique features of these kinds of houses that are unique to the area. 

There is a whole host of cleaning services in the Detroit area. Whatever company you decide to work with, make sure that you vet them by checking on their reviews and asking lots of questions. 

Choose the right professional cleaner for you 

sponge from a housekeeping service in Detroit, MI
Image credit: Pille R. Priske via Unsplash

Every family has a different set of needs when for keeping their home clean and their life going smoothly. There are so many tools that homeowners have at their disposal to preserve the quality of their home and extend the lifespan of everything in it. Furniture, fixtures, hard and soft surfaces, and even appliances can benefit from the deep cleaning that a house cleaning service can provide.  

Check around for people who have personal experience with cleaning services in Detroit. With so many highly rated cleaning companies around this area of MI, you’ll find a house cleaner that fits into your budget and your lifestyle. Be sure to work with a company that runs routine background checks on its employees. Only work with insured cleaning companies. Always ask a few questions before you hire cleaning services in Detroit.

If you’re looking for a sign to give house cleaning services in the Detroit metropolitan area a try, consider this your sign!  Whether you live in Highland Park, Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, or all the way out in Livonia, you deserve a home cleaning service that works for your budget and your needs. 

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