Top 5 Professional Stagers in Orlando, Florida

Top 5 Professional Stagers in Orlando, Florida
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Image by Pixels via Pixabay

Selling a home is often a daunting task. There are so many things to do, so many lose ends to take care of, and so much to get ready. Working with one of the great stagers in and around Orlando can take a big chunk off of your plate if you’re selling a home in central Florida.

What is home staging?

staging in a living room in Orlando, FL

Image by Lee Melina via Pixabay

Home staging is the intentional curation of home furnishings to make it appealing to a broad range of buyers in Florida. Proponents of home staging say that it can raise the selling price of a property and also help the property sell faster. 

Home for sale in Orlando, Florida

Image by Keresi72 via Pixabay

Sometimes home stagers use the existing furnishings to prepare the home. More often, staging businesses bring in their own pieces to lend a neutral and finished look to the home. Rooms might be rearranged, making a den into a dining space or a bedroom into an office. The team will offer advice for how to best optimize your layout and furniture in Florida.

Staging in a den in Winter Park, FL

Image by Bedrock via Pixabay

This professional services is all about:

  • improving the look of a home
  • attracting higher prices
  • evoking emotions in buyers
  • taking pressure off of sellers
Staging in a bedroom in Winter Park, Florida

Image by Peter Weideman via Pixabay

Often, a stager in Orlando, FL will have a different view of the space and the furniture than the homeowner has. Because they are objective, the idea is that they can better understand the possibilities and show them to potential buyers. 

What are the benefits of good home staging?

Living area in Central Florida

Image by Skitterphoto via Pixabay

Great home staging has its foundation in visual merchandising – think about what it feels like to go into a great store. In a retail environment, staging serves to pull potential buyers into the store and engage them so much that they buy the products inside. 

The point of staging is to highlight the better parts of the home and to downplay the less than desirable features of the house. Great staging isn’t obvious. Buyers don’t realize that the home is well staged if the process is successful in Orlando, FL.

When a home is on the market, it’s best to appeal to a broad range of buyers. 

Modern staging in a kitchen

Image by Skitterphoto via Pixabay

What to expect a home stager to do

Staging in a home with artwork

Image by Midascode via Pixabay

Home stagers in Florida will do a lot to either a vacant home or to an occupied home. In the case of a vacant home, they’ll make the home feel warmer to improve the first impression and raise the interest of buyers of the property. Whether it’s in Winter Park or Orlando, FL, the team of experts can support a better experience all around.

Living area with leather furniture in Florida

Image by User32212 via Pixabay

Here are some examples of what a home staging business can bring to your project.

  • Add in new art
  • Take out controversial art
  • Work with realtors
  • Clear out the space
  • Rearrange existing furniture
  • Bring in neutral tones
  • Suggest paint colors
  • Offer great communication
  • Remove family photos
Staging in a dining area with art

Image by Pixels via Pixabay

Most stagers are consummate professional designers who do an amazing job helping you understand which home project endeavors are worth doing. They have all the tools to support home sellers.

The entire time you’re working with a stager, you’re working to get the best price. Most of these top stagers have sold properties for far more money than they were originally listed at.

Cleanly staged bedroom

Image by Lisaphotos via Pixabay

Transformational home staging

Blue bedroom staging in Orlando, FL

Image by Pixels via Pixabay

A fantastic stager will transform odd spaces into functional spaces. They’ll show off the best features of the house and creatively pull down the profile of features that aren’t so desirable. 

It’s important to note that staging pros don’t do any work themselves. They add furniture and accessories to the home, but things like paint color or renovation are not part of their specific expertise. They might advise on these things, but those are all extra costs that are outside the scope of the stager in particular. 

Sleek staging in bedroom in Central Florida

Image by Keresi72 via Pixabay

Many of the most sought-after home stagers in Orlando, Florida use emotions to highlight their client’s needs. They work to evoke moods in potential buyers that will make the house exciting or impossible to resist. Though buying a home is a rational decision that’s driven by financial realities, it’s also an emotional choice. If a home can bring up positive emotions in potential buyers, the idea is that they’ll pay more for it 

A picture is potentially worth thousands of dollars

Green room home staging in Orlando, FL

Image by Tungnguyen0905 via Pixabay

One of the biggest reasons homeowners in Orlando, FL hire stagers is because of the importance of pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in Central Florida it can be worth thousands of dollars. Home staging pros can help you get top dollar for your home.

The rise of home design magazines and home networks like HGTV have made it competitive for people in the realm of staging. In many parts of the United States, including Orlando, homes compete with highly staged houses on the real estate market. 

Interior designed living area in Orlando

Image by Tungnguyen0905 via Pixabay

The pictures that populate home sale websites are often the first determining factor in whether a home is sold or not, and at what price. Fantastic, pro pictures of a well-staged home can dramatically increase the number of buyers who take a second look at the home. More potential buyers directly correlate to higher prices. 

Two story staged home in Orlando, FL

Image by Programming Lbc via Pixabay

Though it’s impossible to know for sure that a house would not have sold for a given price were it not set up by a professional in Orlando, it’s definitely true that staging has become the norm for houses above a certain price range. 

Muted tone house staging in Coral Gables, Florida

Image by Zhao Qin via Pixabay

Staging by the numbers Dining area in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Image by Erika Wittlieb via Pixabay

More than 9 out of 10 people look online when they’re buying a house. The primary way that those potential buyers engage with a home is through pictures on real estate websites. No one wants their house to be one of those ugly houses. 

By some estimates, a professional home stager can increase the price of a home by ten or even twenty percent! That’s a massive return on investment. 

Black and white living area in Winter Park, Florida

Image by Emelie Westman via Pixabay

How much does staging cost in Orlando?

A professional home stager near Orlando, FL isn’t free, unfortunately. 

Home interior in Orlando, FL

Image by Waroi via Pixabay

There are two costs associated with professional stagers:

  • Fee for staging
  • Rental of furnishings and home accents
Interior design in Lake Mary, FL

Image by Keresi72 via Pixabay

Both of these costs combine to be the full cost of staging the home for the duration of the time that it’s on the market. The cost is also determined by how many rooms are staged. It’s common to have a professional staging company work in the living room and the master bedroom. 

Bedroom with pillows arranged by a staging company in Orlando, FL

Image by Jean Vd Meulen via Pixabay

All told, home sellers should expect to pay somewhere between $600-$2500 for a professional stager. That starts with an initial consultation of five hundred to six hundred dollars, plus around that much per month for rental and upkeep per room

Top 5 professional stagers near Orlando, Florida

Sleek home staging on Central Blvd

Imagine by Yousuf Abdulla via Pixabay

If you’ve decided that you want to explore professional home staging in Orlando, your next step is to start researching potential staging companies. 

These five incredible professional stagers in and around Orlando, FL are all highly rated and have a long history of successfully working with clients in central Florida. 

1 – MHM Professional Staging

Staging in Orlando

Image by Zhao Qin via Pixabay

Easily a top staging company in Orlando, FL MHM is known for its high quality staging of furniture and its impeccable customer service. This company works with real estate agents, real estate brokers, and sellers all over the Orlando area.  The team of professionals has been offering this service for over a decade.

This award winning staging company offers moving and storage, full home staging, and soft staging. Founder Megan Morris literally wrote the book on professional home staging. It’s clearly more than just a job or a project to her, even though it’s her business. Her book of tips and inside information on home staging is called Stageology: How to Stage to Sell.  There’s no doubt she’s one of those consummate professionals. The verified reviews of MHM show that they can help sell a house from Lake Mary to Central Blvd to Winter Park. This company also offers free estimates.

2 – Home Staging Pros

Based in Orlando, FL, Home Staging Pros is an award winning member of the Real Estate Staging Association. Owner Brad Fletcher himself is a well known stager, business owner, and familiar face in the Orlando, FL area. This company has staged over three hundred million dollars in real estate in the last twenty years, making them one of the hottest staging companies in the area.

One of their clients said of their services “Brad and his team were very professional and knowledgeable. The process was really easy and streamlined. The design/stage of the home spoke for itself. The home showed very well and went under contract in one week!!!”

3 – JM Staging and Design

Multi use areas fixed by home staging pros

Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pixabay

Founded and run by two sisters who are passionate about home design, JM Staging and Design is all about teamwork and business. The company is owned by a team including a broker and a designer, giving it a distinct outlook on home staging in Orlando, FL. 

Not only does this staging company in Orlando, FL offer home staging services, but they also offer holiday decorating services and interior design. Located in Oviedo, FL, JM Staging and Design services homes across Orlando, FL and Kissimmee. 

4 – MDA Staging and Design

Furniture fixed by home staging pros in Orlando

Image by Lequangutc89 via Pixabay

A member of the American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners, MDA is located in Davenport, Florida. In particular, this company can help with staging occupied homes. This is one of the most challenging staging formats, but also one of the most important. 

Not only does this company offer staging services in Orlando, FL they also offer pictures services and e-design. MDA Staging and Design works with homeowners interested in selling their home, as well as those with vacation rentals and businesses who need furniture staging. One major bonus of working with this company is that they offer services for Spanish speakers. 

5 – Staged 2 Sell

Work by home staging pros near Ormond Beach, FL

Image by Life of Pix via Pixabay

This Dora based Central Florida home stager works with clients all the way north to Ocala and all the way south to Kissimmee. Not only does this staging company do traditional home staging, but they also do interior design and home organization. Their business process starts with a room-by-room evaluation of the house, then goes on to make recommendations about what the best options for the home are, from furniture to professionals in partnership. 

Home staging in Central Florida

Image by Gregory Butler via Pixabay

The personalized home staging services from Staged 2 Sell are great for both occupied homes and vacant homes. This company works to both rearrange and repurpose existing furnishings, as well as bringing in new pieces and accents. 

Real estate agent + Orlando home stagers

Work of a staging company in Orlando, FL

Image by Stocksnap via Pixabay

Real estate agent services go hand in hand with staged homes. They might use interactive tours or similar technologies to show off the work of home staging pros.

If you have a house for sale in Altamonte Springs or Ormond Beach, you’ll want to compare quotes and check the overall rating of any home staging pros you’re looking at. The service is worth it for both business professionals and project managers who need to help make that sale.

Contemporary furniture by home staging company

Image by Pixels via Pixabay

Professionals who offer in person advice about how to get the highest price for your house are well worth the money. If someone does a fantastic job, then they’ll even be able to sell their own house for a higher price! Home staging pros can do a wonderful job of making furniture and home decor change the look of a home.

What to know about working with an Orlando home staging company

Professional home decorating in Orlando, FL

Image by Victoria Borodinova via Pixabay

As with any professional that you’re hiring, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of a professional home staging company. Any home stager should be crystal clear upfront with you about all of the fees and potential charges for their services. 

Look for a home staging company in Orlando, FL that has a great list of reviews online. If a home stager doesn’t have a robust online presence, then it’s probably best to move along. They should also offer you lots of good client reviews and an upfront list of costs.

Kitchen in Orlando, FL

 Image by Two Macs via Pixabay

It’s a safer bet to look for a home stager who is a member of a national home staging organization. There are many out there, and it’s worth it to make sure that your stager is a member of a high quality association. 

Final thoughts on home staging pros

Work of professional stager in Orlando, FL

Image by GetLostMike via Pixabay

Lastly, keep in mind that this is your home. This might be their job, but it’s your life. Be open minded to what the home stager thinks is best, but also listen to yourself. This is especially true if you’re going to be occupying a home during the sale process.

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