What to do if you’ve Inherited a Hoarder House in North Carolina

What to do if you've Inherited a Hoarder House in North Carolina

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Losing a loved one is a tough situation that everyone goes through at some point in their lives. Inheriting a piece of property when someone passes can feel like a blessing, but if you find that you inherit a hoarder house in North Carolina, then that blessing can feel like a burden.

The initial wave of shock

The first thing that many people feel when they’ve inherited a hoarder house is often shock. Unless you knew the person well and had been in their house before, you might not be aware then the home is in a hoarder condition.

It’s easy and understandable that you would feel overwhelmed if your North Carolina inherited property is packed high with junk. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in this difficult situation.

Though family members often have an idea of what condition the home might be in, the stuff inside can be shocking when you realize that trash and extra items are piled to the ceiling. Getting past the initial shock of all of the clutter is tough, but it’s important to let those emotions flow through you rather than getting such and slowing you down too much.

Cleaning out a hoarder house in NC

After the initial wave of shock wears off, it’s common for people to want to sell a hoarder house in NC. The impetus will often be to get rid of the whole problem, rather than stopping and cleaning every room.

This isn’t easy. Selling a hoarder house means either leaving someone else to deal with the mess inside, or it means dealing with it yourself. The trouble is that a family member might want to know what important documents or family heirlooms are buried in all of that stuff that’s piled high.

North Carolina hoarder house cleanup isn’t something you should attempt on your own. Enlist the help of family and friends, or even community organizations like a church or a club that you’re a member of. Hoarding situations are complicated.

Hiring a professional cleaner is also an option. North Carolina has lots of companies who can help you to clean out an inherited hoarder house. Homeowners don’t have to do all of the sorting, trashing, and scrubbing on their own. It can be well worth it to work with a professional.

Dealing with the emotions of a hoarder house

Cleaning out a hoarder house is a massive undertaking. Going through everything inside the house can be overwhelming, not to mention it will make it hard to realize that your loved one had a hoarding disorder.

A hoarding situation isn’t easy, so tackling the easiest rooms first is your best bet for dealing with the stuff on site. Hoarders have a way of packing things in, and getting through all of those things in a house filled to the brim is going to take time.

Whatever the story is with your hoarder house in NC, finding the best way to address the problem means taking your emotions into account. Hoarder homes can be fraught with complicated issues, especially when a family member is involved.

Selling a hoarder house as is

Inherited house in North Carolina

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It is a viable option to sell a hoarder house fast as-is. Depending on the situation at the property address, this could be the best way for you to go. The question isn’t whether to sell a hoarder house, but how.

Listing with a real estate agent

You can work with a realtor, but finding real estate agents who are willing to take on the project can be difficult. Often, a real estate agent is going to want a house to be cleaned out and ready to be shown before they do any serious marketing of the property address.

In general, NC real estate agents will insist that you clean out and clean up a hoarder house before they will take it on. A licensed real estate agent is unlikely to take on a house in this condition, but most real estate agents will tell you this upfront. If this is the road you want to go in NC, be prepared to make lots of phone calls to find someone who will take on this home.

Sell a hoarder house as a FSBO

There’s also the option of selling a hoarder house yourself as a for sale by owner property, or FSBO.

Though this is possible in theory, it adds a whole new layer to an already overwhelming situation. It’s difficult to sell hoarder houses as-is to traditional home buyers. Though you might be able to get it on the market without doing much work, getting someone to buy houses that are filled with junk is not easy. They’ll have to do the work themselves.

It’s not just about the clutter. The new owner won’t be able to see what repairs need to be made, and so the money they offer might not be much if the house is left unchanged. That’s if you can get a traditional buyer to make an offer at all.

Working with a cash buyer

The final option for selling a hoarder house is to work with a cash buyer or a home investor. Selling hoarder houses this way can mean getting the property address off your hands without having to put a lot of additional work into the property.

Investors know what they’re getting into with these houses. They’ll look out for structural damage and will know how to get more info on the home.

How bad is cleaning out a hoarder home?

Person cleaning out a house in NC

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Aside from the piles of stuff itself, a hoarder home will often hide a lot of issues. Insect and rodent infestations can be a real problem.

A traditional home sale, whether it’s with a licensed real estate agent in NC or on your own with a FSBO, will necessitate a home inspection. This can’t be done until the house is cleaned out. All the clutter makes it easy to hide fundamental problems with the house, and potential buyers will be hesitant to even take a look.

Cleaning out a hoarder house is no easy task. It all depends on how much stuff you have to get rid of, as well as how long the house has been in that condition. It’s important to understand the scope of what you’re dealing with, then to break it down into manageable tasks.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can choose to clean out only part of the house, then sell it as is. This is particularly true if you’re concerned about sentimental items.

Who buys houses that are full of stuff?

There are lots of buyers out there who are willing to buy a hoarder house as is. These buy houses investors will provide a cash offer for a hoarder’s home, and they’ll take the house fast.

A hoarding house sale generally requires a lower asking price than a standard home sale. This is because whoever buys a hoarding house is going to have to deal with getting rid of all the stuff inside. The lower amount of money is often worth selling the hoarding house and getting it off of your hands.

Sell your hoarding house in North Carolina

Inherited house in North Carolina

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Anyone who is willing to buy a hoarding house in NC knows what they’re getting into. If you want to sell your inherited home in North Carolina, look for a cash buyer who will take it without involving a bank or other third party. This way, you can get in and out of the house fast and move on with your life.

Let the cash buyer deal with having a professional cleaner take care of the mess inside the house. They can determine the price of getting rid of the stuff, and they can address any underlying issues that might be involved. If they need to renovate to make a profit, in today’s market, then that’s something for the buy houses company to worry about.

Take the pressure off

A fair cash offer will keep your sanity intact while you move on with your life. there’s no need to let a hoarding situation overwhelm you.

If the idea of cleaning out a hoarder house fast makes you worry, then take a step back and realize you have options.

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